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indexed.gif Vig. 43c

All good pirates enjoy swinging from mast to mast, slicing each other's heads off. Nothing like good old swashbucklin and the taste of blood in the morning :pir-skull: When i was building this i was thinking of 2 pirate ships fighting one other in the open ocean, certainly a good moment to board an enemy ship and reach havoc on the enemy crew.




And what good pirate doesn't enjoy a drink?



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I love this entry. :pir-sweet:

What I love the most about it, is that is uses cruelty in a totally new way. I mean, pirates swinging from mast cutting each other up? That's what I call creative.

Besides the brilliant idea, the entry is also very well built. The tiled planks look beautiful and the little section underneath with the drunken pirate is a lovely little detail. Integrating the trans-yellow tiles into the floor rather than just letting them rest is good. Nice job with the barrel flipping that piece upside-down.

Lastly, the mast is very nice, especially with the little section of sail and the rigging with the pirate swinging on it.

Improvement ideas:

1) The area under the swinging pirate looks ever so slightly bare. Perhaps adding a small barrel or something might be nice.

2) I think a parrot on top of the mast would add a great splash of color.

However these suggestions are certainly not important.


I think you did a wonderful job with your entry Chrispockster. It certainly is one of my favorites in the small division.

Great work and good luck! :pir-classic:

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Great entry and great photography!

I like the barrel construction and the spilt drink especially. At least I'm hoping that yellow stuff is drink...

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Chrispockster, you have a very nice and smooth entry here. The pirate swinging on the rope into battle is fantastic. I like the blood that you added pouring out of the other pirates head. I like how you added a sail to make it look more like a pirate ship. My favorite part of your MOC is the pirate drinking beer. Is the beer drinking pirate's head from Harry Potter? Anyway, I also like how you have the spilled beer on the ground.

Possible Improvements

1) All I have to say is that you could possibly add a monkey or rainbow parrot on the top of the mast or on the mast.

Overall- I honestly think this is a great PTV small entry and that you have done a very well job creating your MOC. There are pretty much no improvements you need to make. I wish you the best of luck!


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My opinion:

A very good MOC, you managed to display it happens on a ship, which I truly like! It also is a unique concept.

Your details are well done too, only thing I miss are some cannon and possibly more action.

Possible improvements:

1)I Would have put the 'General Lee' face on the ground, showing what is going to happen to the other guy.

2)It looks a bit empty IMHO, perhaps adding a pirate captain or guard or an animal would 'fill' it up a bit more.

3) Why not having some cannons in the lower floor to show it is a pirate ship?

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