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The Treasure of Indigo Isle

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 44b

I'm Chrispockster, you might know me if you use flickr, I'd like to make my debut on this site using the Pillage the Village contest, and an entry, I hope you will enjoy.

Where ever there's treasure there are pirates coming to plunder it. A classic pirate vs. islander scenario. Our pirates sneaked in, and got the treasure, but they didn't have as easy a time sneaking out. Esspecially seeing as they've set fire to the village and taken to violence. Now its a race into the jungle with the treasure.



The jungle awaits


A bridge stretches over the river below


Some carnage


A fallen pirate bloodied by a native


For a close up of the birds, and greater access to these photos as well as notability, check here:

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Welcome to Eurobricks Chrispockster!

That's a pretty great first post you have there. :pir-grin: Tons of great action, nice cruelty, lovely fire effects on the buildings and perfect plant and animal life.

You did a good job with the SNOT water as well, especially with the flailing man, which is a great little detail and good bridge design, one that I haven't seen before with the long tubes.

My absolute favorite part though are those beautiful bird in the trees. I'm a sucker for brick-built animals and these do not disappoint! :pir-classic:

Do you have any close-ups of them on your Flickr page?

Some improvement ideas:

1) The water looks slightly empty... Perhaps you could add some white, or even clear plates mixed in with the blue for a little more detail.

You could also maybe add a boat with a sailing islander in it. He could be fishing or something.

2) Since it is supposed to be a jungle, I think the right side could use a few more trees if you have them.

3) Maybe add a monkey crawling around somewhere, like on a roof.


Even without changing anything, your entry is beautiful. I always like entries with nice color, action and wildlife, and your entry has all of those plus more.

Great work on the entry and good luck! :pir-laugh:

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For your first MOC on Eurobricks, this is great. You have used some great detail creating your MOC. My favorite part in your MOC is the houses that are on fire. The house on the left is really cool because you used black bricks to give it a burnt down look and it is fantastic. I really like how you made the bridge look old by having different shades of brown tiles. Also, I like how you made different dirt colors.

Possible Improvements

1) Maybe it would be nice if you were to have some crocodiles down in the water.

2) Some of the faces on the pirates and Islanders look too standard. I would give them a mean, annoyed face expression.

3) You could possibly put some rainbow parrots or monkeys in the jungle.

Overall- This is a great MOC and has some nice detail. I really like how you made a burnt building using black bricks. There are some little things to fix, but other than that, it is great. I wish you the best of luck!


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nice nice entry ^^ you gotta love this bird in it nest, the cliff, the burnt house, the rock face ! well quite everything! great great job!!

good luck with the contest man^^

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My opinion:

Very nice entry, to be honest I would have liked seeing more jungle based entries in this competition...

Possible improvements:

1) CROCODILES! I like crocs! At least in this MOC they wuild be suitable IMO.

2) I would have let the fleeing pirates loose their treasure to the water, since that would be more cruel!

3) More deaths and possibly the pirates being massacred a bit more... let them try to reach the other side of the jungle where their captain tries to cut the ropes :pir-devil: .

Edited by zorro3999

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