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A turn in the events

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 40d


Now its the imperials turn to get excecuted.


Pirates like playing Hangman with imperial guards.


And in case you wondered what the thing on the top of the noose was,its a bird.Here you see it.


Great bloodsplatter here.

Arms n legs flying around.The cannon ball is red of the soliders blood.I think it would be more realistic if he just got a hole in his body but i dont want to sacrifice a lego body and you asked for gore.

heh. :pir-grin:

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Nice entry. uhh.. and so bloody!

I really love the soldier who is blown to pieces and blood all over it. It's so nice.

The rock is nice.

Possible improvements

Instead of those western guns you should give you figs some rael pirate weapons.

I also think you should give the dead soldier either a hat or some hair.

How about a story? How come the pirate is shooting the man? How did the soldier end up in tha gallow?

Some kind of introduction of your entry would eb nice too. You just start posting pictures.


Good luck with the contest

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Sorry double post, please remove.

Edited by zorro3999

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My opinion:

A very good and gore entry, I especcialy like the guy being 'terminated' and your bird looks original too!

Possible improvements:

1) It looks a bit too messy IMHO, a bit too much red.

2) Don't you have any more hats?

3) The rifle and revolver look a bit out of time, too futuristic IMO, a musker and a pistol would do better.

Non-brick related advise:

1) Try adding an introduction. I think it would be more pleasant for the judges.

2) typo: solider should be soldier.

3) Your first picture should show all, including the bird, since it is this one that will be judged.

Edited by zorro3999

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that's a nice and bloody entry ^^ and I love bloody entries!

I think that, as Zorro noticed, you'll have to change the rifle and the pistol, but if you don't have the good ones, that's ok I think.

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I like your idea of the pirates executing an Imperial Guard. The splattered effect by the cannon is really good. The blood going all over the place is great! The rock formation is very well put together. I like that it is very smooth. It is very interesting on how you created that bird mostly out of minifig hands and robot hands. That was smart thinking and nice use of bricks.

Possible Improvements

1) I would use rope to make the lynch look more realistic.

2) I would give the Imperial Guard a hat.

3) Zorro3999 is right; the blood spatter is pretty messy. I like the idea of the blood spatter, but I would take some red bricks away.

4) I would also have the cannonball black, not red.

Non-Brick Related

1) I would have a story.

Overall- You have a great idea and have some good detail. I like the cannon firing through the guard. There are some little things I would fix to make your MOC even better. I wish you the best of luck!


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Woah! Now that's a lot of blood...

The rocks are gorgeous, and in a great cliff shape. You have a nicely tiled beach hiding in the blood as well. :pir-tongue:

That's a very intesresting bird, but it fills in the spot well and looks quite nice. What type of bird is it?

Some improvements you could make:

1) First of all, I think that the blood is too much. I know that contest calls for cruelty, and the idea is great, but I think the sheer amount of it blocks quite a bit of the rest of the entry. I would recommend keeping some blood, just use a bit less.

2) The revolver and rifle don't match the time period too well. If you have them, using a musket for the rifle and a pistol like the ones found in pirates sets for the revolver, would be a much better fit.

3) If you take away some blood, it would leave some room for a crab or something on the beach.

4) I definitely would put hats, or at least hair on the minifigs without them. I feel that this always looks better.

5) The first picture is the one that will be judged upon, so makes sure it includes everything. Your current one cuts off the bird.

6) Could you perhaps write a small story for your entry? That always makes an entry more exciting, and it also make it easier to understand what's going on in the entry.


I think that you did a very good job with your entry, and if you take away a bit of blood and make some other minor fixes, it will stand a much better chance.

Good luck inthe contest! :pir-classic:

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