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Taking out the Governor the noisy way

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Middle and upper section.


thindexedgif.gif Vig. 41a


A brick built explosion


Middle section.Credit for the straw roof goes to SlyOwl.


The whole thing.Excatly after the medium contest measures!


Under part.No,not underpants.The decal is official lego decal.




Sorry for the wall bacround on the big pictures.I couldnt find a big enough backround paper or sheet.

Hope it doesent draw me down,...

Edited by SlyOwl

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I think the background is ok ^^ I can understand that you don't have the piece of paper to cover your entire entry, as it's big!

I like your brickbuilt explosion, and I also like the guy with the head being pluck( is that the good word ? ) by the bullet^^

I think it's a nice entry, and I wish you the best for the contest! both in small and medium category ^^ ( I forgot to wish you in your small entry topic^^)

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My opinion:

I like this entry very much, but it seems you don't have that much LEGO Pirates parts. Still you've done a marvelous job on it!

The buildings are nice but i truly would try to improve the minifig-details if you can and have the parts.

Possible improvements:

1) Many of your minifigs are bald, not such a huge problem but I would only balden the minifigs that don't have hair on their faces.

2) You used that dark red flag twice to represent blood, I don't really like that way though. Using it once can show originalism but twice is too much IMHO

3) You use many non-Pirate weapons like the rifle and revolvers, this is only a minor point but if you have muskets, pistols or cutlasses I would use them.

4) Minor points: add plumes for the tricorne hats, use heads with better facial expressions if you have them, let your minifigs make the best realistical movements possible.

Non-brick related advise:

1) Adding a story is always an advantage.

2) Your first picture is the ONLY one that will be judged, so try to take one that shows all.

3) In your third pic, try to add more light next time you photograph it (if you do so at least), that way there is no flash and no or at least less shadow.

Edited by zorro3999

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This medium PTV entry is detailed and humongous. I liked how you made the exploding bricks scene and how you created it. The roof that you created using SlyOwl's idea is great. The battle scene on the ground level is pretty intense. I like the villager trying to get out of the window because of the fire. I like how the roof of the chicken stand is on fire and the salesmen is screaming. Down by the water, the little boat you have included is nice. I also like the cannon firing with gun smoke behind the cannonball.

Possible Improvements

1) The first thing I noticed is that mostly all of the minifigs are not in motion and still, not using any of their joints. I would have the legs and arms in different positions.

2) Give the Imperial Guards and others some hats or accessories.

3) As zorro3999 said, use pirate weapons, not rifles.

4) I would not have the joker minifig in there. Just replace the legs and torso with something that looks like a villager.

5) I don't think the sail you used on that boat is pirate related. I would go to the Sail Library and print out a sail and fit in on your little boat.

6) On the rocks next to the water, have a monkey or spider climbing up the wall.

Non-Brick Related

1) Again, just like your other entry, it would be nice to have a story.

2) I think your MOC would look better if you had a white background.

3) I would retake the third picture because it looks dark and does not look that good.

Overall- GloriusShadow, you have a great MOC. Even though your MOC looks great, there are still some things I would improve. I wish you the best of luck!


Edited by LegoKing

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Overall, I think you did a very good job with this entry GloriousShadow. :pir-classic:

That straw roof looks beautiful, I need to try that in a MOC sometime... Lots of exciting action going on as well, and you included a nice amount of cruelty, using a flag for blood is a nice idea that I've never seen before.

The explosion effect on the white wall is perfect and adds so much to the entry.

Some improvement ideas:

1) I'm not a big fan of the dark red as blood, especially on the man with the dark red torso. Perhaps you could change it to red or trans-red.

2) The first picture in the one that will be judged, so I strongly suggest taking one that shows everything.

3) Your 3rd picture is quite hard to see, because of all the shadows, not having a white background is fine, but definitely try taking it when there aren't so many shadows outside.

4) You probably don't have the right pieces, but if you do, changing some of the weapons that don't fit in well with the time period such as the rifle and revolver would be great. Of course you could also remove them altogether, which I don't think would look too bad.

5) The SNOT water looks great, but it doesn't seem to match up exactly with the shore, as there's a little gap. It's hard to tell how to fix this from the picture, but I think it would be wise to put it right against the beach.

6) If you have a scared head for the man on the right side dangling off the wall, using it would look fantastic.

7) Some more hair or hats for the minifigs without them always adds a lot in my opinion.

8) The purple man on the ground could use a little more blood, since he's cut in half.


Nice job with your entry!

It has tons of great elements to it, and I think that if you fix some of the minor problems, it would be fantastic.

Good work and good luck in the contest! :shark:

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