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The Fall of the Survivors...

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 40c

The new generation of pirates has come into being...which means the old generation will slowly die off...

But it looks like the new pirates have decided to speed up the process!


An overall view of the pillaging


A cruel new pirate scares off his predecessors with what remains of one of their friends


A maiden cries for help through the window of her burning house while a female pirate is dangled over the cliffside by a rope. Nearby, a soldier is trying to outrun a cannonball and an angry seaman at the same time. Unfortunately, he has run out of space.


A closer view on the maiden. And also, what appears to be the decapitated head of a soldier.


A side view of the action: Here you can see a sinister monkey stealing the fashionable hat of a drowning admiral.


It appears that the cameraman too, has fallen to his death, while taking a nice shot at others that will soon meet his fate.

See more pictures here:

Hope you like it! :pir_laugh2:

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Hilarious! That's a great idea, well-executed.

I love the cherry, flower and minifig arm blood detail with smiley face decapitated minifig head - it encapsulates perfectly the spirit of the overthrow.

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That's a really nice entry LegoJoe! :pir-classic:

It has a nice large amount of action and lots of great detail. The minifig hand straw roof looks fantastic, especially the black "scorched" parts.

Nice rocks, SNOT water and blood effects as well. Lastly, good usage of the new pirate minifigs and pieces, like the cannon.

Some improvements you could make:

1) I think it would be nice to mix some white plates in the water to represent waves washing against the rocks.

2) A few parts of the rock wall look unfinished at the bottom, as the studs are still showing, whereas on the rest of the rocks they are not.

Perhaps you could just tile this area, or use cheese slopes.

3) The soldier who is running off the cliff looks like he is wearing his hat sideways. Of course you may have been trying to do this, but if not, it would look better if the hat was turned to match the head.


I think you did a wonderful job with your entry LegoJoe. :thumbup:

It really matches the contest theme well, and looks great. Good luck in the contest! :monkey:

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that's a really nice entry ^^ I love the idea, it's original! and it's very well built, it really seems that the pirates are falling in mid-air and that you took the pictures just before they reached the water^^

what I only see to improve it is to build a big splash in the water ! ^^

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My opinion:

Legojoe, this is a fantastic PTV entry! You managed to make a combination of cruelty, fun and eye for detail in a most original way.

This definatly is one of my favourite entries from the medium division.

Possible improvements:

1) What I miss: the governor and the pirate captain are the leaders of the 'classic' pirates and soldiers, so I really think you should have added them in a visable way (they are such a nice addition to your minifig collection anyway and the captain is dirtcheap!) :pir_laugh2:

2) Perhaps you could let some 'classics' die by falling onto the rocks (by adding a small rocky stroke as some kind of beach) :pir-classic: .

3) I agree about creating some waves into the water, as suggested in most MOCs by now...

4) Minor details: like finishing the cave a bit better by creating a background for it and adding plumes to the bicorne and tricorne hats.

Non-brick related advise:

1) Try to add a white background the next time you take pictures of this MOC (if there is a next time).

Edited by zorro3999

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Really great entry :thumbup: Looks like my favourite for the medium category. And I :pir-wub: the roof colour change. Well done and good luck.

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This is a great idea LegoJoe. The new pirate chasing the old pirates and guards off the cliffs is great, but I still think the new pirates will not replace the old pirates. The burning house is great and I like how you have a screaming woman inside the house. The roof is well created with minifig hands. The cliff you made with the pirates falling off is great. I like how you have one of the new pirates standing on a ledge, watching the old pirates fall off while hold a head on his sword. I also like how you included some humor by having the monkey steal from the officer.

Possible Improvements

1) I would put some green tiles on the ground to make your MOC look nicer.

2) You could have a shark or shark fin sticking out of the water.

Overall- LegoJoe, this is a great idea and you have executed your idea very well. There are some very minor things there are to fix, but other than that, it is great. I wish you the best of luck!


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