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Commander Laquiet

Death by Cannon!

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 39c

Just a small entry I created with some parts - I quite like my small cannon design.

The story:

Captain Blood the evil has entered the royal palace grounds. He creeps to a palm tree, hiding behind it.

"Arr! Me will be having some treasure in me trunk tonight!"

He steps out of behind the tree - just as a guard wheels out a cannon! Captain Blood has come to a rather 'sticky' end! :jollyroger:

The pictures:






Thanks for viewing! Good luck in the contest! :pir_laugh2:

Edited by SlyOwl

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Welcome to, Commander Laquiet!

Just a word of advice, no-one will comment properly until there are some more images.

So add some more pictures of this fine creation, and you will get some good feedback. :pir-wink:

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welcome there !

your canon design seems interesting, but we can't really tell by this image, can you please post more pictures, as captain zuloo said^^

anyway, I wish you good luck for the contest!

Edited by Guss

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Welcome to Eurobricks Commander Laquiet!

Your entry looks pretty good, but without a few more pictures, it's hard to see everything. You can have up to 6 in your entry thread.

I would also recommend making them a bit larger. They can be up to 800 x 600. Here's a tutorial on deep-linking images: Tutorial

Improvements you could make for your entry:

1) Your cannon looks quite nice, but I wold recommend changing the blue pieces in it to dark grey or light gray, to match the rest of it.

2) I think adding a palm tree, or some other types of plant life would fill up the entry nicely, as right now parts some areas seem a bit empty.

3) Adding a story behind your entry, even a small one, always makes an entry more exciting and easier to understand in my opinion.

Perhaps you could make at least a small one.


That's all until you put a few more pictures in, then I'll be able to give you some more suggestions.

I think you have a pretty nice entry here, and hopefully you'll be able to show us the rest in due time.

Good luck! :pir-classic:

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My opinion: certainly needs a lot of work. Still the theme is good, just take more pics and build some additional stuff and you will have a nice entry!

Possible improvements:

1) Try to create something unique and original, this has been done already. If you work it out even better, you might stand a chanche however!

2) Personnaly I don't like bald heads if the faces show hair.

3) I would replace the blue in the cannon by red or brown, since that were the colors used for cannons in that time.

4) Add more details to your MOC, like an animal (spider?) or plants.

Non-brick related advise:

1) MORE PICTURES are needed. The first one should show us more as well, until then I can't really offer much other advise.

2) Make your picture as larg as is allowed to show us as much as possible (800x600).

3) Add a story so we know more about why this happened/ is happening.

Much luck in the competition!

Edited by zorro3999

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Not a very good one. The cannon is not very good and it needs more. I like the blood but there should be a stream of it. The cannon looks like a ram so ill give it a 1 and a half out of 5.

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srry aboult the last comment. I hope you van forgive me and im a new member (joined 1 day ago) so i hope you accept my appologie (btw im only 12 )



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