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Attack on French Fjord

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 40a

Here it is my large entry


The small french fishing settlement has come under attack by the evil Captain Crocodile

This is just one of the hundreds of settlements that he and his crew have pillaged

The local villagers have removed all the docks in an attempt to dissuade the pirates

Unfortunately, for the villagers, any goldthirsty pirate is willing to climb up a hill

Captain Crocodile selected his personal flagship "The Moldy Murderer" for the pillage

French Fjord is a prize to any pirate captain because it is one of the only places where pirates are executed

Control of this outpost will be very profitable in the years to come

As a bonus, Admiral Jean-Claude has a summer residence at the settlement

If the admiral is captured Captain Crocodile will have a nice ransome on his hand (and hook)



Bow of "The Moldy Murderer"


Stern of "The Moldy Murderer"


The Charge (Captain Crocodile is in the front) also see the gallows


A picture of a cannon boat


Another overview of the MOC


Any and all comments are appreciated


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Wow! Great work infomaniac. :thumbup: Lots of action and lovely details.

The ship has nice sails and rigging, and I really love the SNOT deck, that looks just beautiful. Your color scheme that you used for the ship is perfect in my opinion.

I like the usage of white horns for waves and the trans-blue flames washing up on the beach, they turned out very well.

The little imperial tower is very well-designed, the red bricks provide some nice texture and contrast. I like the hanged pirate and the dock/walkway a lot as well.

Some improvement ideas:

1) I think your entry could use some more bloody bodies laying around, just for some more cruelty.


Frankly, I can't find anything remotely close to bad in your entry. :pir-grin:

It's a beautiful work and I think that you stand a great chance in the contest.

Good luck! :kahuka:

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Great entry, Infomaniac. Neat ship and fort, and goods use of those whit spike piece for wave crests. I also like the little stream forming on the beach, good use of those trans-blue flames and blades.

What could be improved:

I think a lot more blood would make this entry better. Also, I think that adding some treasure would look nice somewhere on the ship...


But superb entry, good luck!

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that's a nice entry you did there^^ I like it !

what I would suggest to improve ?

mhh put some smoke on the canon firing, by using some white parts, must be doable

retake one of the pics to allow us to see it the inside of the fort.

and as erdbeereis said, add some bloody bodies!

that's all^^

that's a nice entry dude and I wish you the best for the contest.

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My opinion:

WOW, that is...that is....AMAZING! And again I get the honor to see one of these super-MOCs as one of the first.

I think you have done an outstanding job, your ship is mighty beautiful and the little fort and the gallows look fine as well. A big :thumbup: from me!

Possible improvements:

1) I see many cannonballs flying around, but what I would like even more is to see more cannonballs that crash into something (or have already), like on that did a lot of damage to the little fort and is still burning!

2) Put a red dot underneath the pirate head that floats around in the water.

3) I do not think at all that more dead bodies are needed, the battle just started, the pirates just invaded the mainland! Some more victims of a bombardement would be plausible though.

Non-brick related advise:

1) Take larger pictures! For such a good and large entry you just have to use the maximum allowed pixelsize (800x600)!

This way we, the creative critics and judges, can see more of it!

2) I want to see more of the fort, could you please make a Brickshelf folder (or Flickr,...) so we can see more of it?

Overall: a very great entry, I think you are in for the prizes!

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Thanks for the comments guys (and gals)

I just wanted to point out the pirate swinging from the rigging of the fore sail It is Hinkley :pir_laugh2:

The bridge is made out of plates supported by two of these parts

My use of the 4+ pirate sail in place of the typical red and white triangle sail can be blamed on my next MOC

Lastly, If you look in the third picture you can see some seagulls that I have incorporated into the cliff face.

Please keep posting. Feedback is the only way the world (including me) can hear your opinion


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This set is good but it need more dead people and blood. could use more soldiers and villigers for the pirates to attack.I like how you made the cannon balls fly it genius. It could use gold and maybe a hanging pirate. Ill give it a 4 and a half out of 5.

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Thank you for the posts

I didn't feel that it was wise to add more bodies seeing as the battle has just started

If you want more blood see this link

Any lack of people or items are purely due to lack of parts

Lastly, there is a skeleton hanging in the gallows as seen in the upper left corner of the fourth photo

Keep posting (please) :pir-sing:


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Awesome MOC! Keep up the great work!

Please refrain from bumping 3 year old topics just to say "good work" We only like to see old threads revived if you actually have something to add to the conversation.

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