8292 Cherry Picker Question

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I am a newbie here, I love technic lego i haven't brought any for a while, The only one i have kept is 8490 Barcode truck.

The question i am asking is that i have purchased the 8292 cherry picker with power functions could i add the the ir sensor and remote, How easy would i be?? and has anyone done this??



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I ended recently my dark age of over 15 years with the Cherry Picker :pir-blush: . I bought it from LEGO S@H and at the same time I bought also a XL motor, a IR receiver and the remote.

Though you find far better jobs than the one I can present, you can see what I did in a 1st attempt with the Cherry Picker, here:

It's very easy to integrate the IR receiver. You just have to unplug the motor cable from the battery box, if you already done all the assembly by the book, and then you plug the motor to one socket of the IR receiver, and the cable from the IR receiver you have to plug on the battery box. So you end up with the IR receiver bettween the motor and the battery box, and in this case the spining direction of the motor is no longer controled by the switch in the battery box, but by the control signals received by the IR receiver, sent by the remote.

In my video I have used a second motor, so I can make de basket go up/down and rotate on both directions in a full remote controled manner. With only one motor you still have to use the switch built into the Cherry Picker to choose between functions up/down or rotate the basket.

Good luck


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