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Review Lego set 6077 Forestmen's River Fortress

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I've already posted the review on to the regular forum, sorry for that, but i'm always in for some improvement and like to graduate for the academy. :tongue:

So, here it is , my first review for the academy

Forestmen's River Fortress

Release: 1989

Pieces: 348

Figures: 6

Original price: $37,50

You can still build this set!

Other people have this set also

My time with the Forestmen is almost over as I must return to my own country.

I must admit I got a great respect for those people. There way of live inside the great forest is really amazing. They truly blend in with their habitat. They disappear in second and sneak up behind you.. I’m truly thankful I’m a guest and not a enemy or lonely trespasser. After the weeks I’m here I can’t really see if the Forestmen are honest people, or just a bunch of robbers. I do know they live by a code which who tells them to live with honour.

Maybe that’s why they let certain people travel thru the woods without attacking them….

Today A Forestmen got to me and asked if I wanted to accompany him to the river fortress.

Of course I said yes, How could I ever say no to one of the most famous Forestmen buildings.

We left early in the morning and travelled all day. We followed a narrow old path thru the forest. When we finally got to our destination, The sun was just getting down. The site was amazing! Before us there was a lake, with a small river going in and out of it. And right in the middle stood it, the biggest building of them al, in the glittering of the sunset: The river fortress

No camouflage here, no hiding inside the trees, It was just standing there. The fortress was build on an rock base, and a small drawbridge let to a gate made from very strong wood. Because night falls quick in the forest I went to sleep with 3 other Forestmen. 2 other got the watch en were relieved somewhere in the middle of the night.

The next morning I gave myself a tour in and around the Fortress. Is certainly was great!

It was strong and very difficult to approach without being seen because of the look on the top of the fortress who was constantly guarded. Besides that, when the gate was closed nobody could enter even if they wanted!






The inside of the building was modest, like al Forestmen buildings, but functional. When I went to the prison I saw it was occupied! A lion knight was kept there, but not for long I heard…. (what to think of that!)


I found out soon when I heard a wagon coming, I quickly went outside just to see 2 man on a wagon stop. With a wolf on there clothing it had to be members of the Wolfpack. One of them unloaded a chest with the help of a Forestman. Another Forestman took the lion knight outside and brought him to the wagon. It had to be some kind of exchange. As soon as the transaction was over I took my chance. Maybe it was possible to learn more of those strange men with their wagon. Yes!! I could come, all right it cost me a few gold coins, but I could come with them.

But as we did not leave right yet, I had some time to make some drawings of the great River fortress of the Forestmen. So look below and amaze yourself.


Design: It sure looks great! Also the details are great, with the drawbridge and gate. The 3 floors this building has are not that big, but it can house enough people and is quite spacious to Forestmen standards.

Functionality: The building is build for defence. And I think its certainly up for the task. Being in the water and easily closed makes it very hard for enemies to get in. And if that’s not enough the top of the building offers a good spot for archers. Besides defence the fortress also acts as a supply deposit. Every Forestmen building in the area is resupplied from here.

Occupation: With 5 Forestmen and the possibility to keep a prisoner the building is quite spacious. There is also much room for supplies and other stuff.

Overall This Forestmen building is one of the best the Forestmen have to offer. It's location on water, the ability to storage supplys and the way it acts as a hideout makes it just outstanding. Although I didn't got to see many thing in this strange country, I give this builing and everything what comes with it a 9 out of 10(just because a 10 makes it perfect, which is hard to do.)




And as for my king??? I’m sure he would understand.

So, my time with the Forestmen is over, a new adventure awaits me!



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Nice review. I like this set very much, although I never had them. The only thing that annoys me is that the backside is a bit to flat. But it is a forestman set, so who cares. :tongue:

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Thanks for reviewing this great old set.

I've added it to the index and since you seem to have a few of these fine old sets, may I suggest entering the Reviewers Academy and thus get some ideas for how to do spectacular reviews of such great sets?

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