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Indiana Jones Jungle Duel Review

Indiana Jones Jungle Duel Review  

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Steven Spielberg:Hey Lucas, the Lego company asked me to help them choose a scene from our new Indiana Jones movie for them to produce.

Lucas:Okay! Which scene did you recommend them?

Steven Spielberg:I recommended the Jungle Duel


Name:Indiana Jones Jungle Duel

Set number:7624


Ages:6-12(Obviously I don’t care!)

Theme:Indiana Jones

Movie:Kingdom of the crystal skull.


Release:UK 1st June 2008/USA 4th May 2008

Price:SGD $30/US $9.99/EURO $8.99

Brickshelf:pr0visorak's brickshelf

Bricklink:Jungle Duel

1)Welcome once again for another one of my reviews! Lets start with the box!



Sorry for not taking the price tag out, I was scared it would destroy the picture as it shows everything that is in the set.



The background that the lego company used for the cover is excellent. It suites the theme perfectly.Besides that, the back picture shows us all the special features of this set.




This is the same picture used for the front of the box. Do any of you have the same thought that Lego should have used another picture?

Page 19


Besides being page 19, this page is also the inventory page where you can check to see if all the Lego parts are present.



This page is advertising for a competition or lucky draw. By the way, if you are wondering why the last few pictures of the instructions were mostly bent. From the contents picture, you would have seen that the instruction sheet is bent and that it can’t be straightened.



This is what your set will look like after building. By the way, it took me 10 to 15 minutes to build the set. If you are worried that you have no time to build this set, all you need to do is just spare a few minutes of your time and you will definitely be satisfied!



The lego company has given us an awesome tent! The best part is if you buy a few of these sets, you will be able to create your very own lego park.

Tent cloth


This is the ‘material’ used for the tent. I am not sure whether the material is cloth or not, but one thing I know is that it cannot be broken easily.

Base Tent


This is how the tent bottom is made. Who ever said setting up a tent was easy?



This is the bag at the side of the tent,if you look closely this is the exact same bag used for the republic gunship. This bag will be great for your minifig as it gives it that little touch that will help you to tell people that your minifig is going camping.



This is the interior of the tent. For your information, it is big enough to let 4 to 5 minifigs sleep on the floor.



This is the box that contains the things like banana and jewels. I like the banana since I can use it for classic comedic acts like the old slipping on the banana peel!



This is the table and bench that is being used. I really like it as it gives you that homely feeling. Besides that, there is one more trick to this table that makes it exquisite. It is able to do …

The Split


This shows the way Lego manages to make the table spit and stand. This design is amazing, simple yet creative!



This campfire is nice as it has a good use of brown bricks to show the burning of wood.

3e)weapon holder


This is the ‘weapon holder’. Since I have no clue what its name is, I named it. Back to the review, the use of Leaves to show that it is being camouflaged is creative. However, a few more leaves would have been better.



Fine, I like to name stuff which have no known names. LIVE WITH IT! Back to the review, this is the thing that causes the wheel to turn round and round.



This is where you slot your weapons in. It only has three slots so it can only hold three weapons. The design is good for a medival moc as you can use it to hold your minifig's weapons.



These are the three weapons that you are required to slot in. I understand the use of a sword and a knife but a ninja sword? Whats more a golden ninja sword? That was really strange! Actually, does anyone remember seeing the ninja sword in the movie? Maybe it is a behind the scenes thing.

3f)Giant ants


They only gave us three ants! How pathetic, I thought they would give us more. They would be very useful as they can be used to recreate the scene whereby the soldier gets eaten up by the ants in the last Indiana Jones movie. In my opinion that scene was the sickest! Yet, the coolest!






Since there are three minifigs, let's break them into three different reviews.

Indiana Jones:I like his hat and it is definitely better than the used for Johnny Thunder. The new whip is nice too, you can bend it into many shapes and it won’t break at all! The only downside to this whip is that it will always returns to its normal shape after releasing your strength. Besides the whip, his little bag is nice and it can be used as an accessory for decorating girls! His torso has a good use of colors and design. Now about his legs, it has a nice printed gun sling at the side. Lego should have used this for Han Solo minifig! (Whom is played by the same guy acting as Indy.)

Mutt:I adore his hair, it is very interesting and cartoonish! The jacket is very cool and it can be used for lego gangsters or mafia minifigs! I really don’t like his face though, the white part of the mouth just disgusts me! I like his knife as it is a good replacement for the brickarms combat knife.

Spalko:Her face looks horrifying! I get nightmares just thinking about it! In my opinion, what makes her face look ugly the most is her lipstick. Her hair is exquisite and very similar to the one in the movie. Her uniform is useful for making an army minifig. Her sword is nice too and is useful for the upcoming Eurobricks Pirate contest!

4)Extra Parts


Now I can make more pirate mocs with these extra swords!



Mutt:I will save you Dad!

Harrison ford:For the last time I am not your Dad! I was acting as Indiana Jones!What are you doing with that knife? Oh wait…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Darth Vader:I see the light goodbye Han Solo! *Moans and dies*

Playability: 9/10(A good set that has many cool featured like the splitting table!)

Design: 9/10(I love the minifigs design especially Indy! I love the Tent too! I would have given this a ten though if they added more leaves to the weapon holder.)

Price: 8/10(It is a very nice set but I think it should be a bit cheaper though unless they added more minifigs or ants!)

Overall: 8.5/10(Great set although it has some side backs but an excellent set overall!)

I would recommend this set to all fans of Indiana Jones movies. If you want an Indy minifig but can’t afford all those expensive sets! This is the set for you! Even though I bought this on discount as you can see from the price tag. I would still pay the full price knowing that I would be very satisfied!

Lucas:That sounds excellent to me!

Edited by pr0visorak

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I bought it yesterday too, there is a lot of cool accessories in it, I love it! 5/5 for it !

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Good review! I especially liked that Solo/Vader part of it. :laugh:

This is the ‘weapon holder’. Since I have no clue what its name is, I named it.

It´s called `weapon rack´. :wink:

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A nice review of a nice set! :classic: I got it a couple of months ago and probably will get another! Did Spielberg and Lucas actually say that quote in the beginning of your review?

It's minifigs are great and it has lots of piratey/castley accessories, all for a great price! I voted above average.


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Great review, and I love this set, particularly as it's the only IJ set I own as of now! It's got some of the best pieces and £ awsome figs!

Only one grumble..why do Lego always include randomly coloured pieces in places? Like the inside of the sword rack or the collapsing table mechanism, what's with the random yellow!?! Is it cheaper to produce or something, 'cos it seems to happen in every set I buy!

My verdict, 4.5/5

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