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Nich Artri

Fishing With Envy and Greed

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 42a

All my entries to the Pillage the Village Contest revolve around The Seven Deadly Sins pirate crew. This is my medium entry; of which I am quite proud (and even more surprised that I manages to pull it off with my paltry brick collection :pir-blush:).

Mr. Dawson, the dock manager at Port Royale, thought he could cheat The Seven Deadly Sins pirate crew out of a king's ransom in dock space rent... Envy and Greed thought he was a prat and decided to show Mr. Dawson the joys of Kraken fishing!


The bait is not amused...


Gone Fishing...


Pirate Skellie's Treasure Trove


Imperial Skellie's Crow's Nest


Dramatis Personae


From Left to Right- Imperial Skellie, Greed, Mr. Dawson, Envy, Pirate Skellie

Hope you guys enjoy looking at it as much as I had making it! :pir-wub:

Edited by SlyOwl

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And I love it. This is another very original idea. Not paying your dock rental fee is obviously a big deal, he should have known better. :pir_laugh2:

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My opinion:

Nice entry, Nich Artri, I really like those giant arms from the cave creature! Cruel enough as well as creative. I like it!

Possible improvements:

1) Add a second dead body to the ocean's ground, with lots of blood and parts that have already been eaten (next to the skeletons I mean)

2) Maybe a shark or other animal that swims around?

That's all for now, I just can't see much else about how to improve this MOC! It's so good already :thumbup: .

Edited by zorro3999

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Oh, I like this a lot!

Really creative idea and also well executed. The tentacles give the effect of a squid perfectly and I love the "bait". :shark:

As for improvements, I like Zorro's ideas a lot, but other than that, saying to change something else would be an outright lie on my part.

This entry is that good! :pir-skull:

So, improvements you could make:

1) Maybe add a shark.

2) Perhaps put a freshly eaten body with arms and hands laying around with some blood.


Absolutely fantastic work!

Good luck in the contest! :monkey:

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Ha, a very nice and original idea and well executed! :thumbup:

Perhaps some plants and vegetation on the bottom would be nice, the ground should be really fertile with all those leftover bodyparts. :pir-grin:

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ah ah really cool ! I love how you made the part supposed to be under the see, that's superb ^^ I also love how you put some meat attached to him to attract the kraken XD

that's a really nice entry , great work ! :thumbup: I wish you the best for the contest! ^^

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This is a very interesting MOC you have here Nich Artri. I like the idea of two evil pirates using a poor villager chained up and covered in chicken for kraken bait. How you made the kraken's nest by having a bone yard and a sunken ship really makes it look good.

Possible Improvements

1) The pirates face expression on the right looks too standard. It might look better if you were to give him a laughing, evil face.

2) On the sea floor, it would give your MOC a smoother effect if you were to put some black tiles down.

3) Have a treasure chest or some gold coins scattered on the sea floor.

4) Maybe you could add some crabs or sea life on the ocean floor.

5) You could possibly have a shark jumping out of the water, over the little boat.

Non-Brick Related

1) Three of your pictures have a glare. I would retake those that have the worst glare and try to get rid of it the best you can.

2) Some spelling/grammar mistakes. An example; I would not abbreviate Imp Skellie's. I would put Imperial Skeletons.

Overall- I think the kraken bait is a great idea. I like how you are continuing The Seven Deadly Sins pirate in your medium PTV entry. There are some minor improvements that can make you MOC even better. Other than that, your MOC is great. I wish you the best of luck!


My PTV Entry- Medium

My Brickshelf

My small PTV contest entry is coming soon!

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I forgot to say , and I'm going to say it because of the mini contest :P

I think there is something to improve on it... the bottom of the sea, it miss some algae , some plants, ( coral , things like this ), and I also think that you can improve the rocks by not just posing these ugly parts on the bottom of your ocean, but by adding some bricks to give it a little "shape" , of different colours ^^

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That looks very unpleasant! prefect :thumbup:

the kraken is nice, and the cave is a good way to hide the body.

It's a funny idea, reminds me of a story in the norse mythology.

The presentation of the involved "persons" is nice. I always like when I can see all the minifigs in a good angle.

Possible improvements

Somekind of seaanimals would be good. even though the Kraken might be feared. A crab og a seasnake on the bottom of the ocean.

Some vegetation. Somekind of seaplants. That would make it more detailed and better IMO.

As legoking suggest adding a treasure, some goldcoins or even some gems would be a nice touch.


Looks nice. Keep up the good work.

And a good luck with the contest.

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I also really like the idea of adding a treasure chest with some coins and jewels around it next to the pirate's skeleton. It would make the entry even more exciting and give it a little bit deeper story, "The greedy pirate held his treasure in triumph, that is, until the Kraken showed his ugly tentacles.... :pir-skull: " :pir-grin:

Adding some seaweed around the rocks would also be a welcome addition.

One other thing that that you might still want to do is take a new first picture, because the current one is a bit grainy, maybe you need a bit more light?

But, even like it is now, your entry is wonderful! :thumbup:

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Okay! This entry has been added to (what little there was to do). I added a crab, gave the pirate skellie a new hat and a goblet, and I added a treasure chest.

No seaweed because I don't have any and no tiles because I think the studs make the ground look rocky. :pir-classic:

Okay, once again, thanks for the comments, critiques, and suggestions! They were appreciated and helped to make this entry better!



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Very nice small improvements Nich Atri!

The added details on the skeleton look good and the addition of the crab is a welcome change.

Great work and good luck! :pir-classic:

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