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Skinny Boy

Assassination (part 6)

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Since my 'Enough' series is going fairly well, I decided I would use the MOCs I create for it, to bring back: my Assassination series! I'm not going to give links to the older parts, cos I feel it better to have this part as a new start (though its still Vince Broker, a crooked weapons dealer). (Pics are links to bigger size)

Now then, Vince has just migrated, to a colder country. Hoping his Chinese associates wouldn't follow him. So far so good. He is now staying with a Russian leader and his men. The leader asked his taskhandler to collect Vince from the airfield and bring him to their location. Everything worked out somoothly:


But I can't see enough in this pic, lets get a better one:


Thats better. Lets see who's inside, shall we:


There's the leader on a couch.

But whats that on the left. Lets get a better look:


Some sort of MG nest.

Who else is wondering what that yellow thing in the first pic is? Well I am:


Oh its a skip. Being used to block vehicles. Filled with chains, scrap metal, pointy things, an M21... and... Oh oh. A soldier. Who has thrown his rifle in, jumped in after it and drawn his knife to get an I.D. on Vince. Sneaky.

What about those tyres in the first pic?:


Ah. Of course.

An overview:


The taskhandler:


And Gallery when public.

Thanks for looking.

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Great job Skinny Boy! i love this, and i really like the fig in the dumpster! can't wait for the next part

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Thanks ricecracker.

If the first line is read (pronounced red, for that sentence), you'll understand the connection between this and Enough. So if you like this, make sure you cast your vote here.

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