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Cat o nine tails

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 35d

The evil captain BlockBeard inspires fear in the local redcoats by making gruesome displays of his power.

This unfortunate redcoat is getting whipped.




An innocent on-looker (or is he the next generation of BlockBeards?) :pir-tongue::pir-devil:




An unnamed cronie


Comments are appreciated :monkey:


Edited by SlyOwl

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My opinion:

Looks reasonable, Infomaniac. The SNOT base is made very well and the theme is kinda cruel but not that much.

Make some improvements and it will be a lot better already!

Possible improvements:

1) Make the captain look more like a captain, do you have any epaulettes? At least try to let him look into the lens, I think that will be better.

2) Put some red tiles (1x1) or other red bricks on the "floor", this represents blood that comes from the poor redcoats back... :pir-devil:

Non-brick related advise:

1) REDUCE THE PIXEL SIZE: max. 800x600 or entries wil be disqualified!

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you need to reduce the size of your pics.. 800x600 max!!

also, you could put a image of the total MOC for you first image.

it look like a group of pirates, whipping a pour red coat.. in the deck of a ship??

maybe you could make a improvent whit some more details in the deck, i think that it would be more realistic also if the soldier are more Captive

, whit some strings... well good luck!!

nice MOC!

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I knew someone would do this... :pir_laugh2:

What I like:

The SNOT base is good, and the tall crow's nest is great with all of the pirates on it. Nice addition of the clothes laying on the floor, too. And of course, very cruel. :pir-devil:

What could be improved:

Perhaps you could add some trans-red plates to the floor to represent blood, which would make a great addition.

Other than that, great MOC, Infomaniac, and good luck. :pir-classic:

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Good entry Infomaniac! :pir-classic:

I love the SNOT base and the idea is great. The little crow's nest on the mast is also nice looking. My favorite part though is the man's "shirt" on the ground.

That's a really creative idea.

A few improvements you could make are:

1) Like everyone else has said, some trans-red or plain red pieces around the man would give a nice blood effect.

2) I love the choice of head for the captain, but like Zorro said, he could use some more captain-like accessories, such as epaulettes or a bicorne with skull and crossbones, would make him look much more like a captain.

3) The first picture will be judged, so I would recommend taking one that shows the crow's nest as well, because that is a big part of your entry


Overall though, your entry is amazing! Good minifigs, exciting action and nice SNOT make this very good. :pir-laugh:

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Good day matey! Let me tell you about your entry eh?

Good points

1)The tower looks interesting as it is made with barrels. It gives it the sense of a cartoon or a puny tower.

2)Its amazing how you managed to put that figure on the stand in the 4th picture.


1)I agree with the old strawberry teacher that the nest looks cool. But can you add more words to it as in more detail. You need to include more description as in where is this taking place at? Cause if it is in the middle of a ship than it is understandable but if it is on land than it will confuse people on why is it there?

2)Give us an overall picture of the moc please? You are giving us great detailed pictures but we need an overall one to see what ir looks like.

3)Add decaled stripes to the back of that tortured guy and some small red trnsparent studs lying around to show the blood spill! You can also change one of his arms to red? To show that his arm is bleeding too?

4)Would you ming messing up the clothes of the tortured a bit? His clothes look so neat as they are put together. Anyway I think he was forced to be tortured not asked to right? Can you like take the sleeves apart or or throw the hat as in put them around the place not together. This makes it look more messy! Like a pirate!

Great job! And good luck matey :pir-skull:

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that's a nice entry, but as everyone noticed, it would be great to have a pics of the entire entry ^^

anyway I like the idea of whipping a soldier ^^ and you did it well ^^

I wish you the best for the contest !

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Yeah.. give him the whip. Make him beg..

It's evil but not in the high-class evilness. It's almost common :pir-wink:

The deck is great and so is the mast.

You have chosen the head for the poor redcoat well. He doesn't look too happy.

The left clothes on the deck is nice. Good detail.

Possible improvements

Give the captain a captains hat! And also some epaulettes as others have suggested before me. The beard is good though.

What is that pirate in the mast doing? He's shaven AND he's smiling?? Point is: give him a more pirate-ish head. He sure looks too nice and glad.

I'd given the man in the top of the mast a hat.


That's all for now.

Good luck with the contest.

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This is a very creative MOC Infomaniac. I like your idea of the pirates whipping the red coat to get revenge. The barrels are a nice use for a wooden log. I like how you have a red coat torso with a hat on it resembling the red coats uniform. I like the Indiana Jones whip you have used in your MOC. The base plate you have made out of tan and brown bricks looks like this is the middle of a ship. I also like how you have pirates on the lookout tower scanning the waters for enemies.

Possible Improvements

1) You could have some transparent red pieces right under where the red coat is being whipped.

Non-Brick Related

1) Have a longer story explaining how the pirates got the red coat in the first place.

Overall- I really like your idea of a red coat being whipped. You have used really good minifig face expressions in your MOC. I wish you the best of luck!


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Thank you for the comments

I will take them into consideration for my other entries

P.S. the Redcoat has been captured in the crew's last pillage


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