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Sacking Queenstown

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 34d

The small port of Queenstown gets a visit from the crew of the Smilin' Skull. For his first taste of civilization in three years, Stinky Pete decides to bathe in the innkeeper's washtub and the cap'n chases down some local "talent." The last is the "artist's drawing" of the raid for the history books.







Hope I've done this right. Thanks for the fun contest!

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Nice entry Deathdog!

It has plenty of action and great SNOT water. My favorite part is the boats being loaded up with goods. :pir-classic:

Some improvements you could make are:

1) The first picture in the post is the one that will be judged, so I would take one that shows the whole entry better. It's always good to have one overview picture to get a good feel of the whole thing.

2) A lot of the faces on the pirates don't look very mean and nasty. If you have a few more angry-type faces to replace some of the smiley ones, it would be much better.

3) You probably don't have enough tiles to cover all of the streets, but you could at least put some grey ones on the railing by the water.

4) Adding a few dead soldiers or people with blood around them, would give the entry a really big boost in the pillage area.

5) I kind of mentioned this is the first comment, but your buildings look excellent from the small amount I can see in the close-ups, so I think it would be good to have a picture where you can see them a bit better.


Overall though, fantastic work!

You've really captured the feel of the contest well, while still having plenty of detail.

Great job!

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My opinion:

Very good entry, but I lack some originality in the MOC itself (that last picture of you was original and pretty cool as well though)! The buildings look great, but they don't look like they are (being?) plundered.

Making some small improvements will certainly boost your chanche to win!

Possible improvements:

1) Although it looks like a "village that is being pillaged", I would try to represent the cruelty involved even better: so maybe you could add some soldiers that are defending their home (or died defending it), and perhaps some blood and/or bodyparts lying around the streets... not too much, don't overdo it either!

2) I do not like the big brown bricks you used to represent large barrels, I think the standard barrels are better suited, and they come in large too! (MINOR point)

3) Some details could be finished better: like the pirate faces are sometimes disturbingly standard, if you have more faces with better expressions I would not hesitate to add them (if not, no problem: forget I ever said this)! Also small things like all those doors that are closed (they should be opened or even destroyed by the pirates!) and some additional equipment like epaulettes, plumes and headgear could improve the overall rating. (MINOR points)

Non-brick related advise:

1) Personnaly I would replace the first picture with the third (or even better: with an enhanced, enlarged one like the third).

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funny entry ^^ I think that even if it's not very bloody, It perfectly fit the theme! that's a pillage! the only way I can see to improve it is to add some details to thewalls ( torchs and stuffs )

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*British accent* Well my stars! What a wonderful work of art you have done sir Deathdog! Here are some improvements thy recommends for thee to improve.

1)The barrel is very creative and resourceful. Can thee make some thing more worthy of it for the bottom instead of using some stud? Can thee also cover the holes of the barrel with brown studs.

2)Where is the torture and agony that makes it a horrifying piece of art. This simply can't do! Thou suggets thee add more dead boddies and more blood.

3)Everyone is smiling! If thou wants to win thy must have cruel, angry and bitter faces! Thou cannot have such gay faces!(Gay as in the old language one which means happy. Its not what you think it is.)

4)On pish posh! I am almost done! Thy recommends you resize your pictures and include an overall shot.

That is all thy recommends.*End british accent*

This is in my opinion, yo can take it seriously or not. It depends on what you feel or think. May lady luck be with you :pir-skull:

Edited by pr0visorak

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This is a good PTV large contest entry Deathdog. I like the pirate chugging down the wine. I think the pirate bathing in the barrel is funny. At the same time, he is eating chicken. I like that one of the pirates looks so drunk that he is going to fall over soon. Those pirates look like they are stealing more than they can carry.

Possible Improvements

1) It would look nicer if you were to put some tiles on the ground of your MOC.

2) You could have a battle scene between a pirate and a villager.

3) Have a dead villager somewhere in your MOC and have some blood around him because you are in lack of blood.

4) Put some mean and cruel faces on some of your pirates because most of them are too standard.

Non-Brick Related

1) To start off, I think your first picture should be an overview of your entire MOC because the first picture is always the most important one.

Overall- You have done a great job creating your MOC Deathdog. There are some things I would fix in your MOC. I wish you the best of luck!


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