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Review: 7130 Snowspeeder

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Come back in time with me to an age of wondrous creations, where light and dark grey bricks openly frolicked. Where Star Wars Lego was in its infancy.

Today, for my 6th review, I present for your viewing pleasure......

7130 Snowspeeder


Set Name: Snowspeeder

Year of release: 1999

Set Number: #7130

Pieces: 201

Minifigures: 3

Price: unknown



Let me start by explaining how I came across this little gem MISB. I have a great mate who was happy to spoil me on my birthday by parting with an old sealed SW set, knowing that my dark ages were 20 odd years, it was a safe bet I didn't have this set.

Top bloke if you ask me. In order to maintain the realism of an old set review, I would like to present this set to you in black and white!

Just joking, here are the colour pics.


First we have the Box pics front and back.

The back shows some alternate models as well, The spider ship looks really cool :thumbup:




This set also came with 2 catalogues detailing all the releases for 2000. They certainly launched Lego SW with a bang, so many sets.

The instructions themselves had a little picture on the top of all pages from the Empire Strikes Back too.




Here are all the minty fresh bags just waiting to be cracked open and spill their lego goodness.



Time to start building. This build took me bout 30 minutes to complete and comes with three figures. All figures have the yellow faces, as Lego only introduced flesh coloured heads in the last couple of years to their licensed products. From left to right we have a Rebel snow trooper, Luke Skywalker and poor old Dak Ralter. Also worth noting printed parts, no DSS here :thumbup:


First off is the Atgar cannon

consisting of about 15 pieces, it didn't take long to build.


Snowspeeder: Early pics



Wing design

I really like the wing design, very accurate in regards to the movie.



Built on a large base plate, this is a little ugly from the underneath.


Finished product

A great little set with lots included.


Cockpit open without/with figures



All its glory.



Detailing the open cockpit and lightsaber container.


Sleek machine


Playability: 7/10 Two opening cockpits, a rotating dish and a lightsaber storage container.

Swooshablity: 9/10 An iconic ship, with loads of sturdiness gives it a great level of swooshability.

Design: 7/10 Beautiful design which reminds me a lot of the movie, they really did their homework on this set.

Overall: 7.6/10

Don't be fooled by the rating of 7.6/10, I love this set. It comes with three figures and has some good parts and the build is nice. The finished product looks nice, its just Lego has adapted to SW over the years and built better Snowspeeders now with tow cables etc.

Thanks for looking.

More pics can be found here



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I got this set. But, it was crushed by an AT-AT/ it fell.

Anyway, nice review and nice set.

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The snowspeeder was my second starwars set, and it is the one that made me begun collecting LEGO Star Wars.

It is rather simple in the conception but looks great in my opinion.

Nevertheless, the newest versions are better.

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I am not a big fan of this set. It is a little too boxy and not that movie accurate. The only thing about the set that catches my eye is the back of the speeder that allows the pilot to sit and control the turret.

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well what to say? next to the classic xwing and MF was this set the one that turned Lego sw into a huge success. a true legend in Lego's second life... I even find this set is unique because it was still sw created with bricks of the old Lego universe.

Don't know if i have one MISB though...

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Great review ISC! :thumbup:

The set is pretty nice, but somehow I feel that it looks sort of.... ugly! I think it's partly because the grey color scheme doesn't reming me of a snowspeeder the way the white one does in the Hoth Rebel Base.

However, that doesn't mean that this is a terrible set, in fact I like it quite well, but like you said, LEGO has gone on to make much more detailed sets, and this one doesn't quite compare.

You certainly have a nice friend though! :grin:

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Thanks for reviewing this good old Star Wars classic for us :sweet:

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Nice to see this set reviewed. It was such a great set back in the day, and I think it still is. This was one of those stand alone sets that really made the Star Wars line shine. Great job with the review ISC! Glad to see someone else appreciate the classics!

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Nice review, I had this set and I liked it. I thought the design of the speeder itself was cool, and I loved the Dac and Hoth Trooper minifigs.

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Wow great review..Those were the days when an acronym such as DSS didn't even exist :cry_happy:

Compared to the new one its less detail but better quality(since the new only has a printed cockpit)

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That was my first SW set and still remains one of my favorite. It is a bit ugly, but it is very close to the actual SW (Hasbro?) Snowspeeder toy I had back in the 80s. It was gray just like this set.

I loved this one so much (and all of the Hoth type sets) that I have 8 or 9 of these. The new Snowspeeder that came out a few years after this one wasn't nearly as enjoyable as this set! I gave up Star Wars collecting a couple years ago (I couldn't handle all the "reissues"), but I still kept all my original Snowspeeders.

Great review!

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Nice set. It really holds up well.

I got this set at the time, but I stole it! Ridiculous story, but I was poor and in university. There were a few bags, so I had to go a few times to sneak it out. Anyway, I buy all my sets now, but glad to have had this set. It looks quite nice compared the the newer model.

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