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Pirate Invasion - Caribbean Port

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 32a

My Entry for the contest:

the idea was use a frame of 16 x 16 to concentrate whole bunch of situations in a tipical caribean port.. and make a fun time in see the details in every corner... well whit a little of torture, pillage... betrayal and well.. there are also a tavern so.. drinking time.. ARGGG!! arggg !!








A group of pirates attacked a small port in the Caribbean in search of gold and jewels, but the captain wants above all the sacred rubi, in the hands of the admiral, but this is hidden in the attic of his mansion, meanwhile, the first Pirate official, tries to steal a treasure map, however is not the only, Spanish and French officers have arrived earlier.

the rest of the pirates .. find the hold of the treasure, without knowing it in the catacombs of the Caribbean island this the torture chamber where the pirates are tortured by imperial troops.

more pics in

my Brickshelf Gallery

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That is awesome! Great job! I love the admiral hiding in the attic!

What could be improved:

1. The place is cool lot of stuff going on, but I cant find any blood. Put blood in it.

2. Tile it!

And also there's too much overlap.

Edited by Genaral armendariz

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Nice work on your entry RoVer!

You managed to fit a lot of things in a small space which makes it fun to look at. It's a bit like reading a story!

The design of the buildings is very nice as well.

A few improvements you could make are:

1) First of all, You have a pretty large amount of overlap with the palm trees and boat in the front. I would ask a CP staff member to make sure it's not too much, so you don't get disqualified.

2) The green building has a black plate that seems to be 2 studs too long for the spot it's in. Instead of a 1 x 8, I would use a 1 x 6.

3) I think tiling a few more areas would enhance the appearance of your entry quite a bit. Some spots I would tile are: The red roof on the white building, the black roof on the green building and the grey platform with the treasure chest carrying pirate.

4) Adding a small story behind your entry so viewers can understand exactly what's going on would be a wise move.


Overall, your entry is fantastic! It has a really fun color scheme, tons of great details and lots of action, which add up to make this a great MOC.

Nice work!

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Wow, you packed a pile into that space well done.

I'm no expert but the base is cheeky big with the boat poking out front and back.

I like the dungeon the best. Is that a technics plate constraining the skeleton?

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My opinion:

Very good, Rover, this is an outstanding entry to the medium division you've made.

The tavern is nice and so is the small dock and ship!

Possible improvements:

1) You used some standard faces for a number of good visible minifigs, I would change them to let them have a better expression.

2) Read Erdbeereis1' comments well, I agree to them.

Non-brick related advise:

1) I think this amount of overlap could be allowed but i am not sure so perhaps you better ask a staff member.

2) Adding a story is always nice.

3) A lot of spelling errors: eg. "the idea was to use a frame "

Edited by zorro3999

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Nice entry. I really like it. Impressive for such a small MOC to fit sot much in it. Small in 16x16 - thats not much!

I like all the gold the pirates are getting.

And the skeleton man ind the dungeon is great too!

What could be improved

BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Well.. you get the point. The pirates a cruel, fear- and merciless. Why is there so many people alive who is not pirates?

You pictures could be better. It's difficult to see all the great details of yours. The first is good 'caus it gives you an overllok of the scenerie. But I'd like a closeup on the front. Maybe instead of the last picture.. though it's cruel to sneak up on a woman from the behind like that. :pir-skull:

Good luck with the contest.

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Woah this is freakin sweet! Obviously everyone else has said what might need doing, apart from that i looove it! There is so much good action and details, i think you stand a good chance at a prize!

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I really like this one. There's just loads of detail and activity in such a limited space, and the different levels of elevation make it a great moc.

There are some points to improve, but those are already mentioned by others (although in my opinion tiling isn't really needed, it's nice as it is now).

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I just saw it and that s really a good entry, there is so many details in the different room you did, I like eveything in it, from the palm trees to the torture room ! I don't know how you can improve such a masterpiece! great job! :thumbup:

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Well, I like see that you have a lot of detail in your MOC and I like it. I really like the red, white and yellow building because you are trying to make your building look like one of the old ones from the 80's. By the water, I like how you have the pirates putting the stolen treasure on the little boat. I think you have done a very well job on the prison cell. In you're forth picture, I like how you have the Imperial officer hiding from the pirates.

Possible Improvements

1) I think the faces are too standard. I would change them to better expressions.

2) In you're forth picture; there is a piece I would change to 1x6 instead of 1x8.

3) I would add a fighting scene and there you could put some blood since your lacking it.

4) In your last picture, there is a villager holding a broom, I would take that out.

Non-Brick Related

1) It you be nice if you were to add a story to your MOC explaining what is going on.

2) Some spelling/grammar mistakes to fix.

Overall- I think your MOC is great and I really like that you fit so much detail into a medium MOC. Some minor things you have to change. I would also recommend that you read over what you write. Other than that, I think your MOC is great. I wish you the best of luck!


My PTV Entry- Medium

My Brickshelf

My small PTV contest entry is coming soon!

Edited by LegoKing

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Hi, everyone

THANKS for the coments..

first: i´m not sure if i can doble post... so.. sorry

second: about the Improvements...

1) my grammar.. i´m from a non-english-speaking country, even more.. a non-english-speaking-sub-continent... .. and well.. i can speak in a decent way... even read.. but the writing part.. is another thing.. jeje

sorry, but can someone of you help me whit that part?? specially whit the story behind the scene :pir-cry_sad:

2) tiling part... well.. i have some tiles.. but, i thing that is more a old-school thing, anyway, after all, studs are a lego essential part and (excuse me if a do some teoric defence of the studs) an nothing to be a shame, so why hiding it?? but just to be fare, i did some tiling, i will tile it.. in some other parts.. red roof for instance.

3) blood... well.. maybe the torture room will have another "member" jejeje :pir_laugh2:

4)the 1x6 instead of 1x8.. is a architectural thing.. some houses need a "structural beam" to use it for elevation purpouses.. i thing, i will fixit making it more detail

5) the faces are too standard... YES i really wish, that this could be different.. in part is because I bought the mayority of my minifig, pre dark-ages. so i have a big need for expresion faces that are i think more a 2000´s thing.. and well to be honest.. here in Chile were I live.. the Price of a LEGO set.. is F"#%$&$# absurd !! usually doubling the euro-prices..

WELL sorry for my english and.. SO MANY THANKS for the nice FEEDBACK..


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hi, i just edit the post, whit the final version, so if someone of the staf can add a (final) to the post name


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Lovely improvements Rover!

The added tiles make it look much smoother and enjoyable to look at. That dripping blood effect is brilliant and very cruel.

Last minor ideas:

1) Did you ask a staff member to make sure the overlap is allowed? I think it's probably fine but you might want to make sure.

2) A rat might look nice in the sewer.


I think it would be even better with a story, and if you need a bit of help, I would be willing to.

You could write a little one and I could help you with the spelling and such if you'd like. It's up to you though, it's fine even without a story.

Anyway, I think your entry was already very good pre-improvements, and now that you fixed it up a bit, it's fantastic.

Great work! :pir_laugh2:

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