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Skinny Boy

Enough: Part 6

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Just in case: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Part 6: Forgetful Ways.

Last time, most of the group were in a red building at a crossroads when an attack had just started. (Sorry... but) Lets see how it ended:


Thats Corporal Sang flanking.

Jake gets on with cleaning up:


2992571042_42c6abf6ba_o.jpg"Looks like the last of 'em."

Look who it is :sweet: (note the octan barrel):

2992572892_402fe395b0_o.jpg Captain: "Sang!"

2991725161_2d5067db78_o.jpg"The others are back."

2991724969_ab59a15671_o.jpg "And then more came."

2991723787_b679223b56_o.jpg"The truck's all set."

2992576078_d0c39dc80c_o.jpg"Come on man."

2991726185_923deddb8f_o.jpg"You know, I think i'm gonna stay."

2992573620_e1b43d32d6_o.jpg"Well I don't. What do you mean?"

2991725447_dae95133c2_o.jpg"I lived and worked here before the outbreak. I'm pretty sure i'll die if I go. I'd much rather stay."

2992572072_542c0d6d9a_o.jpg"Well if you have to stay,-

2992570798_6b098174fc_o.jpg-take this."

2992573288_29c93f568f_o.jpg"And here's some bullets." "Come on kid!"

2992575328_d516e580f4_o.jpg"Hope you get out ok."

2992570554_8c8b48786a_o.jpg Captain: "So what took ya?"

2992572326_58dfd5dfe2_o.jpg"I was just giving Jake my gun. He insisted on staying."

2992574092_6f2902d11c_o.jpg "Jake? I knew a soldier called Jake."

2992571552_18786df9de_o.jpg "Poor guy got his thumb blown off."

2991724555_9cff4125d9_o.jpg Sang: "Your stories are always so inspiring." Captain: "Shut up Sang."

2991720917_74a6fddcf1_o.jpg"So Jack, where we heading?"

2992572584_204e266472_o.jpg Jack: "Abbey Square."



Anyone know how to kill a zombie? Headshot. (look at the one in red/black in the earlier pic)

And now (domdidadaaaam :tongue: ) the notes:

1. Apologies: for bad lighting, blurriness and a short part. This was shot in a new location and was rushed, to make most of sunlight (yeah, yeah, yeah I should have lights).

2. Even though most people will get it, the conversation at the end is between the group on the truck, not Jakes imagination or anything.

3. Very important: My FlickR account has been overused. Unless I buy a pro account, you will only be able to view the most recent part pictures. Because of that, I have changed the gallery link in my sig, to Brickshelf. Unfortunately not every pic is on BS yet, but they will be soon enough.

4. I know some of you really wanted to see an action packed battle. But because I had to rush this (which I hope won't happen again) I just didn't have time. Next battle, should be better. But don't rely solely on big battles to consider this a good sereis. It is meant to be suspenseful and somewhat dramatic :sceptic: . So enjoy.

Thanks for looking.

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poor jake ! that was a good part ^^ but... the soldiers didn't knew that they had to shot the zombies in the head ?

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poor jake ! that was a good part ^^ but... the soldiers didn't knew that they had to shot the zombies in the head ?

Actually, thats a really good question :blush: . I guess I could say... that with Nick (the guy in gray with the big gun) shooting everything and anything, they wouldn't really think of aiming at their heads. Especially since it was their first attack, and there was a good few there.

Back in School tomorrow, so it looks like one part per weekend again :hmpf: .

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