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Skinny Boy

Enough: Part 5

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Have you caught up yet? No? Here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Part 5: Curiosity killed the Corossroads.

Our group had just set off to find Sid, the college dropout, who had taken a dirtbike and dissappeared. They were driving and again came to a barricade:


Jack (the leader, you know in the Mutt leather jacket) had an idea:

2986011083_a175b973f9_o.jpg "Cut through the rubble over there."


They stop:

2986867254_d463cb9b70_o.jpg "What?" "We ran out of gas."

2986012871_f1c248d68b_o.jpg "Alright. Everyone out."

2986868918_61446e1c80_o.jpg"There's a garage right down the road."

2986870526_6bc0743da7_o.jpg "Who said that?"


2986011389_84e2f7bc54_o.jpg Captain: "Show yourself."

The voice appears to be a man, who moves to the window:


2986013039_c6e5b674dc_o.jpg Captain: "So how do we get to this garage?"

2986870356_6e3c06a239_o.jpg "Just go straight along that road and you'll get there."

2986010639_34de61d980_o.jpg Captain: "Should we try it?"

2986870218_ddc8b39d60_o.jpg "Alright men-

2986013519_92eea1a0bd_o.jpg -We are going to get fuel,-

2986013995_c6f380e475_o.jpg - Now I don't want any funnybusiness. Alright?"

2986867406_567acd11b5_o.jpg Hayes: "Ok Captain."

2986866256_ecb140f222_o.jpg"Come on up."

2986870008_e9c012c2bf_o.jpg"We're gonna wait outside."

2986010917_47f527fcfc_o.jpg Sang: "Hey-

2986867574_68135407fe_o.jpg -whats that?"

2986867874_f267b65111_o.jpg Hayes: "What?"

2986866518_dfd4f7cf9e_o.jpg Sang: "That."

2986869864_09986b2166_o.jpg"Thats the pit."

2986012555_d0cdb058eb_o.jpg "Whats the 'Pit'?"

2986868010_348eb51c1d_o.jpg"Well we started with the sheet metal fence,-

2986013707_6faf4cb8d2_o.jpg-then we threw in shrapnel, shards and some chains."

2986014393_8bfa19a884_o.jpg"And then we hoped that the zombies would just fall in."

2986871334_1b87c57272_o.jpg Sang: "Hmmmm. You said 'we'." "Yeah?"

2986870952_2e5d809a5b_o.jpg "Are there more people here? Cos we are supposed to round up survivors."


2986015599_e6a6f55617_o.jpg"There used to be. But they took off."

2986016219_47845cd1dd_o.jpg "Why?"

2986015159_6ebbc9975f_o.jpg"They said they were going to Abbey Square, with a large group." "When did they go?"

2986016039_98a57d9c92_o.jpg"Sometime last week."

2986871486_7869dcf066_o.jpg"They could be our guys!"

2986018379_f179f10b96_o.jpg Hayes: "Yeah, maybe."

2986017773_544d75fd79_o.jpg "You shouldn't get your hopes up."

2986872268_e75e15b2fb_o.jpg "So, whats your name?" "Jake."

2986017483_583de27b30_o.jpg "So Jake, you got any weapons?"

2986872080_82e3172ae1_o.jpg"Nope." (Sorry for bad pic)

2986017201_b96553e208_o.jpg "None?"

2986017067_0a2875641b_o.jpg"Not one."

2986016813_4fdf531d3d_o.jpg *BANG*

2986871940_c3c052585f_o.jpg "Nice shot, kid."

2986873218_c058fc319b_o.jpg"Hey guys, we heard a shot. Everything ok?"

2986873700_b38f72aa1d_o.jpg"Whoah. Stupid door nearly... what the?"

Loud heavy gunfire is heard for nearly 30 seconds.

2986017917_5e54235dd7_o.jpg "Jesus! There's no flesh left on him!"

2986018237_d1031ffb22_o.jpg"Hey, guy with big gun-

2986872550_aa65dda61d_o.jpg-check this out."

To be continued...

And some notes:

1. No, I don't have the next part ready to put in the next post due to the pic limit.

2. The setting, the crossroads and pit, were heavily inspired by 1: Tinypiesrus' "For Mother Russia" (can't put link cos computer messed up) and 2: "Crossroads" by Eric Clapton/Cream.

3. I definitely think this part was the best, not because it had zombies, but because I didn't have to use Brickfilm conversations that myself and others haven't liked.

4. This part may seem long, cos the pics, but the dialogue is short (yet took a wile to write :hmpf_bad: ). Hav a good look at the pics if you feel its short :wink: , thats what they're there for.

Thanks for looking.

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This is actually the first installment I've looked at so far, but I like it so much I'm going to go back and look at all of the rest. Really good job, I especially liked how they were having a conversation while the zombie was getting closer. Good attention to detail and I can't wait till you post the next one. :thumbup:

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ahhh some action ! :devil:

I love how they did 20 meters before running out of gas XD

nice part, Can't wait to see the upcoming fight!

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Very good again, Skinny Boy! :thumbup: This one is the best so far! I seriously can't wait for more! :sweet:

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Thanks guys. I have no idea when part 6 is coming. Could be tomorrow, could be 2 weeks. Enjoy the suspense, if any.

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Looks great! I like how the zombies are attacking. Its good also how you showed the zombie coming in, while they are talking.

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