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Review: 6017 King's Oarsmen

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Title of Set: 6017 King's Oarsmen

Theme: Castle/Lion Knights

Year Released: 1987

Pieces Count: 42

Minifigures: 2

Original Price: $3.75(USD)

Further Information: Brickset, Lugnet, Peeron, Photobucket Album

Being the smallest and cheapest of the Castle ship sets, King's Oarsmen only consists of a small rowboat and two Lion Knight Oarsmen. Whilst small in stature and in length, this is a superb impulse set of the late 1980s. Will these two brave Lion Knights keep their kingdom's waters safe from the dreadful Black Falcons? Read on to find out...

Instruction Pamphlet:



The instruction pamphlet of this set. Not much to mention other than it being easy to follow and that there are eleven steps in total.



Not overwhelming in the parts department.



For a mere $3.75, this set comes with two very nice minifigs. Both are Lion Knights but they each have a different torso print. One comes with the Crusaders gold lion shield pattern and the other with the metallic breastplate pattern that was used in a few vintage Castle sets.



A wide variety of accessories are included. There is a blue cape, one yellow background Lion shield, one blue background Lion shield, a single red flag, four plain white flags (which have discoloration in my pictures), a brown lance, a brown halberd, and finally, a brown spear.

Unique Pieces:


There are no set exclusive pieces, but there are a few rare ones as displayed in the above picture.

Partially Built:


+About halfway through the build. The boat takes form quickly.

Set without minifigs:







Again, this is a small set so not a whole lot is going on. As pictured, this set contains a simple yet effective rowboat and nothing more.

Completed set with minifigs:


Both minifigs fit adequately onto the boat. One or both of the included Lion Knights can row or keep watch. The four white flags that work as a sail can be manually shifted to simulate direction changes in the wind.



A prime example of why you don't want to mess with Lion Knights.



While the Lion Knights excel in battle, they certainly aren't the brightest of the bunch.

Reviewer's Score:

Playability: 8.5/10 - In my experience, most impulse sets don't offer a whole lot of playability. This is still somewhat true for this set, but having two minifigs and a cute boat spices things up a great deal.

Design: 9/10 - Once again, being an impulse set there aren't many pieces to use. The pieces that are included with this set create a wonderful boat. A thing to note: this set was released before the Pirates theme came into fruition, so the absence of actual oars and a cloth flag are not to be taken negatively into this score.

Price: 9.5/10 - Most impulse sets of the modern day include only one minifig, but this has two that have great torsos! There are also a good selection of accessories and rare boat parts.

Total: 27/30 - This set is a must buy for those who hold the desire to create a Castle themed fleet. Pair this set with 6049 and 6057 to build an admirable bunch of ships to transport one's troops from shore to shore.

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A funny little set.

Some ok parts, but not much more than that.

Which you've shown so fine in your review :laugh:

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A funny little set.

Some ok parts, but not much more than that.

Which you've shown so fine in your review :laugh:

I got it for the two Lion Knights. :wub: The accessories aren't shabby either.

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