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7622 Review: Race for the Stolen Treasure

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7622: Race for the Stolen Treasure

Number of Pieces: 272

Number of Minifigs: 4

Price: 29.99 USD/ 34.99 EUR/ 24.99 GBP

Theme: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Year Released: 2008



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Welcome to my first review that is not on a Star Wars set! This time, it's going to be an Indiana Jones set: Race for the Stolen Treasure. You'll have lots of fun with this set, and I hope my review tempts you to get it!

The Box


This is the basic box design for all Indy sets. The theme is stated at the top in that famous orange-yellow grain font, underlined with a bullwhip. The background is desert, the area that Indy was in when this scene (that this set is based on) in Raiders of the Lost Ark.



You can see what this set contains when built: a cargo truck, a military jeep, and a white horse. The main idea of this set is for Indy to chase the cargo truck, climb on to it, and steal it, all while avoiding gunfire from the jeep, hanging on tight to the edges of the truck, not getting run over, not getting punched to death, and driving safely.

Cargo Truck


In this picture, you can view the front of the cargo truck. Note the brick built mud-flaps, brick-built bumper, two side mirrors, and a grill. (Sorry for the flash spot, by the way).



Here's the side, where you can see the cab, the mud-flaps, the cloth cover, three wheels on each side, and lots of silver studs. The cab, unfortunately, is mostly one piece, but has room for two. Fortunately, the mud-flaps are brick built, and the cover is made out of cloth or paper, with a nice design on it. You can spot some nice SNOT techniques in the front.



Here is the back of the truck. The cover, as said before, is made out of paper or cloth, and it is held on by two clamps on each side, as you'll see in a second.



These are what hold the cover in place: a hinged plate with some help of Technic pins. It's a very simple, but very clever technique, kudos to the designers!

Inside the Trunk


This must be where the treasure is! Yes, I can see a chest! Wait, it's gold! Not brown, gold! Yes, a gold chest is rare to come across, I think this may be the only set that has one. The spacious back can also contain up to six troops, so you can use it as a troop transport as well. Whats in the chest, you ask? Well...



Wow, look at all of that treasure! Yes, the gold chest contains a variety of ruby, sapphire, and emerald jewels, as well as valuable gold coins. I think it's a random choice of the colors of the jewels. In mine, I got two green, two red, and one blue, although I did add some from my castle sets. One thing that I don't understand is that in the movie, it was the Ark that Indy was chasing, not just treasure. :wacko:



This is the Jeep. The mud-flaps on this are also brick built, which is very nice. Also note the silver studs, the side mirrors, the windshield, and the grill.



Here, you can see the wheels. The hubcaps can be flipped to either a military style with little holes around the edges, or a conventional style, with a design on them. The tires work really well on both trucks.

Gun Mount


Here is the gun mount. It consists of a black jeep piece, a black stoplight/ camera piece, and a black lightsaber hilt, which you can also use for Qui-Gon Jinn's lightsaber (which is mostly black instead of chrome). It is actually a very clever design, although if you wanted to be more accurate, you could always go to Sadly, the front can only fit one driver and no passenger, but if you wanted, you could place another troop on the back with a gun.



Here is the back. Usually, there would be a spare wheel on that blue pin, but recently most of my collection was destroyed by my brat of a neighbor's kid. So I can't find it... Anyways, let's get some...

Action Shots


Here is Indy using his whip to reach the truck. The whip is completely flexible, but curls up once you let go.


Here is Indy hanging on to the bottom of the cab, ready to swing up and...


...hop in and take the truck! Go, Indy!



Finally, here are the figs. This set includes three Nazis and Indy. From left to right: Bruce Wayne in disguise, Gramps, Indy, and Teenager. Not now, Shadowfax! Anyways, I like the variety of Nazi heads. They even made two new ones! I remember when they just used regular smiley faces for every minifig... and Indy is great! Everything from his cool torso and printed legs to the fedora, to the whip is spot on! The only thing is that it's the same torso and legs in every IJ set...

Well, that's about it, the time has come for the...


Build: 9/10, a fun little build, pretty easy and straightforward. Should take the seasoned builder about 20-30 minutes.

Playability: 9/10, even though it doesn't have any features, it's just fun to zoom the trucks around and reenact the scene from Raiders.

Swooshability: 10/10, the trucks ride very well on just about any surface.

Minifigs: 8/10, the figs were great, and the variety of heads was good, but it could have included some more Nazis.

Design: 8/10, the design was very clever, and most of the set was brick built, except for the cab, which I one big <insert that tiresome argument> piece.

Price: 8.5/10, the price-perpiece factor was a little off.

Overall Score: 8.7, an awesome set. The figs are good, the design is good, and it's fun to play with. I highly recommend this set to any LEGO fan who wants some trucks for an army, city, or just likes Indy.

That's all for my review on this set, I hope you liked it. Feedback is welcomed! (By the way, I did this review two months ago in the RA, so please no flaming).

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Yeah looking at this set makes me want to get it more and more. I did not know it came with treasure. Great review

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I like this set because in the actual movie scene my uncle was one of the soldiers in the back of the truck! Honest truth.


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I liked this set because of the vintage cars. I can't wait until the Shanghai Pursuit set comes out! More Oldtimers! :laugh:

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Great review, and great set. I actually think this is one of Lego's best sets in a long time. It was so amazing I bought two of them.

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