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Review: 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb.

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7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb

Set Name: Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb

Year of release: 2008

Set Number: #7621

Pieces: 263

Minifigures: 3

Price: 19.99 US/17.99 UK



Available through S@H

Onto the Review!

Here is a picture of the box front and back.



Here is a picture of the instruction booklet.

Featuring the same art as the box.


A random picture detailing the inside of yet another beautiful instruction manual.


The parts came in five sealed bags and a DSS (dreaded sticker sheet, mine had a nice crease through one of the bigger plate stickers)

Some really nice parts for my collection include the tan pieces, dark tan tiles and plates, 10 snakes, Marian, and a normal faced skeleton. I guess my main reason for buying this was to boost my tan collection. :classic:


Unleash the chaos


The build

This was a really nice build, of course nothing too complex but some great mechanisms like the falling walls and statues gave it real playability.

Early stages


Side on shot


Almost there

The Ark of the Covenant in foreground.


Complete front view

The red balls on the side of the statues pull out to cause both statues to topple over and knock the walls over. One reveals a long dead person!


Snake basket

The basket has a flick switch on the back of the temple shown in the second picture (Red slope brick), which causes the snakes to topple out onto the Ark of the Covenant.





Playability: 9/10 With all the falling pieces and snakes it rocks!

Pricing: 9/10 Nicely priced in Australia, I got it for $30, S@H is $35

Design: 9/10 Beautiful design which reminds me a lot of the movie, they really did their homework on this set.

Overall: 9/10

Overall I was happy to purchase this set. It comes with a lot of cool pieces, which for me was part of the draw card as I am just starting to collect again. The playability is really cool too.

I would recommend it to any Lego enthusiast, not just Indiana Jones fans.


Lets make the best of a bad situation, Snakes and Ladders anyone?


Thanks you all for looking, there are some more pics of this at my Photobucket

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Of all the IJ sets I think this is a good one. Great amount of snakes. Are the torches ....brown carrots??? The set is running a little expensive for me to buy and want so if it ever goes on sale I would pick it up. Problem is too many good sets. This is very much like the movie so kudos to TLC.

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I bought this set too, some time ago. I like the set also. Finally some egyptian theme :tongue: . Only too bad I've now 3 indy's now. Nothing comparing with my Harry Potter army.........

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Thanks for the review, ISC. I have been facing an indecision in getting this set. It's an average to above average set, in my opinion, but I don't have $20 to spare thanks to all of the other great Lego sets I want to get from '08 and '09. This set has some good play features and lots of snakes. The Anubis statues are pretty cool too, and the pearl gold Ark would complete the "Race for the Stolen Treasure" set. I think, if I have enough money after the first wave of 2009, I will get this set. :thumbup:

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