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General Armendariz

Attack on port Eldorado!

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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 28b

Heres the plot: Port Eldorado, so peaceful. Little did Governor Broadside know

that pirates roamed the village and the pirates hit when they would never expect it.

Hope you like it :pir_laugh2:

UPDATE: More blood extra pirate UPDATE(again):Tiled!


The cannon ball is from a pirate ship BEFORE the pirates attacked so the cannon got stuck in the wall


Those white plates for the pirate in the water are his legs





Heres the mini figs

My entry on Brickshelf

And thats my entry comments, suggestions, and criticism are appreciated

Edited by SlyOwl

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Hello! A very nice MOC that could be changed some...


1. Add a pirate in the water.

2. Change the bricks under the port. They are black and should be gray.

3. Change the blood from red plates to transparent red plates.

4. Have the blood pouring into the water.

5. Perhaps have the pirate on the bottom shoot the guard as he stabs him. That's all I have for now.

MOC On! :jollyroger:

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Well done.

What I like

1. The way you pinned the flower blood to the torso is very clever and woks very well.

2. The poses of the minifigs.

What could be Improved

1. Perhaps you could add a window or a barred window (as a jail) to the wall. It just seems a little empty if you know what I mean.

2. Do something to change the symetry about it. It looks to symetrical! It might be just me, but I think that really degrades the quality!

3. Use more SNOT. To make it more realistic I would either use SNOT or tiles on all of the surfaces.

If you take this advice or not, this is a good entry and well worth the time and effort to look at.

Keep up the good work, and good luck in the competition.

Edited by Captain Zuloo

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I really like that you really thought of the main concept of the PTV contest and that you included lots of blood. The pirate battling the Imperial Armada guard at the bottom looks very intense. I like how you have the pirate stabbing the guard with blood spurting out everywhere. You used good minifig faces for their position in your MOC. The wall looks like it is well built and took some time to create.

Possible Improvements

1) You could tile the water to make it look nicer.

2) You could add some tiles to the ground where the pirates and the guards are.

3) To add some more color, you could put a rainbow parrot sitting on the wall.

4) I see you put two black pieces into the wall, I would take them out and put gray there instead.

5) I think you should change the blood from red to transparent red because it looks better overall and adds a different kind of color to your MOC.

6) You could possibly add a cannon to the top part if it fits.

Non-Brick Related

1) Your last picture is kind of yellowish; I would retake it and change the pictures.

Overall- I think this is a good MOC and see you have put some effort into it. I like your whole theme of pirates catching Governor Broadside off guard and attacking the village. Some minor improvements to do to your MOC, but after that, it will look even better. I wish you the best of luck!


My PTV Entry- Medium

My MOC Page

My Brickshelf Page

Edited by LegoKing

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A flash of brilliance! Put a cannon ball in the wall and have the parts of the wall on the walkway! It will look like a ship fired on the guards before the pirates came ashore!

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Very good entry!

I really like the idea and the heads you chose for the MOC are very fitting. My favorite part though is the "flower of blood." That's a brilliant idea!

A few things you could improve are:

1) Putting grey tiles on the walkway, the top of the fort and blue tiles on the water would make the entry look much better.

2) As it is now, the wall lacks character. Putting in some details, such as some dark grey tiles on the side or even just mixing in some dark grey bricks with the light would enhance the excitement.

3) I would have a bit of blood flowing down in the water for a greater effect.

4) You should change the black bricks under the fort and also the inverted slopes supporting the fort to grey, so as to match the rest of it.

5) Adding something small to the pathway like a barrel or crate, would improve it a lot.

All in all, you've made a great entry that with a bit of improvement, can turn out even better!

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I like this entry, I like how you made the guy killed by the saber, with his angry face he seems to say "AOUCH GRR" , I also like how you did the legs of the guy coming out from the water, but I think you should have choosed another colours^^

anyway, that's a nice entry and I wish you good luck for the contest!

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Hoorah! Great improvements. The cannonball in the wall is great as is the jail cell. Although to win this you will still need flat surfaces. Or they'll be an advantage at least. But great improvements. Well done.

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Very good improvements! The cannonball smashing the wall looks lovely!

I still would like to see some tiles on the water and the black bricks changed to grey or dark grey though.

Other than that, wonderful work!

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My opinion:

I was a bit late to see your first version, so I will comment on the one I see now (after your second update):

You have gotten about everything out of this small MOC that you can, I like the crumbling walls and the pirate climbing up from the water. So a big :thumbup: from me!

Possible improvements:

1) The Imperial soldier on top of the wall really shouldn't just be walking: he should have seen the pirate sooner and the impact of that cannonball hitting the wal should "awake" him too :pir_laugh2: .

2) Listen to the other one's advise as well, since they already said it, I am not going to repeat it anymore.

3) Do you own any plumes? They can "smuck" up the look of the hats and the MOC in its whole.

Non-brick related advise:

1) Maybe you can take a pic that shows more of the minifigs facial expressions, since IMHO that is a mayor part of the MOC. You can experiment by rotating the camera or you can just change the position of the minifigs heads.

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Cool entry, General! :pir-classic:

What I like:

The blood from the stabbed guard is good, especially the red flower piece. The vig also is very hectic. :pir-classic: The pirate emerging from the water is cool, and so is your stone wall

What could be improved:

The stone wall shattering is good, but perhaps you could move the cannon ball deeper, so it looks like it's going through the wall, instead of just touching it. I would also make the guard on top of the wall look like he's fumbling with his musket, instead of standing there with a scared face. The red and black tiles on the side of the vig in some of your pics might be breaking some of the rules, too.

Good luck! :pir-classic:

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