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Captain Zuloo

[old] Brickfilming Tutorial

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Hey and welcome to my newest tutorial on the subject of making brickfilms.

Now before you follow this tutorial, you should check out Basic Filming and Walking at 15fps tutorials.

Converting Video

This is important for me, as when I animate with SMA, the output is an avi. file, but Vegas Movie Studio only accepts wmv. files.

So in keeping with my quest to teach you how to brickfilm with a minimum budget, I present to you my free video converter of choice. NCH Prism Video Converter.

It has a 30-day trial that has no watermarks or anything like that. Just that it expires. But it is a tiny program that can be downloaded and installed in less than a minute even on a dial-up connection so you could just uninstall and grab the trial when you need it. The trial version can be downloaded directly from here. What's more, it can be used on Windows or Mac.

How do I use Prism?

It's not that hard really. All you need to do is:

1. Click "Add Files"

2. Find the video you want to convert and click ok.

3. Choose your output file type. (eg. avi. wmv. mpeg. etc.)

4. Click "Browse" to find the directory you want to store the video and click ok.

5. Click "Convert"

That's it! Then you have a non-watermarked video for use in your editing application in 5 easy steps.

Good luck!

Next: Editing in Windows Movie Maker

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Thank you so much Captain Zuloo. I have been searching for a good video converter for ages. Can you really download it whenever you want?

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Yes. The process is simple - download and instal, use for 30 days until expired, uninstal, repeat.

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