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Cap'n Kopaka

Some Bionicle-Related Artwork

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No... I didn't copy/paste my artwork topic off of BZPower... >>



Only some of it... =P



The name's CK. I've been a Eurobricks member for a short while, but tend to hang around and read posts rather than actually post. Anyways, I've taken a liking to drawing BIONICLE sets-- whether it's accurate, movie-style, human versions, my own versions... At first, I was really bad at art. Take my word for it. Don't go on my brickshelf O.O

But after a TON of practice on proportion, shading, and whatnot I managed to become better at art. Although I'm not very good yet =P

Anyways, feel free to look around my archives and comment on what you like and dislike =]

Not sure if an art topic is allowed in the Bionicle/Technic/Mindstorms forum, move or lock this if necessary.


10.24.08: Art Topic posted!


I'm currently working on about eight different drawings O.o

But they're all far from being finished. Here's my latest:


Human Kopaka Nuva~

And here's a list of recent stuff:

Mutran: Blood, Blood, Bloooood!

Gorast: Stay out of the Swamp

Roodaka: Our Lady of Sorrows

Human Tahu Nuva (Work in Progress)


And... Here's the art!


Gorast: Stay Out of the Swamp

Lariska sketch

Mutran: Blood, Blood, Blooood!


::toa of twilight::

Tahu's Discovery

Roodaka sketch

Roodaka: Our Lady Of Sorrows

~Made-Up Characters

Atrivo sketch

Meadril sketch

~Human Bionicle

Lewa Mata

Matoro Mahri

Pohatu Phantoka

Tahu Mistika

Kopaka Nuva sketch

Kopaka Nuva

Tahu Nuva (WIP)

Ehlek (WIP)


Mantax Has No Friends.

Phantoka Puppet Pals



Here's my old art. It's definitely not up to my current standards, but they might be fun to throw in here.

~Miscellaneous Bionicle Art

Creeps From the Deep

Gadunka Phantunka

Gali Mata

Makuta Icarax

Iaja Tranate (MS Paint)

Toa Jovan


Kopaka the Shinigami

Human Lariska lineart


Lightstone fanart

~Fan-Created Characters




Phovos the Raptor [1]

Phovos the Raptor [2]

Lady Kopaka


Here are links to my galleries:

Majhost (Bionicle)

Majhost (Old, mostly Bionicle)

Brickshelf (Old)

Photoucket (Old)

My deviantART account name is Erroin13

My BZPower identity is Cap'n Kopaka

I forgot my MoD identity because that forum is for losers. Lololol.

So, uh... What do y'all think of the art? Any ideas for future drawings?


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Some very nice works here... I especially like your Kopaka Nuva,Tahu Nuva,

Creeps From the Deep and Makuta Icarax. Bionicledansen on! :laugh:

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