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Review Lego set 6066 Camouflaged Outpost

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6066 Camouflaged Outpost

Year: 1987

pieces: 211

figures: 6

original price: $23,-

I've been with the Forestmen for a few weeks now.

Not only I've learned a lot from them, butt also the great forest has a lot to teach to me.

Everything seems to be alive and connected, every single tree has a story and is beautiful in his own way

The Forestmen asked me to join a messenger/scout to bring a message to a outpost.

It takes a day to get there but I gladly accepted the invitation. Because of the hurry the message has we left the afternoon and had to make camp in the middle of the forest. Luckily there are many hollow trees so it was no problem to find a place to shelter.

The next day we got up early to continue our journey. It was around 13:00 when the scout stopped.

“We are here” he said and whistled in a certain way. I looked around wondering what he meant with “we are here” as I didn't see anything what looked like an outpost. All I could see were trees and some rocks. Suddenly a peace of rock moved aside an 2 Forestmen came out of the opening.


IT WAS A CAVE!! Now I knew were to look I could distinguish some sort of platform, one of the two Forestmen climbed up the rock and took position on the platform. It had to be some kind of lookout tower.


I got off the horse and followed my companion inside the cave, There were four Forestmen more inside here! The interior was modest, as I got used to with all the Forestmen buildings. The message was given and all the sudden everybody got busy. I understood it had to be something to do with the message but could not think of anything that important. I was still thinking of what the message could be when I got another surprise. The curved side of the rock went up! It seemed to be some kind of lifting mechanism who opened the cave(and when I think back to it, I had to be wood or something which was painted in grey to match the colour of the rocks). 3 Forestmen left the outpost and disappeared in the forest.


The stillness they left behind was relaxing and I finally took the time to rest from our trip and take a better look at the outpost. It certainly was a good camouflaged building. Even the lookout could only been seen if you knew where to look, which was very difficult because the whole area was filled with rocks and trees, and the light from the sun was partial blocked. The building itself was genius in its simplicity. There were no big constructions or heavy doors. Everything was cleverly hidden for unwanted visitors. But that was also its downside. As soon as enemies discovered the place it could not be defended well. The lookout had a great shot from above, but the back was unprotected. The only escape route was at he front were the two exits were close to each other. I think the Forestmen did not find that a problem, the chances anybody would find the outpost were small, very small.

It had to be around 19:00 when the 3 Forestmen returned. Two of them carried a big chest. When they opened it to show the others I understood everything. The chest was filled with gold so the message gave the Forestmen a hint of were to find some enemies with easy money.

My companion told me we would leave the next day so I used my spare time to make some drawings of the outpost. They are on the backside of this log.


This is it for now, I hope to see you soon with more details about the remarkable life of the Forestmen.







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Nice review. I had this set as a child and it was one of my favorites. I love the hinged baseplate design (Why does Lego never include baseplates anymore?) and the swinging boulder/hinged side roof. In fact, I liked it so much that I used a similar idea in a Pirate MOC of mine (Forgive the terrible picture...I need to take better pictures of this..)


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A very good set indeed, I never owned it, or even seen it for that matter but that was probably because I was too young, I inherited a few Forrestmen from my father though.

Your review is OK, a bit extensive, but well written, detailed and interesting.

A big :thumbup: from me.

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Antoi, the way you do your review is indeed unique and capitivating, especially the narrative writing. Although it does not represent anything related to the set in terms of opnions, but the way you write this review is simply amazing. A good story is always a nice way to go, especially Forestmen tales. :wub:

I am so envy of you. In fact, this is one of the old Castle sets which I always wished for... With this review of yours, I am able to fully understand the entire set's mechanism. I never been able to see its interior of the cave or hideout until I saw this review. I must admit that I had enjoyed reading this review. Thanks for doing this Forestmen review. :sweet:

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I have to admit, your reviews are some of the best I've ever read. This set is remarkable in how well the ruins blend with the tree. There may not be much inside, but it is all made up for in the detailed exterior. For a modest outpost like this, the minifig count is terrific! Six forestmen, all fully equipped. You can't get much better than that. How ironic that again you've reviewed a set that I have just purchased! Thanks again for this wonderful review!

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nice review ! 6 minifigs for this kind of set was amazing! I really like it^^

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