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thindexedgif.gif Vig. 22c

This is my entry in the PTV contest I think I am going to call it Standoff...Constructive feedback is always welcome as this is my first ever pirate MOC...Enjoy...

I have now rescaled the pictures and they look a lot better :pir_laugh2:

My MOC is based on a standoff between two old rivals.


The shore is sandy and rocky with little vegitation, but it has hiden gems waiting to be discovered.


The two old foes are looking forward to fighting each other.



Look out behind you!


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Nice MOC. I like it a lot. Your story plot is very nice and it fits the description. The head floating in the water, nice touch. I like how you made the beach a little bit higher than the water. Smart thinking Buttons. The little shack that you made for the pirate is great. I like how made the shack by adding leafs and having the pirate flag ontop of it. That shows that you don't want to mess with him because he is a pirate. On the island, I like how you have a little fire going and a treasure cheast behind him. I like how you added the rainbow parrot in your MOC. Always makes a more piraty scene. The thing I like the most is your shack because it looks so good and looks like to me you put a lot of effort into making this.

Possible Improvements

1) Your first picture is a little blury. Maybe you could retake the picture.

2) Are you sure that is this 16x16? It looks like it might be more than 16x16. If it is bigger than 16x16, you could get disqualified and that would not be good. All you have to do is change your heading to PTV contest Large instead of Medium.

3) Maybe you can add a shot of the inside of the shack.

Picture Related

You know you could have your pictures in the topic instead of having it linked. All you have to do is go to the picture on brickshelf. Click it until you only see the picture. Than you copy the URL and click thisimage001.jpg. Once you have clicked this, you can paste the URL and click ok. Then your done. Then is should look like this:minifigs.jpg

Overall- This is a great MOC. I really like the shack. I wish you the best of luck!


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maybe just me, but he pic quality seems very poor, and super huge. I can't quite see what the entrie is about.

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I can barely see the images because of the size, but from what I can see, it looks pretty good!

I will make further comments when you resize your pictures.

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I can't comment at this time because my computer won't allow a picture that big to load... Sorry, but I can't help!

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you have to resize your pics Buttons, or do like me, use thumbnails ^^

plus the pics are kind of fuzzy, try to not shake :P

too bad they are both smiling while looking at each other for... fighting, but I guess you don't really have the choice :/

I like the guy hidden behind the boat, and I think your rock is nice^^ but I don't think the future-action is enough to make people thinks that's gory enough to have a chance of winning this contest but , hey , I'm not the one that decide it, maybe they'll like it ^^

anyway, I wish you good luck and I'm looking forward to see better pics ^^

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My opinion:

This seems to be an average MOC, Buttons, not bad as a WIP, but not good enough to be a Final Version !

I like the fact you put in a hidden treasure behind the rocks, it is a good idea, but I must say it could be done better (regarding the brickuse and "quality" of the rock).

Also there isn't that much cruelty/blood/sloughter... to see...yet...

It is good you posted it here so the other members could make some suggestions though.

Possible improvements:

1) If it is a standoff between 2 old rivals, why do they smile to each other? Faces like those (smilies) would be better IMHO: :pir_mad::pir-sad:

2) I would bring some more "coherence" in the rocks that hide the gems. It seems to be to going to much uphill in a straight line...

Personnaly I would remove the few black bricks down there (possibly exchange them for another grey-color), especcialy the small tree should be another color (brown, that is).

3) Use the balded head into your advantage: let is seem that the pirate has been hit by the soldiers paddle, and he got a big BUMP on his head from it ! Photograph this in an appropriate way, the zoom-in pic you posted is almost good, only he hasn't been hit by the paddle yet... :pir-laugh: .

4) The water: perhaps, if you own any, you could use some lighter blue bricks to represent the undeep water near the shores ?

5) For God's sake, give the poor soldier a weapon to defend himself !

Small / non-brick related advise:

1) RETAKE the pics and post them as described by LEGOKING and MR.PHES.

If it still isn't clear how to post it, read the tutorials or PM me or another member that offers help (or someone from the staff).

Your zoom-ins are a bit too...err...zoomed in, and a bit blurry.

ALSO: USE A BACKGROUND when retaking the pics: a white sheet, or a blue one for the water, should do fine: this eliminates unnecessary distractions on the photo.

2) REMEMBER: 800x600 or your entry WILL be disqualified !

3) Add a (more extensive) story to go with your MOC: it's a vital part of the contest ! If 2 MOCs are exactly as good as each other, the story behind the MOC could/would make the difference !

4) READ the rules: just to be 100% certain that everything is allowed as it should be ! (like: is it really 16x16 ???, 'cause I don't think so at first sight) If not: make it an entry for the BIG competition.

Have fun building this MOC, and I wish you the best of luck with the contest.

Edited by zorro3999

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Aargh laddy, your idea for this contect is interesting. I like it but you need to give it more parts. Here are some improvements,

1) You can add more vegetation to your rocky hill please! Also get rid of the parts that have markings on them. They look unreal.

2)Add more description to your moc to tell us more about it.

3) Add a body to your floating head to tell us that he is alive.

4)Resize and retake your pictures!

Good luck laddy! :jollyroger:

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Nice entry Buttons!

I like the ramshackle hut with all of the plants and the floating head is fun.

Some improvements you could make are:

1) If I were you, I would re-take the pictures, as they are rather blurry. Perhaps you could put 2 big pieces of white paper down for your background, so one can concentrate better on the subject of the picture.

2) Definitely give the soldier a weapon so he's not defenseless angainst the ruthless pirate! :pir-devil:

3) The minifig's heads look a bit to friendly for the circumstance. If you have some meaner, angrier faces you should certainly use them.

4) You could put some trans-red plates or tiles next to the floating head to emulate blood.

5) The one grey tile on the left of the sand stands out a lot. You should probably change it to yellow.

6) Lastly, I would like to see a bit more of a story behind your entry to add some excitement and interest.


You've done a good job on your entry, and I think with a few improvements and better pictures, it will be even better! :pir-classic:

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I agree with the teacher mate! Give your minifig a better and scarier face! Try to make it a bit more exciting mate will you? Dont mean to be rude mate but while you still have time you should try to improve. :jollyroger:

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Thank you all for the feedback :pir_laugh2: In answer to two main issues I used up all and I mean all of my pirate parts and well .... argghh .... errrm .....blur :pir-classic:

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