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EB News Presents : MMCB

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your host, Stauder, this is ImperialShadows, who has 3 lines in this whole interview, and that is MMCB, one of the few cloth accesory creators.

Q. Why the screen-name of MMCB? Mased-Mark Caped-Bothan? Are you a super hero duo?

A. Sometimes I feel like a superhero with everything I do!! But in reality, I've always had trouble thinking up really cool user-names/screen-names for things, so since my family is so involved in what I do, I thought I'd use the 1st initial of each of our names as my screen-name. It was actually my wifes idea at the time!

Q. What is your sigfig?

A. This is my SigFig: Click! I've only recently made him up with the help of Morgan19. Essentially I wanted a figure that I could use to help "show-case" some of my work. So I made up this little guy (sort of a Star Warsy - Non-descript character) and then worked with Morgan19 to create some great pictures of him to use on my site, business cards, etc. Funny thing is, he looks exactly like me!!

Q. Now, I understand you produce capes, and cloth accesories. Why? I mean, decals are understandable, but cloth accesories, not quite as common, why is that?

Simple, because I can :)

It really all comes down to creating accessories that fit in with what Lego currently produce. I'm not that good at drawing, so making decals dosen't really work out for me, not to mention there are already loads of people that can make them alot better than what I ever could. Since I was already making basic capes for my own custom figures, I naturally decided to expand my range of designs into other fabric related pieces. This really came about when Lego released the Sandtrooper Pauldron. It was one of the designs that really got me going in this area.

Q. What theme usualy makes use of these accesories? I see you have quite a variety, some of which I cannot imagine using.

A. I would have to say a good majority of my accessories are geared towards the Star Wars theme, mainly because that is what I'm into the most. But I'm trying to expand my range into Castle, Town and Military themes. I have gotten a few surprises from different people who use a certain design in a totally unexpected way. It just goes to show, not everyone thinks the same as you do (thank goodness!!)

Nobody thinks the same way he does...

Q. How long have you done lego? And the cloth?

A. I have been into Lego all my life. My folks used to take me to some of the exhibitions when I was younger, it was great. I'd see something I really liked and would just stand there looking at it for ages. Then when I'd get home I'd go to my room and dump out my Lego and start building it. I even fell asleep a few times in the wee small hours of the morning, amoungst all my bricks.

As for cloth, I've been doing that for about 5 years now. I started back in 2002-2003 when I first came across FBTB and of course Kaminoans fantastic custom Star Wars figs. I started to make my own using a purist approach, but quickly got frustrated becaue I was limited in what I could use. So I looked into making my own colour capes. I put some examples of my custom figs on FBTB and started to get alot of interest. Then Lego released their Sandtrooper Pauldron and I really got hooked. So I started coming up with some new designs, and started getting requests for various things, and before long I was selling them to different people. It has really been in the last year or 2 that things have really taken off. Now it has become a full-time job.

Q. What is your favourite theme?

A. Without a doubt, it would have to be Star Wars!!! There are some nice sets coming out in other themes (especially Castle and the new Agents line), but the Star Wars theme gives me the most enjoyment as it covers my 2 all-time favourite things (Lego and Star Wars).

Q. And what would be your 3 favourite sets of all time?

A. This is a tough one, there are so many great sets out there. I'd have to say the UCS Star Destroyer and UCS Blockade Runner (only because they were both Christmas presents.....the same year :) ), followed by all of the Star Wars Technic Line. I know it's not a "set", but it is a set of sets ;)

Q. What is your opinion on TLC's progress from the crappy ages ?

A. Crappy ages?? When where they!? I think they seem to be producing better sets nowadays then they were a few years back. It seems that they are trying to listen to Adults as well as Kids in terms of what we want in new sets. I know it's hard to accomidate everyone, but I think they are starting to do a good job of it.

Q. Do you ever make any mocs?

A. Not really. I mainly recreate other peoples models/sets rather than build my own from scratch. As I said before, I used to build some of the model from various Lego exhibits (the biggest beign "Spirit of St Louis" plane). When people starting creating their own UCS models on FBTB, I starting recreating them as well so I could add their awesome sets to my collection. But I don't have the time or creative ability to sit down and think up how to build something........sounds a bit weird considering thats what I do with my cloth accessories!

Q. Am I annoying?

A. Only every time you ask that question ;) Why, am I??

I think therefore I am. Thus he is not.

Q. Who should be next in the hot seat?

A. I was going to say Arealight, but you've already got him I don't really know.

And now to the chat.

See? Told you he has three lines.

mmcb: G'Day

Stauder: Good day

mmcb: So hows this going to work? Can anyone else see this?

Stauder: No, not really, exept the people who have the link here. (The EB News crew, and Ex-victims)

Stauder: But no one is here.

mmcb: Ok, cool

Stauder: It will be color coded, and published.

mmcb: pretty

Stauder: You say your sigfig looks egxatly like you... Not a very healthy colour... Rather pale...

mmcb: So, hit me with some questions

mmcb: Yeah, I'm more of an indoors kind of person

Stauder: Aren't we all?

mmcb: The none descript facial expression is pretty much spot on though

mmcb: very true. It gets a bit messy playing with Lego outside

Stauder: Grumpy?

mmcb: According to the wife and kids, always!

Stauder: You mentioned cloth accersories are your full time job, can you explain the procces of making a cape?

mmcb: I'll do my best, but I can't give out trade secrets though

mmcb: Essentially, I treat the fabric I use and colour it to whatever colour I want

mmcb: I then take one of my many templates, trace around it and cut it out

mmcb: If I have to add detailing (like on my pauldrons), I then get out the paintbrush and start painting the lines

mmcb: Thats basically it in a nutshell

Stauder: Trade secrets? You say that as if you have much competition... your not in the decal buisness!

mmcb: lol

mmcb: There are actually quite a number of people that make their own cloth accessories, not many of them sell them though

mmcb: But it has taken me all of 4 years to come up with my colour range and to perfect the technique I use to make my accessories.

mmcb: So I don't want to give out too much info in that respect.....sorry guys

Stauder: Interesting, did you ever consider making cloth accesories for Fabuland Figs?

mmcb: No I haven't

mmcb: I'm not really into Fabuland though

mmcb: One area I am looking at extending into is the Large Knight figures

Stauder: Large Knight figures? Might as well get working on Duplo and Bionice...

mmcb: Might leave those areas to my kids, they love both themes

mmcb: I might have to look into Fabuland some more. Thanks for the idea, I'll add it to my ever growing list

Stauder: No problem, just dont blame me when filing for bankrupcy :P

mmcb: lol, no chance

Stauder: You sell that many capes?

mmcb: Over probably the last 6 months, things have really been picking up.

mmcb: I'm currently working on orders day and night and still have a backlog to get through

mmcb: Releasing new designs also increases the number of orders

Stauder: If any customers waiting for capes are reading this, DO NOT BLAME ME! :tongue: HE AGREED TO TO THIS!

mmcb: Yep, I'm a sucker for free advertising

Stauder: What? I tought you where paying us...

mmcb: There is only so much I can do on orders each part of the day though

mmcb: Tthe cheques in the mail :P

Stauder: Speaking of since you aint bribing us, who else makes capes...

mmcb: Lamanda makes some really nice printed capes

mmcb: Unknown Artist makes some excellent coats/cloaks

mmcb: They are the only two I consider.........whats the word

mmcb: Decent I guess is the word I'm looking for

Stauder: Still consider yourself the best eh?

mmcb: Not at all

mmcb: Each of us have our own area we excel in.

mmcb: Lamanda specialises in printed desings on capes

mmcb: UA specialises in hooded cloaks

mmcb: me, I'm more of an all-rounder

Stauder: You say you never make any MOCs, why? You can't be THAT busy!

Stauder: Or that un-imaginatve...

mmcb: I am actually. Apart from doing cloth accessories, I'm also a stay-at-home Dad

mmcb: So I have to get the kids ready for school, take them, do the housework, organise meals, etc

mmcb: In between doing all of that I work on my orders or new designs

Stauder: You must be a barrel of monkeys at parties...

mmcb: But I'm also un-imaginative in respect to creating MOCs

mmcb: oh loads!!

mmcb: I can't remember the last party I went to that wasn't a kids party

Stauder: Ah yes... little plastic monkeys...

Stauder: Dead little plastic mokeys... Made of lead based paint chips...

mmcb: hmm, haven't played that for a while now

mmcb: moving along

Stauder: Your lack of storm-trooper armor in the closet or MoCs digsusts me.

Stauder: Don't change the subject! I am focused on cannot be distac-I didin't know you can tap dance....

Stauder: IF I may ask, what do you do with any lego you buy? I mean, if you don't moc...

Stauder: Do you at least Mod it?

mmcb: I can't dance to save my life

Stauder: I can't save my life to dance...

mmcb: Nope, I like to keep my sets exactly how they are initially built.

Stauder: Is your hobby dusting lego sets?

mmcb: Any moc-ing or mod-ing is only done to minifigs

Stauder: You have no idea how much I enjoy making fun of guests...

mmcb: yup

mmcb: I'm sure I can imagine

Stauder: I bet you are looking for a shotgun right now, so best get back to The interview...

mmcb: Gee, you think!

mmcb: I'm used to putting up with little kids

Stauder: Oh goo-HEEEEEEY!

mmcb: sooo, more questions?

Stauder: Yes, Did TLC ever contact you in regards to your custom uuh... parts?

mmcb: If they did, I wouldn't be at liberty to discuss it

Stauder: By contact, it could be a praise as well you know...

mmcb: ....I'd rather not...

Stauder: Also, any theme's you would like to see TLC produce?

mmcb: hmm, tough call on that one

mmcb: I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of Military theme (only because I like that sort of thing)

mmcb: I'd also like to see more in the way of the Fantasy Era sets

Stauder: Like the possible elfs?

mmcb: Something along the LOTR line would be awesome

Stauder: I make this up as I go along... feel free to ask yourself a question.

Stauder: to be honest I am out of quetions exept the final 2

Stauder: I can see you doing your happy dance...

mmcb: Yes you're annoying when you're not concentrating and no, I don't know who else you can contact...

Stauder: Well I'm out of material... want to exchange knock-knock jokes?

mmcb: no, not really

Stauder: Any questions to ask yourself? Where are your car keys or something?

mmcb: So there is nothing else you or the forum members want to know about me?

mmcb: Nope, I know where they are

Stauder: Not really, anything you'd like to tell EB?

Stauder: Since I never ask them what they want to know.

mmcb: For those of you that have bought my accessories, I thank you for your support.

mmcb: thats it really

Stauder: Very well then, thanks for your time.

mmcb: I could say it was a pleasure, but...............

mmcb: Seriously though, thanks for having me

Stauder: Thank's for coming.

mmcb: No worries

Stauder: I was your host, Stauder, this guy here is MMCB, he was my very annoyed guest, and this was EB News Presents.

There you go. Now I leave you alone, until next time that is...

*Signal fades*

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Finally!! :tongue:

Great interview Staudie, although i notice the guests of late aren't actually EB members! :oh3: Although this was great, so keep talking to the famous people, I don't mind.

It was interesting finding out a bit more about MMCB as I don't actually know much about him. I've visited his site a few times, but I've never bought anything. Perhaps I'll buy something soon, it all sounds pretty good quality.\

I loved the live part, there were some hilarious moments in there. :laugh:

But poor Shadows. Three lines!? I kind of miss the old pirate... :cry_sad: Bring him back!

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Very interesting interview :thumbup:

I always wanted to know more about this 'clothes creator'.

Thanks to EB News for this new episode :thumbup:


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Interesting read! I didn't even know about the custom capes so this was a great find. :thumbup:

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YES! EB news is back! Great interview! I can't wait to see more! :sweet: I've never heard of custom capes. I'll have to go check them out!

Edited by lego12

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Great custom products. I am huge fan. I need to read the rest of the article.

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Thank you for another great interview Stauder. Now I finally know what MMCB stands for! He really is a great guy. I was lucky enough for him to design a custom skirt for "kid-sized" minifigs. He walked me through the process, and was very responsive to my feedback. I was amazed with the quality when I got the accessories from him.

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Great inteview :thumbup:

Great interview Staudie, although i notice the guests of late aren't actually EB members! Although this was great, so keep talking to the famous people, I don't mind.

So I'm guessing Will Smith is next :wink:

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I am signing the more shadows sheet!

his three lines were the best in the whole thing.

Joke, good work as always, I am surprised how ever at how little have been made recently, or is the index not changed yet? I like the mix of live and slow motion :thumbup:

Regards Cpt. PB

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his three lines were the best in the whole thing.

The sad part is I do a better Shadows than he does :pir_laugh2:


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