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Republic Gunship Review

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Jedi general: Welcome troopers. You are the newest garrison of the galactic republic clone army! Because you are the newest you will now ride and fly in our new shiniest and most deadly gunship ever!

Troopers: Yes sir!

Jedi general: This gunship is called the Republic gunship


Set name: Republic gunship

Set number: 7676

Number of pieces: 1034


Theme: Star wars

Episode: 2.5

Movie: Clone wars

Released: July 26 2008

List price: SGD $200/ US $119.99/GBP 79.99/Euro 78.74

To see pictures from brickshelf:Pr0visorak's brickshelf

To see pictures from bricklink:Republic gunship

1) Welcome! Let’s begin with the box.

Front of the box


Back of the box


Showing pictures of the features of the republic gunship.

2) Instructions

Two booklets of instruction


First booklet Front


First booklet back


Showing the other Lego star wars sets.

Second booklet front


Second booklet back


Advertising for a competition or lucky draw.

3) Sticker sheet


This is the sticker sheet. Sorry I pasted the stickers too good until I can’t take it out myself.

4) The republic gunship

Since the gunship is extremely big, we will break it into 2 parts like the next picture.



They are broken into the top part and the bottom part!

4a) Bottom part

The front guns


These guns can move back and forward. They can also move round as you can see that it is connected to a ball. There is a similar gun at the back of the ship. You will see this later.

Sliding door


I put a monkey lizard here because I did not really like the dancing twi lek.

Sliding open door


When lifted up it reveals a…

Small command base


This base can be folded and unfolded. You can put 2 minifig’s here.

Other “hatch”



When opened up like in the picture, it reveals a…

Bacta tank



The bacta tank is really creative. It enables you to put in only one minifig. However, the way you put in the minifig is quite weird. Bacta is a substance that heals clones wounds.

Small sliding door


This door connects to the bigger one and is now covering the ‘other hatch’.

The “hangar”


This is where you can put your minifigs but you can only put in like 6 at maximum, but in the star wars universe a gunship can hold up to 20 or more.

The design of this part is not as good. You can only put your troops at the side and not at the middle.

The part where you put the guns is nice but in the actual republic gunship you put your guns against the wall. The place where they put the speeder bike is good. You will see this in the next few pictures to come.

Big sliding door



This door is on both sides. It has quite an interesting design. Instead of using your hand to push and pull the door. You can use the…



These 2 handles open and close the doors on both sides. This is located at the back of the ship.

Back door


There is also a back door that goes down to show a …

Speeder bike



Unlike the previous designs. You can see that this design is much more interesting than the other previous Lego made speeder bikes. This one contains the back of a motorcycle. This is definitely an improvement from the previous one.

Colorful bricks


This is the part where the ship gets interesting. They use a lot of colorful bricks for no reason. Although I think it makes it more lively even though you can’t see it when you put the cockpit on top of it.

Base connector


This connects the bottom part of the ship to the top part of the gunship.

4b) Top part





This cockpit can fit in 2 clones inside. It is a very nice design but very fragile, if you drop the gunship I can guarantee that it is the first piece that will break. Ok second, because the wing will break but you get my point.



This is a hatch that can be lifted up and down. It reveals 2 very special…

Probe droids



According to wookepedia, these droids have been throughout the episodes of star wars. Their main functions are to scavenger throughout planets to look for life.



You can put your extra parts that you have inside these boxes. There are 2 on each side of the gunship.



These engines are actually quite cool. They do not give you the actual gunship look, but it does give you the nice cartoon look that is definitely more cooler looking than the old design.

Holding the wing


If you are wondering what keeps those wings up. Well wonder no more as these 2 red Lego parts make the look that way. The wing slants to the position of those 2 Lego parts.



The missiles were nice as you were able to shoot them. Although they don’t look like missiles the feel of pushing them and watching go far and slide on the floor is satisfactory for me.

Small wing hatches



These hatches can open and close as shown in the pictures. There is one on each wing. You can put only one minifig inside. Their function is not really stated or known but I think they control the back turrets, engines and missiles.

Back turret


This turret is similar to the one in front but it only guard the back and there is only one as shown in the picture. If you are wondering what the sticker above it is covering, well it is empty as shown in the picture shown below.

Empty space






This picture shows the pictures of all the minifigs in the set.

5a) Jedi



These are the three Jedi in the set. For those non-star wars fans. The one from the left is plo koon, Assaj ventress and obi wan Kenobi. The dark Jedi or bag guy is the bald girl holding the 2 lightsabers which is Assaj ventress.

Assaj: I like her skirt, it was of the custom pieces in the set. Her lightsaber are very similar to Dooku’s one. In the set there are four of those typesof lightsabers.

Plo koon: He is an alien. He is a Jedi master who is supposed to be holding an orange lightsaber. His head is also one of the many custom made pieces. It feels rubbery and is quite detailed to his face.

Obi wan: He is one of the main characters of the whole movie series. His face was quite shocking as this is the first time Lego came up with anime faces. His hair piece look nice tough. His body will look very nice if you put a clone helmet on him.

5b) Clones

Helmets off



Here we have the clones commander Cody who is the clone with the orange sleeves and a clone trooper with their helmets off.

Helmets on


This is with their helmets on.

Clone weapons


They gave us the same standard clone gun.

But this year, they gave us a new duel gun it is actually quite interesting but not as good as those of little arms.

But it is definitely an improvement.

Clone customization



This year, they gave us something special that almost none of us could think of. They added a customizable helmet!

As you can see in the picture, you can put a comlink or a visor thing on your helmet. You can also wear a ‘skirt’ or a ‘shoulder pad’.

The problem with the skirt and pad is that they are both stiff. They make it your minifig a bit harder to move.

6) Poses

Hatch open


Hatch close


Top view


Bottom view


Front view


Back view


Right view


Left view


7) Ending


Pilot: Great! This is the third guy I landed on so far! Who is it this time…wait a minute who has a red lightsaber again…oh…aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

Playability: 9/10 (A very nice set that you can put your troops inside and play imagination! It looks quite detailed and yet cartoonish for display.)

Design: 8.5/10 (Not to be biased because I am a star wars fan but this is definitely an improvement from the old one. Nice use of white, red and green bricks. Although the interior is a bit weird.)

Price: 7/10 (This is a very nice set to build but the price is a bit too much. I would have agreed with the price if they had given us like 2 or 3 more troopers.)

Overall: 9/10 (I felt that it was a good set for building. It will take up a lot of time and you will definitely enjoy building this set!)

I would recommend this set to many people as it is interesting and fun to build. If remove the hangar part, you will be able to but an at-te set there and transport it to its destination! This is a set that I would recommend to star wars fans, children and devoted builders of Lego!

Next review: Tie Crawler

Jedi general: That will be all! Get your gear and let’s go! May the force be with you!

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Great review :thumbup:

This is one of my all time favourite Star Wars sets.

I have not fully decided wether I like this new version or the old one the best.

I guess I will have to wait until I get this baby myself to decide.

Thanks for sharing your pics and comments on this set.

I have indexed it.

No indexlogo for you, since you have added the max amount of pics allowed in one post :wub:

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Well I am sorry KimT for adding more than the max amount of pics but this is the review that was done at the academy :classic: What no indexlogo for me!No fair :hmpf_bad:

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Great review but actually Asajj Ventress is not good . . . . she is actually very bad :P

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Great Review, really informative! :thumbup:

This is one of my favorite sets for displaying, but it's kind of too big for swooshing :tongue: .

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This is one of my favorite SW sets of all time too. I wish that the trooper compartment was a little bigger though :sceptic:

Good review :thumbup:

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Thanks for digging this up.

I think this is one of the best sets that has been released. Although it could have included the side guns from the previous version, I think it's very well designed and has lots of features. As I stated in the topic Star Wars Minifigs, What's the big deal? the minifigure in a way makes the set and this includes five new minifigures. Do I need to say more... :classic:

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Thanks for the informative review. I especially appreciates the photos of the gunship. I got a much better sense of what it looks like than the limited photos on the box. Cheers.

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Thanks for a great review! Just finished building this set myself today. ( No I haven't been working on it since 08 :tongue: )

It is an absolute beast! I owned the original one but didn't have it handy to compare to but I think this one is easily larger. I wish I had my first edition to compare it to. :sad: But this one is terrific! The build was quite good, took me about 2 1/2 hours. I thought there would be numbered bags but nope, I think there should have been but it didn't effect the build for me except adding time to sorting the 1000 + parts.

I was skeptical it would need so many parts but it does and is worth it. :wub: It is packed with great features, the speeder bike was a fun little end of the instruction book build. Great stand alone. The command center, probe droids and bacta tank are also great. However the bacta tank is very weird and I could not put a clone with a helmet on in it, but I guess they are supposed to have their helmets off if they are in bacta. :grin:

Overall the ship is very well built and looks quite good when finished. The bay doors are nice and there is plenty of room for troopers, I fit in about 6. (I also managed to shove a BARC speeder in there too instead of the brown speederbike). :laugh:

I think from my memory the first edition was lacking all these great little add ons and features. I didn't apply the stickers but there was plenty and I had hoped for printed parts.

Mine didn't have the figs included, but I don't think the selection was that great, the only good ones were Cody and a CW Trooper. Odd that it didn't have any Clone Pilots, but good thing I have extra.

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Thank you for great review. :thumbup:

Man, I would really like to have it, but it's really expensive and there's no way I'm going to buy it with all those

great new sets coming out. :cry_sad:

It's great set anyway. :thumbup:

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This is great looking set and super fun to swoosh around. It was also the inspiration for the MOC in my sig.

Edited by gotoAndLego

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