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Darth Vader: The Empire is weak at ground forces. I want something new to destroy those inferior rebels.

Designer: Yes my lord, I have the perfect ground machine. I call it the Tie Crawler


Set name: Tie Crawler

Set number: 7664

Number of pieces: 548

Year of release: 2007

Minifig: 2

Theme: Star Wars

Episode: During and after episode 6

List price: SGD $150/ US 49.99/ EURO 39.99

Brickshelf:Pr0visorak's Brickshelf

Bricklink:Tie Crawler

1)Welcome! Let’s begin with box! (This box is not mine. Mine was thrown away by accident.)



2 sets of instructions


There are 2 sets of instructions for this set.

2a)First booklet





This is page 32 of the booklet

2b)Second booklet





Pictures of the other Lego star wars sets.

3)The Tie Crawler

2 parts

Beacuse this an intersting model,we shall split them into 2 two different parts which is the tank treads and the cockpit.



This is the overall of the cockpit.

Front door



This is the door that is opened and closed to put your minifig inside..It also has two small guns on it.I like the way they used the same cockpit cover for the Tie ships.It makes the resemblance more obvious!



This is where your minifig sits. The interior for your minifig is not cramped at all, the controls look kind of dumb though.I think that more designs or controls should be put here.This is a very strong ship but they only give us 2 controls!

Power source


Not many people know what the use of this is for in the star wars universe.I think that it may be a power soure as there is no where in the design that has a one.Yes,you may say that I am 'assuming' but if it is wrong I will correct it.For now,I 'shall' be correct!If I am not, you wont get a cookie!

Medium blaster cannon



This is a cannon that you can use to shoot! It is very simple. Just follow the picture and push the missile!It is fun to shoot,but when you play with it.The missiles keep falling off which is really irritating!Now.,I dont put it there at all!

Tank treads connector


This ‘plus’ brick enables both tank treads to be connected to the cockpit.Relax,if you are afraid of it coming out.It does not so relax!

3b)Tank Treads

Back of Treads


This is the design of the back of the tread.It is quite plain.I feel that they should have added more design.



This is at both sides of the tank treads, it opens up to reveal a blaster.A very small one though.For such a nice ship they gave us quite puny blasters.

Side Blaster



2 blasters located at each side of the tank tread.See what did I tell you!Puny!

Tread Wheels


These are the wheels that enable the tank to move.I will definently use this idea when making tanks!By the way,it helps to roll the…

Drive treads



This is the above and bottom pictures up-close with the treads.They look so small upclose,but wait till you see it all join together!

The whole tread



This is the whole length of the Drive tread for only one side.This is really long!Its about the length of your arm!



This one is the one with the side balster out.Can you see the hole at where the blaster is?


This is the one with the side blaster inside.

Cockpit connector


This is the part that connects the tread to the cockpit.


Helmets off



This is the front and back of the 2 minifigs without their helmets on. I was not happy with the fact that they did not give us a face, but gave us a black head instead.

Helmets on



These are the shadowtroopers with their helmets on. I like the design of these troopers, they are quite similar to the ep3 clones.The body is really good to if you want a clone commando.All you need to do is use the body and paint your clone helmet black!


Side top














Battle mode




Shadowtroopers:I told you to build the remote first!Not the ship!

Playability:8/10 (It is a nice model, but although it can shoot like one missile and move around. I feel that more stuff should be added.)

Design: 9/10 (It is quite accurate with the actual vehicle itself, it is a very nice model that you can put on your shelf!)

Price:7/10 (It is very nice Lego model. However, the price is just too much. I got it cheap on a vacation to Australia! I would have agreed with the price if they added more functions and other small little vehicles.)

Overall: 8/10 (A very nice set to build. You can make many funny shapes with the treads!)

I would recommend this set to many builders! This is a very nice and detailed set for especially star wars fans! It has a nice build and if you are looking to build a stormtrooper army.If you are wondering about how I got the set even if it was so expensive.Well,the truth is that I got it at a very discounted price in another country.And no I did not fly there just to buy it,I was there on holiday.Back to the review,very similar to the actual thing,although a few things can definetly be added like more weaponary!Also more controls for the minifig to use to control the ship!If you are a fan of lego,this is the set for you!

Next review:Mini v-19 torrent

Darth Vader: Very well designer! I will see to it that this gets done immediately.

Edited by KimT

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Thanks again for giving us another review.

It is always good to have a 2nd opinion on a set :thumbup:

I find this set below average or maybe even poor.

I dislike EU/FU or whatever it is called :tongue:

The Rogue Shadow has an acceptable design, but this is poor in my opinion.

I bought this one on sale and if I had not been a collector, I would never buy it.


Simply because it is big, bulky and crappy :sadnew:

Why would a Tie crawl? Give us a "real" tank instead of this :thumbdown:

Hopefully someone disagrees with my opinion on this set....maybe not and that could be why it is almost always on serious sale here.

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I might have to agree with you KimT.This set is very poor and lacks in some design as said in my review.Thanks for indexing it by the way! :classic:

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Thanks for a great review pr0visorak :thumbup: . I own this set and I agree with all your comments, is a cool ship but it definitely needs more details :hmpf_bad:. It is really fun to "roll" :classic: also. I vote for "above average" for this one, why? Is because it is pretty well designed and well it is pretty accurate to the actual thing, just look at this pic:


I have an extra comment the large thing in the back of the cockpit are the fuel tanks :thumbup::wink: .

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I like treads. HEHE. I did not know that there were lazers on the side walls. that is a cool feature. I know it looks just like the actual tank but to me it just says HIT me. Poorly designed tank that is easy to immobilize. I would buy this if it was 15$ cheaper or if I see on sale.

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Nice review. :thumbup: I really love the treads but I think it should have come with at least 1 more ground troop because only 1 can fit in the cockpit and 1 trooper by himself isn't really to attractive. So if it came with at least 1 more trooper and a bit lower price tag it would have made the set much better. Also a black and grey colour scheme would have looked better in my opinion.

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