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A new style trianguar sheild (AKA. the Pick sheild

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Well, yesterday when i was building LEGO (as usual), i found a guitar pick next to some figs. I grabbefd it and taugth: "Eh, what the heck is you doing here" and then it struck me.

This is a great sheild design.

So i found my cracked sheild handle. I then remembered, this pick it textured in the worst way. Griptape. So i found a knife wich brings me to fase one:

I think this pic illustrated the basics of it. Unless you cant see it; i scraped off the printing and griptape with a knife. There are off course other ways of doing it but i chose this because i dont have any brasso and as noted the pick was griptaped.

There are a lot of other picks you can use like the Dunlop Tortex .88mm USA Green and i would have pereferred that because it dont have ant texture and its pretty much like LEGO bricks.

Well, as you see, i glued the handle on too. it was from a normal triangular sheild which i cracced by accsident.

Now, i think you should paint the pick because its either full of rips or glue or both(that was me).

Well thats as far as ive come on the sheild but i have the Gallery (when its modded)

I will post more when its dried up and iv gotten to paint the other side.

Other stuff on this topic:

It would have bin really nice if someone could make a tempelate for the pick.

If you want to make one a fick is really cheap, i suppose they cost about or something ower a $


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...or you could get a cheaper plectrum that would only cost about 60c, and then instead of ruining a triangular shield (in order to make another shield) you could just glue on one of these.

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