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The Cobra

Review: 6773 Alpha Team Helicopter

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The line was the best in its theme; and this set was the best in its line. That's IMHO, of course.

Set data:

6773: Alpha Team Helicopter

Year: 2001

Theme: Alpha Team

Subtheme: N/A

Pieces: 77 (+1 extra trans red 1x1 round plate)

Price: 10 USD / EUR / UKP

Building time: less than 10 minutes

MISB on review: No

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Box / instructions front: what you see is what you get!


Box / instructions back: cool alternate models.


Random instruction page: the hose reel, the string and the hook.


Minifig close-up: his name is Dash!


The cockpit: on a single-piece Landing skids, there lies a boat base plate! Cockpit includes a monitor and binoculars.


Snot time! Technic way.



Copter features: a "camera" (which I've been calling a bazooka since my early years) and a "space scanner tool"



Don't ask me Dash: I don't know what those flexible hoses are meant to be!


Tail: with a Jet engine that's supposed to help the copter turn fast!


Ready to take off: copter is complete


The man and the machine: ready to save the day


A view from the queue: Copter have a b-side too. Oh, and that's the extra 1x1 round plate. Why storing insted of using?


Comics page: learn how to take down enemies in a non-violent (?) way!


Review: Before I seriosuly got back into Lego, The only MISB sets I've bought in my thirties (breaking a streak that lasted since I was 13) were two Copters. City's 7044 and this one. 7044 is surely bigger and more detalied and realistic, but has some lacks (the only way to place pilots in the cockpit is to un-build the upper part of the copter!); the Alpha Team one to me is just perfect. Small and agile, looking cool in those black, yellow and trans neon green colours, not many frills but quite detailed. Very few stickers (3), only a printed piece (the radar screen) and actually in some way no minifig accessories (they're all in/on the mech), but still not missing anything to me. The fig itself is great (ok, except for that odd hair!) with its suit and his stubble and grin (face piece is exclusive to this set). Cheap set too, since RRP was 10 bucks; that's cheaper than 2008 police copter (which I think is just an averege set).

Rating: you guessed it - 5/5.

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The line was the best in its theme; and this set was the best in its line.

I agree on both points. :thumbup: This was my favorite set in the Alpha Team theme. It looks very sleek and packs in a fair amount of detail for its size. The rotor design is especially nice and it spins more smoothly than the four-bladed rotors on most other helicopters. If you have a blacklight, you can get a cool looking effect by shining it at the helicopter in a dark room and spinning the rotor.

a "camera" (which I've been calling a bazooka since my early years)

It's been the other way around for me. I used to think of that piece as a camcorder when I was very young but started seeing it as a rocket launcher some years later. :grin:

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Thanks for the nice review. :thumbup:

While I like this copter, I dunno if I'd agree that the original Alpha Team was the best of the line - personally, I think I like the Ice subtheme the best. I really liked that each vehicle had a transforming mode, and the designs were, to pardon the pun, a lot cooler to me. :classic:

Overall though, Alpha Team just never sat that well with me, despite having some good sets. That's why I'm glad that TLC completely started over with their new spy theme: Agents. By focusing more on a James bond feel with tons of wacky villians, more realistic vehicles with hidden features, and a volcano base that actually looked like a volcano base, I think they finally succeeded where Alpha team didn't. :wink:

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Nice review.

Voted average (3) because a bit too "flashy" for me, even for Alpha Team sets...

It also costs more at my depstore: 9 euros = about 12/13 dollars, thats expensive, but I dont know it costs this much everywere. I went to the depstore today to buy a castle impulse set for someone but as always kept sticking around for about an hour.

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Who doesn't like Helicopters? I've been debating about picking up Alpha Team sets because they're very similar to the Agents, but the color scheme doesn't match too well. Perhaps I'll pick up both RES-Q and Alpha Team, since they seem like they're the same group with matching colors.

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