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REVIEW: 4789 Alpha Team Aquatic Mech

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4789 Alpha Team Aquatic Mech

Set #: 4789

Theme: Alpha Team - Mission Deep Sea

Year of Release: 2002

Pieces: 164

Minifigs: 1

Price: $20 (USD)

In 2002, Lego released a new underwater sub-theme called Mission Deep Sea. The sub-theme was part of Alpha Team with some of the same characters and villains from 2001 (e.g. Ogel and others). Although I don't think the theme was too good, this limited release Mech was a pretty slick set. It included a large robotic underwater mech, a small "Tee Vee" probe, Alpha Team hero Dash, and a hammerhead shark. This collection of components made for a nice set with a great play value. I think the mech served as an early proto-type for Exo-Force mechs that would come many years later.

Let's take a look at this set in better detail.

The front of the box had some nice artwork with a look that reminds me of Aquaraiders:


The back of the box provides inspiration for two different alternative models:


Here's a close-up:


The set includes one minifig (Dash as named on the box) that has a brown hairpiece and diving equipment:


A nice extra is this little camera probe that has a sharp printed brick. I like it's name, "TEE-VEE":


The set also includes a black hammerhead shark and some underwater sea life:


And these extras:


The best part of this set is this large industrial mech that reminds me of something from the movie Aliens:


The cockpit is pretty slick with a yellow stretcher holder that covers the see-through piece:


The cockpit includes two levers and the nice printed sloped bricks:


In the back of the mech are two underwater propellors that can swivel up and down:


The strong legs of the mech utilize this unique printed piece found only in a few Alpha Team sets. They swivel similar to the first Star Wars AT-ST set:



Each legs also includes a container/safe piece:


Here's a shot of the front of the mech with its two long arms:


Each arm utilizes two arm sections:


The right arm has a claw that remains closed until manually opened. A small rubberband keeps it closed:


The mech's left arm has two trans yellow saw blades:


A shot of the mech in action:


And lastly, the complete set:



I picked up just a few Alpha Team Deep Sea sets back in the early 2000s, none of which I really liked; but after finding this set for $20 at my local TRU store, I had to buy one. I like this set in that it has some great pieces, none of which have stickers. As I said earlier, this particular mech reminds me of the mech that was used to fight the Alien in the 1986 sci-fi flick. I think it looks good in yellow giving it a real industrial look plus adding an element of underwater use to its design. I think this set is the best among the 2002 Mission Deep Sea collection.

Share your thoughts.

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It's a very generic design, but the entire set makes up for the lack of creativity by including many interest pieces. The printed bricks look excellent for MOCs and there are plenty of other useful bricks.

May I request a favor? I'd like to see how the mech looks with each arm missing a section. Would it be possible to remove the bicep from each arm and snap a picture?

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Yes, it does look kind of like this:


Just like aquaraiders, unless the pilot was wearing breathing apparatus, they would drown. :sceptic: I would buy the set for the Aliens like mech and cool little tee vee dude, though the price seems steep. Where did you get yours? I might be interested in buying one. Nice review! :thumbup:

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May I request a favor? I'd like to see how the mech looks with each arm missing a section. Would it be possible to remove the bicep from each arm and snap a picture?

Sure, here you go:



Yes, it does look kind of like this:

Thanks for sharing. That was the mech I was thinking of.

but I think Lego were going for a sawfish with that shark mold.

Oh, that's exactly what I meant - not sure why I typed hammer head.

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Ah, there we go. It looks a lot more proportionate without the two arm parts and it looks as though it still has the same range of motion.

Thanks for the pics.

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Brickster, this is another set which I have never seen before. Is this a limited edition set? I was not aware that Alpha Team was venturing Deep Sea Missions during that period.

Looking at the boxart for the very first time, I must admit that it looks a little like Aqua Raiders with yellow color combination. The minfig, Dash looks normal and does not really appeal to me. More importantly, TEE-VEE looks way much better! You surprised me, that the sharp brick on the side is actually printed, with its name. :wub: I thought all blackhammer shark are supposed to be in grey? It seemed some elements in this set are my first encounter.

The yellow mech robot, is defintely a beauty. I love to watch Aliens, seeing Ripely in action fighting against the Alien Queen. The yellow scheme is great, with great features such as the water propellors, container safe piece, unique leg piece and cockpit.

This set must be one of the signs of Exo Force. The difference between this mech and current Exo Force models, is most of the bricks used are actually printed instead of using stickers.

Thanks Brickster, for doing up this lovely review which is unknown to me. :sweet:

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