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The Cobra

Review: 6772 Alpha Team Cruiser

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Welcome the woman amongst action men: Alpha Team's first Lady, Radia!

Set data:

6772: Alpha Team Cruiser

Year: 2001

Theme: Alpha Team

Subtheme: N/A

Pieces: 56 (no extra)

Price: 7 USD / EUR / UKP

Building time: less than 15 minutes

MISB on review: No

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Box / instructions front: the Lady and the beast


Box / instructions rear: cool alternate models


Random instructions page: building on a wing (and a prayer?)


The girl herself: makeup and hair matching bodysuit main colour.


The cockpit: front view


The cockpit: side/rear view


The rear: featuring an hinged trans neon green radar dish


The rear: main engines (thumbs up to who chose to use flames!)


Thrusters: front and rear


Thrusters: sides


Complete model: all hinges flat


Posabilty: choose how to place side thrusters and radar dish



Comic page: came at the end of the instructions booklet. Actually, Radia has neither radio nor binoculars.


Secret code: to unlock some content on then-AlphaTeam site



I bought the 6773 Copter in my dark years, and thought it would be cool to own another AT set. This one is quite cheap (I Paid 7 Euros incl. S/H, isn't that a deal?), but really a good one. All AT sets feature the same colour scheme (varying in the 3 different lines, this one being the original before Mission Deep Sea and Arctic Alpha Team), and this is a really good one, with lots of trans neon green pieces; purple is good too. No printed pieces but only three stickers, and that's a pro to me. Unfortunately, no accessories at all. Excellent model design with 3 well placed hinges. And, hey! A female minifig!

Rating: 4/5

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Very nice review, I like how you've reviewed this little set. I always admired the Alpha Team; however, I never bought any until the ice version.

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A nice review of a great small set! :thumbup:

The set is pretty good I think. Radia is quite the fig with all of that purple... :wacko: The design of the cruiser is nice. It's a very different shape than you usually see.

I would give this set a 4. Thanks for the review! :classic:

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As The Pillows would sing, "I think I can". Fact is, the copter is obviously not MISB either, so it's a bit more difficult (at least, to me) to review it as it deserves. But I'll give it a try. And thanks everyone for the feedback.

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Cool review. This is the only set among the first wave of Alpha Team that I don't have, and it looks like something I should pick up. The purple grills on the wings look a little out of place though. Maybe they're there just because it's a woman's ship. :grin:

I always liked the original Alpha Team line with its ResQ-like color scheme. My favorite set is probably the helicopter, and the ship from the Ogel base is also very well designed. However, I think the series went largely downhill after that. The Deep Sea or Arctic sets never really appealed to me, except for a few of the smaller Ogel subs.

Edited by CP5670

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Cool review, my most liked Alpha Team sets were the Artic ones more specifly the IceBlade if I remember correcty.

Edited by Pencoin

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I never knew Alpha Team had a female member.

Thanks for sharing this set with us.

I must admit she's somewhat good-looking, notch notch know what I mean :tongue:

I'll rate this above average because of the great minifig and the equally great pieces.

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sorry for bumping an old topic but i just wanted to say that i had this set:

and i loved it i wish i had more of these sets

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