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REVIEW: 6513 Glade Runner

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Hello all Eurobricks members and Town Lovers,

Today, I will be doing up a review on Glade Runner set. This is a very small set which is slightly bigger than the current impulse set. It's part of the Race theme which involved in land and sea racers back in the early 1990s. I just love these orignal race themes which is produced back then.

Name: Glade Runner

Theme: LEGO System / Town / Race

Year: 1993

Pieces: 29

Minifigs: 1

Price: USD$3.25

An image of a 6513, Glade Runner


Swamp race shall begins


This glade runner is pretty nice looking with its sleek sports look. Well, for a glade runner in the water, it certainly looks much impressive. Somehow, I felt that the 6513 is aligned with the 6514 Trail Ranger. I always had that perception that both vehicles are brothers and was released under the same year. In fact, Glade Runner was released in 1993 based on Peeron information.

I always felt that this set is used for Investigators or Police to used for tracking or search purposes in the swamp areas instead of using it for a race. I will place this set in the jungle, somewhere like Brickster's jungle settings. Although it looks too bright for such serious agenda, but I think it's pretty useful to use it this way. They can rent it from the nearby shop and used it to search. It kind of reminded me of the movie, US Marshals which acted by Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes.

Meet the ace


Please pardon his trousers. I did not bleach it earlier. (It was caused overtime without adequate caring to the minfig. Look at this great article on how to protect your LEGO!) The driver wears a green vest with patch pockets on both sides. This is my favourite design during that period. It comes with a yellow lifevest too. As for the 1x4 printed tile with 3 stars shining in front of the runner, it's a very nice printed tile that can be used for other racing purposes in other sets as well.

Overall design


The built is very simple and yet so realistic. Making use of the aeroplane tailhead to add as the holder for the rotor is smart. The white bricks acting as a platform for both sides to hold the driver to sit onto the centre with the steering wheel at the front. I am very happy with this design. Place the glade runner in front of the fan with a reasonable fan speed. You will see the rotor runs like a charm. :tongue:

Different angles of the vehicle



Close encounter with the "Swamp Sharks" coined by Brickster! :tongue:


See you later


To conclude, this is a very nice little set that can provide much fun. I don't really used it to race in the waters. Instead, I leave it to my imagination and used it for police investigation purposes such as air crash excerise, search and rescue operations and etc. I think it can provides quite a fun loving experience. Although, the set might not be very appealing to some people, but I find it very fun to play around and is one of my favourite sets in the 1990s where I placed it with my 6514 Trail Ranger together. :sweet:

Summary review

Playability: 8.5/10 (I leave it to your imagnination.)

Design: 9/10 (Very simple yet realistic design.)

Price: 10/10 (A very inexpensive set. Great way to buy such small sets at a low price.)

Overall: 8.5/10 (Glade Runner is not common in Town and City theme. It's not a must to have it, but if you ever come across it. Do get it)

I gave it a "4" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?

Hope everyone of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Critics are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Brickshelf (When moderated)

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Thanks for the nice review WhiteFang!

I quite like this set. The front looks a bit bare, but for a small set like this, it doesn't really matter.

This set gets a 4 from me as well. :thumbup:

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Thanks Erdbeereis1 for your kind words. Glad you liked this set. :sweet:

Just wondering whom has rated poor and below average. I will like to know why you voted this way. Perhaps, you could share with me and the rest on your thoughts and views. :classic:

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Nice Review White Fang. This really reminds me of an "All-American" set with its Red, White, and Blue Colors (and the white stars). Although I really like the fig with its scruffy bearded face, I find the green torso a bit odd for this set. I suppose I would expect some sort of red/blue racer fig with a white/blue racing helmet.

Swamp Sharks - too funny! :laugh: . You always add a nice addition of humor to your reviews.

Now I'm going to check out some

clips on YouTube. :wink:

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One of my favourite sets! Me and couple of buddies got this set back then. The fig was so cool, sun glasses, fast boat....

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