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Review: 6352 Cargomaster crane

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Name: Cargomaster crane

Set No.: 6352 @

Theme: LEGO System / Town

Year: 1991

Pieces: 133

Minifigs: 1

Price: USD $26.00 / GBP unknown / EUR €19,95

Aargh stupid tree! for more than fourty years this 'megabrick' has tormented our town! we need some help!

Long before my dark ages LEGO released this relatively small set. since they didn't have a construction site like nowadays,

they released these small road-works. I was only six years old and really into small sets since my ADHD didn't allow

me to sit and build for long periods of time. So these smaller sets were ideal for me.


The instruction booklet.


The complete set.

The set itself is not really a surprise to set up and play with.

First you'll build the smaller parts of the set like the container and the small verhicle.

No real surprises there, except for the smaller car that fits perfectly in the cargo container.

Just pull off the seat and steering wheel, and the car just fits.

The crane itself is just as easy to build as the smaller parts. just place bricks on top of eachother.

Although you'll still have the wire to connect and pull through a diversity of bricks and plates.


The carco container and small car.

Being out of my dark ages really tunnelled my vision toward bigger sets and completing my town.

This set really comes in handy if i need construction or traffic workers in my town,

I can just MOC a few containers for tearing down trees, fixing traffic lights, and so on.


Behold the mighty cargomaster crane!

It's pretty easy to say that a set as simplistic as this one is not much fun to play with.

However if you see the bigger potential in your town this one could be of great value to any city.

Playability: 7/10 (with only one container it gets a bit boring)

Design: 9/10 (it's small, and fits perfectly)

Price: 7/10 (Average, but not really cheap.)

Overall: 7.7/10 (a nice overall set if you're building on minifig scale)


Gimme my pizza! Every town should have a pizzaria!

more information:

Bricklink search results



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mhh maybe put the pizza horizontally ^^ and gimme some!

It was a nice set, it's a nice little crane !

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