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The Cobra

REVIEW: 7902 Doctor's Car

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Sometimes there's no need for a big ambulance; sometimes you only need a doctor to get there. Fast!

Set data

7902: Doctor's car

Year: 2006

Theme: City

Subtheme: Emergency

Pieces: 66 (3 extra)

Price: 6 USD / EUR / 4 UKP (UK price may have been higher in the past)

Building time: less than 10 minutes

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Box front: no frills, just the set.


Box back: no alternate models, but "Designed for easy building and istant play". I still wonder if today's kids are lazier or dumber than my generation...


Box content: 2 bags, loose car base, instructions, stickers.


(not so) Random manual page: the evolution of SNOT tecnique on car lights.


Set inventory: split into 2 pages!



Stickers: Red Cross has gone a long time ago; here's Caduceus.


Loose pieces: we're ready to start!


Minifig and accessories: "What's up, Doc?"


M.I.P. (Most Interesting Piece): it's SNOT time!


Building starts: and it's fast and easy



Notes: car has doors! and that black plate with rail helps so that the roof doesn't only weight on the windscreen.


Complete model: top view


"Container Cupboards": that's where Doc puts its accessories when driving.


Sticker time: see the difference, with and without.


Review and rating.

Do you remember when Lego cars had doors? It seems so long ago... The car is simple; but as well as a set can be designed, this one doesn't look so realistic (isn't it what Lego has been doing over the last few years? Going realistic?) Doc is OK, but I guess many people would have wanted a female fig (and: brown eyebrows with black hair? that's odd :tongue: ) As I said, no Red Cross, but a politically correct Caduceus on the roof and sides. Extra pieces: 1 small antenna and 1 1x1 decorated tile.

Overall, a cheap way to own a doctor minifig and a nice vehicle to add to your town. Just above average.

Rating: 3.5/5

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I was going to get this, but instead I got someting else (Firetruck I think) Nice review!

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Nice review Cobra. Thanks for sharing. I esp. like the doctor's torso. I rate this little set a 4 based on the design of the vehicle and the classic doors.


EDIT: I must have missed this review after it was posted back in Sep. I went ahead and kept the blog, since it's always enjoyable to look at these reviews.

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