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Recent Academy Reviews

Here you can find a selection of recent reviews by Reviewers Academy Teachers and Students. These reviews conform to the high standards of the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy and can be recognised in the Town review index by their (RA) designation. If you want to learn how to make quality reviews, join the Reviewers Academy.

41026-1.jpg 41026 Sunshine Harvest by Redhead1982 (RA)

10245-1.jpg 10245 Santa's Workshop by WhiteFang (RA)

60041-1.jpg 60041 Crook Pursuit by WhiteFang (RA)

41027-1.jpg 41027 Mia's Lemonade Stand by Redhead1982 (RA)

41009-1.jpg 41009 Andrea's Bedroom by Redhead1982 (RA)

41041-1.jpg 41041 Turtle's Little Paradise by Pandora (RA)

41042-1.jpg 41042 Tiger's Beautiful Temple by Pandora (RA)

41043-1.jpg 41043 Penguin's Playground by Pandora (RA)

60058-1.jpg 60058 SUV with Watercraft by Rufus (RA)

60057-1.jpg 60057 Camper Van by Rufus (RA)

10243-1.jpg 10243 Parisian Restaurant by dj2005 (RA)

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374-1.gif 374 Yellow Fire Station (review needed)

376-2.gif 376 House With Garden (see also 560) (review needed)

377-1.gif 377 Shell Station (review needed)

575-1.gif 575 U.S. Coast Guard Station by TheBrickster (RA)

590-1.gif 590 Engine Company #9 by TheBrickster (RA)

600-2.gif 600 Police Car (review needed)

601-1.gif 601 Gas Pump (review needed)

602-1.gif 602 Fire Chief's Car (review needed)

603-1.gif 603 Motorbike (review needed)

605-1.gif 605 Street Crew (review needed)

606-1.gif 606 Ambulance (review needed)

620-1.gif 620 Fire Truck (review needed)

621-1.gif 621 Police Car (review needed)

622-1.gif 622 Tipper Truck (review needed)

623-1.gif 623 Red Cross Car (review needed)

625-1.gif 625 Tractor Digger (review needed)

626-2.gif 626 Red Cross Helicopter (review needed)

640-2.gif 640 Fire Truck and Trailer (review needed)

641-1.gif 641 Excavator (review needed)

643-1.gif 643 Flatbed Truck (review needed)

644-2.gif 644 Police Mobile Patrol (review needed)

670-1.gif 670 Mobile Crane (review needed)

671-1.gif 671 Shell Petrol Tanker (review needed)

672-1.gif 672 Fire Engine by TheBrickster (RA)

673-1.gif 673 Rally Repair Crew (review needed)

674-1.gif 674 Forklift and Truck (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1589-1.gif 1589 Main Street (review needed)

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361-2.gif 361 Garage (review needed)

379-1.gif 379 Bus Station (review needed)

381-2.gif 381 Police Station (see also 588) (review needed)

540-2.gif 540 Police Units (review needed)

542-1.gif 542 Street Crew by TheBrickster (RA)

554-1.gif 554 Exxon Fuel Tanker by TheBrickster (RA)

556-1.gif 556 Emergency Van (review needed)

558-1.gif 558 Road Crane (review needed)

560-1.gif 560 Town House by TheBrickster (RA)

588-1.gif 588 Police Headquarters by TheBrickster (RA)

607-1.gif 607 Mini Loader (review needed)

608-2.gif 608 Taxi (review needed)

645-1.gif 645 Police Helicopter (review needed)

646-1.gif 646 Auto Service Truck (review needed)

675-1.gif 675 Snack Bar by woofmcmoose

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1620-2.gif 1620 Chocolate Factory (review needed)

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6305-1.gif 6305 Trees and Flowers by Pandora

6363-1.gif 6363 Auto Repair Shop (review needed)

6364-1.gif 6364 Paramedic Unit by TheBrickster (RA)

6375-2.gif 6375 Exxon Gas Station by TheBrickster (RA)

6390-1.gif 6390 Main Street by TheBrickster (RA)

6627-1.gif 6627 Convertible by Widdi

6648-2.gif 6648 Dump Truck by TheBrickster (RA)

6678-1.gif 6678 Pneumatic Crane (review needed)

6679-2.gif 6679 Tow Truck (review needed)

6690-1.gif 6690 Snorkel Pumper (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1591-1.gif 1591 Danone Truck (review needed)

1592-1.gif 1592 Town Square (review needed)

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6365-1.gif 6365 Summer Cottage (review needed)

6382-1.gif 6382 Fire Station by TheBrickster (RA)

6383-1.gif 6383 Public Works Center by TheBrickster (RA)

6610-1.gif 6610 Gas Pumps (review needed)

6611-1.gif 6611 Fire Chief's Car (review needed)

6628-1.gif 6628 Shell Tow Truck (review needed)

6629-1.gif 6629 Ambulance (review needed)

6630-1.gif 6630 Bucket Loader (review needed)

6650-1.gif 6650 Fire and Rescue Van (review needed)

6680-1.gif 6680 Ambulance (review needed)

6681-1.gif 6681 Police Van (review needed)

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6302-1.gif 6302 Mini-Figure Set (review needed)

6362-1.gif 6362 Post Office (review needed)

6372-1.gif 6372 Town House (review needed)

6607-1.gif 6607 Service Truck (review needed)

6608-1.gif 6608 Tractor by Renegade Clone

6651-1.gif 6651 Mail Truck (review needed)

6653-1.gif 6653 Highway Maintenance Truck (review needed)

6685-1.gif 6685 Fire Copter 1 by TheBrickster (RA)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

105-1.gif 105 Mail Van (review needed)

1590-2.gif 1590 Breakdown Assistance (review needed)

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6371-1.gif 6371 Service Station (review needed)

6374-1.gif 6374 Holiday Home by LuxorV (RA), Aredhel, Widdi

6384-1.gif 6384 Police Station (review needed)

6606-1.gif 6606 Road Repair Set (review needed)

6609-1.gif 6609 Race Car by Rumble Strike

6623-1.gif 6623 Police Car by WhiteFang (RA)

6624-1.gif 6624 Delivery Van by Raven Brickroft

6652-1.gif 6652 Construction Truck (review needed)

6654-1.gif 6654 Motorcycle Transport by daisy

6683-1.gif 6683 Hamburger Stand (review needed)

6692-1.gif 6692 Tractor Trailer (review needed)

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6307-1.gif 6307 Firemen (review needed)

6308-1.gif 6308 Policemen (review needed)

6366-1.gif 6366 Fire & Rescue Squad (review needed)

6367-1.gif 6367 Semi Truck (review needed)

6373-1.gif 6373 Motorcycle Shop (review needed)

6391-1.gif 6391 Cargo Center (review needed)

6601-1.gif 6601 Ice Cream Cart (review needed)

6605-1.gif 6605 Road Racer (review needed)

6621-1.gif 6621 Fire Truck (review needed)

6622-1.gif 6622 Mailman on Motorcycle (review needed)

6628-2.gif 6628 Construction Workers (review needed)

6655-1.gif 6655 Auto & Tire Repair (review needed)

6684-1.gif 6684 Police Patrol Squad (review needed)

6694-1.gif 6694 Car with Camper (review needed)

6695-1.gif 6695 Tanker Truck by paanjang16 (RA)

6696-1.gif 6696 Fuel Tanker (review needed)

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6368-1.gif 6368 Jet Airliner by Enpaz

6369-1.gif 6369 Auto Workshop (review needed)

6370-1.gif 6370 Weekend Home by Pandora (RA)

6377-1.gif 6377 Delivery Center (review needed)

6385-1.gif 6385 Fire House I (review needed)

6392-1.gif 6392 Airport (review needed)

6450-1.gif 6450 Mobile Police Truck (review needed)

6480-1.gif 6480 Hook and Ladder Truck by Tancred_de_Beauville

6603-1.gif 6603 Shovel Truck (review needed)

6604-1.gif 6604 Formula 1 Racer (review needed)

6631-1.gif 6631 Steam Shovel (review needed)

6633-1.gif 6633 Family Car (review needed)

6656-1.gif 6656 Tow Truck by legofan

6657-1.gif 6657 Fire Patrol Copter (review needed)

6682-1.gif 6682 Cement Mixer (review needed)

6688-1.gif 6688 Ambulance (review needed)

6689-1.gif 6689 Post Station by LuxorV (RA), Rapseflaps (RA)

6697-1.gif 6697 Rescue 1 Helicopter (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

107-2.gif 107 Mail Truck (review needed)

1525-1.gif 1525 Lego Container Lorry (review needed)

1552-1.gif 1552 Maersk Truck and Trailer Unit (review needed)

1966-1.gif 1966 Car Repair Shop (review needed)

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6359-1.gif 6359 Horse Trailer (review needed)

6361-1.gif 6361 Mobile Crane by LuxorV (RA)

6378-1.gif 6378 Service Station by LuxorV (RA), Phred

6379-1.gif 6379 Riding Stable (review needed)

6386-1.gif 6386 Police Command Base (review needed)

6612-1.gif 6612 Fire Chief's Car (review needed)

6613-1.gif 6613 Telephone Booth (review needed)

6634-1.gif 6634 Stock Car (review needed)

6658-1.gif 6658 Bulldozer by WhiteFang (RA)

6659-1.gif 6659 T.V. Camera Crew by WhiteFang (RA)

6676-1.gif 6676 Mobile Command Unit (review needed)

6677-1.gif 6677 Motocross Racing (review needed)

6698-1.gif 6698 RV with Speedboat (review needed)

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6357-1.gif 6357 Stunt 'Copter N' Truck (review needed)

6358-1.gif 6358 Snorkel Squad by WhiteFang (RA)

6380-1.gif 6380 Emergency Treatment Center (review needed)

6381-1.gif 6381 Motor Speedway (review needed)

6393-1.gif 6393 Big Rig Truck Stop (review needed)

6394-1.gif 6394 Metro Park & Service Tower by Rapseflaps (RA)

6501-1.gif 6501 Sport Convertible (review needed)

6502-1.gif 6502 Turbo Racer (review needed)

6521-1.gif 6521 Emergency Repair Truck by KielDaMan, Shadows

6522-1.gif 6522 Highway Patrol by Zorbas (RA)

6523-1.gif 6523 Red Cross by WhiteFang (RA)

6641-1.gif 6641 4-Wheelin' Truck by WhiteFang (RA)

6687-1.gif 6687 Turbo Prop I (review needed)

6693-1.gif 6693 Refuse Collection Truck by JopieK (RA)

6699-1.gif 6699 Cycle Fix-It Shop by emilec

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1472-1.gif 1472 Vacation House (review needed)

1484-1.gif 1484 Houses (review needed)

1496-1.gif 1496 Rally Car (review needed)

1497-1.gif 1497 Pitstop and Crew (review needed)

1509-1.gif 1509 Town Value Pack (review needed)

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6315-1.gif 6315 Road Signs by WhiteFang (RA)

6317-1.gif 6317 Trees and Flowers by Pandora

6349-1.gif 6349 Holiday Villa by Hinckley

6356-1.gif 6356 Med-Star Rescue Plane (review needed)

6357-1.gif 6357 Stunt 'Copter N' Truck by Rapseflaps (RA)

6395-1.gif 6395 Victory Lap Raceway by metalandi

6503-1.gif 6503 Sprint Racer by WhiteFang (RA), paanjang16

6504-1.gif 6504 Tractor by WhiteFang (RA)

6505-1.gif 6505 Fire Chief's Car (review needed)

6524-1.gif 6524 Blizzard Blazer (review needed)

6590-1.gif 6590 Vacation Camper (review needed)

6642-1.gif 6642 Police Helicopter (review needed)

6643-1.gif 6643 Fire Chief's Truck by legofan

6674-1.gif 6674 Crane Truck (review needed)

6675-1.gif 6675 Road & Trail 4 x 4 by Zorbas (RA)

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6355-1.gif 6355 Derby Trotter by Rapseflaps (RA)

6387-1.gif 6387 Coastal Rescue Base (review needed)

6388-1.gif 6388 Holiday Home with Campervan by Tancred_de_Beauville

6481-1.gif 6481 Construction Crew (review needed)

6482-1.gif 6482 Rescue Helicopter by harmacy

6506-1.gif 6506 Precinct Cruiser by Tancred_de_Beauville

6507-1.gif 6507 Mini Dumper (review needed)

6526-1.gif 6526 Red Line Racer by Tancred_de_Beauville

6527-1.gif 6527 Tipper Truck (review needed)

6528-1.gif 6528 Sand Storm Racer (review needed)

6591-1.gif 6591 Nitro-Dragsters (review needed)

6660-1.gif 6660 Hook & Haul Wrecker by WhiteFang (RA)

6661-1.gif 6661 Mobile TV Studio by Rapseflaps (RA)

6671-1.gif 6671 Utility Repair Lift by paanjang16 (RA)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1489-1.gif 1489 Mobile Car Crane by LegoBobby

1515-1.gif 1515 Town Value Pack (review needed)

1517-1.gif 1517 Black Racing Car (review needed)

1518-1.gif 1518 Racing Service Crew (review needed)

1898-1.gif 1898 Dragster (review needed)

1952-1.gif 1952 Milk Truck (review needed)

1974-2.gif 1974 Flyercracker USA (review needed)

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6354-1.gif 6354 Pursuit Squad by paanjang16 (RA)

6375-1.gif 6375 Trans Air Carrier (review needed)

6376-1.gif 6376 Breezeway Cafe by Lorentzen, legofan

6389-1.gif 6389 Fire Control Center by Crazydance (RA)

6396-1.gif 6396 International Jetport by harmacy

6399-1.gif 6399 Airport Shuttle by simonwillems

6508-1.gif 6508 Wave Racer (review needed)

6529-1.gif 6529 Ultra Lite I (review needed)

6530-1.gif 6530 Sport Coupe by Tancred_de_Beauville

6592-1.gif 6592 Vacation Hideaway (review needed)

6644-1.gif 6644 Road Rebel by paanjang16 (RA)

6672-1.gif 6672 Safari Off-Road Vehicle by Hinckley

6673-1.gif 6673 Solo Trainer by woofmcmoose

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1490-1.gif 1490 Bank (review needed)

1630-1.gif 1630 Helicopter (review needed)

1631-1.gif 1631 Black Race Car (review needed)

1632-1.gif 1632 Speedboat (review needed)

1633-1.gif 1633 Mini Loader (review needed)

1665-1.gif 1665 Dual FX Racers (review needed)

1682-1.gif 1682 Space Shuttle Launch (review needed)

1876-1.gif 1876 Soil Scooper (review needed)

1973-1.gif 1973 Emirates Airliner (review needed)

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6347-1.gif 6347 Monorail Accessory Track (review needed)

6352-1.gif 6352 Cargomaster Crane by Crazydance (RA)

6353-1.gif 6353 Coastal Cutter by Lorentzen

6430-1.gif 6430 Night Patroller (review needed)

6440-1.gif 6440 Jetport Fire Squad by JopieK (RA)

6509-1.gif 6509 Red Devil Racer (review needed)

6510-1.gif 6510 Mud Runner by woofmcmoose

6531-1.gif 6531 Flame Chaser (review needed)

6532-1.gif 6532 Diesel Dumper (review needed)

6540-1.gif 6540 Pier Police by jd5775

6541-1.gif 6541 Intercoastal Seaport (review needed)

6542-1.gif 6542 Launch & Load Seaport by paanjang16 (RA)

6593-1.gif 6593 Blaze Battler (review needed)

6645-1.gif 6645 Street Sweeper by Kivi

6646-1.gif 6646 Screaming Patriot (review needed)

6669-1.gif 6669 Diesel Daredevil (review needed)

6679-1.gif 6679 Dark Shark by 74louloute (RA)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1475-1.gif 1475 Airport Security Squad (review needed)

1477-1.gif 1477 Red Race Car Number 3 by Jareth

1581-2.gif 1581 Arla Milk Delivery Truck (review needed)

1610-1.gif 1610 Police Car (review needed)

1611-1.gif 1611 Red Race Car (review needed)

1656-1.gif 1656 Evacuation Team by simonwillems

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6314-1.gif 6314 City People (review needed)

6346-1.gif 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew by legofan

6351-1.gif 6351 Surf N' Sail Camper (review needed)

6397-1.gif 6397 Gas N' Wash Express (review needed)

6511-1.gif 6511 Rescue Runabout (review needed)

6512-1.gif 6512 Landscape Loader (review needed)

6533-1.gif 6533 Police 4 x 4 by Leg Godt Gud

6534-1.gif 6534 Beach Bandit (review needed)

6551-1.gif 6551 Checkered Flag 500 (review needed)

6594-1.gif 6594 Gas Transit (review needed)

6648-1.gif 6648 Mag Racer (review needed)

6662-1.gif 6662 Backhoe by Leg Godt Gud

6668-1.gif 6668 Recycle Truck (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1461-1.gif 1461 Turbo Force (review needed)

1693-1.gif 1693 Racing Car (review needed)

1750-1.gif 1750 Promotional Set (review needed)

1772-1.gif 1772 Airport Container Truck (review needed)

1773-1.gif 1773 Airline Maintenance Vehicle with Trailer (review needed)

1774-1.gif 1774 Aircraft (review needed)

1890-1.gif 1890 Octan Racer (review needed)

1895-1.gif 1895 Sky Patrol (review needed)

1896-1.gif 1896 Trauma Team (review needed)

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6319-1.gif 6319 Trees and Fences by Pandora

6342-1.gif 6342 Beach Rescue Chopper (review needed)

6344-1.gif 6344 Jet Speed Justice (review needed)

6345-1.gif 6345 Aerial Acrobats (review needed)

6398-1.gif 6398 Central Precinct HQ (review needed)

6513-1.gif 6513 Glade Runner by WhiteFang (RA)

6536-1.gif 6536 Aero Hawk (review needed)

6539-1.gif 6539 Victory Cup Racers (review needed)

6552-1.gif 6552 Rocky River Retreat (review needed)

6595-1.gif 6595 Surf Shack by The Cobra (RA)

6663-1.gif 6663 Wave Rebel (review needed)

6664-1.gif 6664 Chopper Cops (review needed)

6667-1.gif 6667 Pothole Patcher by jd5775

6670-1.gif 6670 Rescue Rig by Freekysch

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1687-1.gif 1687 Midnight Transport (review needed)

1958-1.gif 1958 Windsurfer (review needed)

1959-1.gif 1959 Ultra-Light (review needed)

1990-1.gif 1990 Octan F1 Race Car (review needed)

1991-1.gif 1991 Racing Pick-Up Truck (review needed)

1992-1.gif 1992 Dragsters (review needed)

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6340-1.gif 6340 Hook & Ladder (review needed)

6341-1.gif 6341 Gas N' Go Flyer by Razgriz, Jareth

6348-1.gif 6348 Surveillance Squad by Freekysch

6350-1.gif 6350 Pizza to Go by WhiteFang (RA)

6483-1.gif 6483 Coastal Patrol (review needed)

6514-1.gif 6514 Trail Ranger by WhiteFang (RA)

6515-1.gif 6515 Stunt Copter by woofmcmoose

6537-1.gif 6537 Hydro Racer (review needed)

6538-1.gif 6538 Rebel Roadster by tiggerkiddo

6543-1.gif 6543 Sail N' Fly Marina (review needed)

6561-1.gif 6561 Hot Rod Club (review needed)

6571-1.gif 6571 Flame Fighters (review needed)

6597-1.gif 6597 Century Skyway by coffeeandcake

6665-1.gif 6665 River Runners by LuxorV (RA)

6666-1.gif 6666 Ambulance (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1560-1.gif 1560 Glory Glider (review needed)

1561-1.gif 1561 Stunt Chopper (review needed)

1562-1.gif 1562 Wave Jumper (review needed)

1563-1.gif 1563 Track Blaster (review needed)

1702-1.gif 1702 Fire Fighter 4 x 4 (review needed)

1710-1.gif 1710 Snowmobile (review needed)

1730-1.gif 1730 Snow Scooter (review needed)

1740-1.gif 1740 Row Boat by ZoomZoom

1741-1.gif 1741 Desert Buggy by ZoomZoom

1742-1.gif 1742 Desert Jeep by ZoomZoom

1775-1.gif 1775 Aircraft (review needed)

1790-1.gif 1790 Shark Fisherman (review needed)

1791-1.gif 1791 Windsurfer & Van (review needed)

1792-1.gif 1792 Pleasure Cruiser (review needed)

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6338-1.gif 6338 Hurricane Harbour (review needed)

6340-1.gif 6340 Hook & Ladder (review needed)

6484-1.gif 6484 F1 Hauler by tiggerkiddo

6525-1.gif 6525 Blaze Commander by Leg Godt Gud

6535-1.gif 6535 Dumper (review needed)

6562-1.gif 6562 Gas Stop Shop (review needed)

6596-1.gif 6596 Wave Master by Instructions archiver

6639-1.gif 6639 Raven Racer (review needed)

6649-1.gif 6649 Street Sweeper (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1760-1.gif 1760 Go-Kart by SAN

1762-1.gif 1762 Hot Wheels (review needed)

1786-1.gif 1786 Jailbreak Joe by Jareth

1807-1.gif 1807 Santa Claus and Sleigh (review needed)

1831-1.gif 1831 Maersk Line Container Lorry by JopieK (RA)

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6318-1.gif 6318 Flowers, Trees, & Fences by Pandora

6331-1.gif 6331 Patriot Jet by TGping

6334-1.gif 6334 Wave Jump Racers (review needed)

6335-1.gif 6335 Indy Transport by legofan

6337-1.gif 6337 Fast Track Finish (review needed)

6500-1.gif 6500 Holiday Village (review needed)

6517-1.gif 6517 Water Jet by Yoshi648 (RA)

6518-1.gif 6518 Baja Buggy (review needed)

6545-1.gif 6545 Search N' Rescue (review needed)

6546-1.gif 6546 Slick Racer by Matn

6563-1.gif 6563 Gator Landing by TheBrickster (RA), Rapseflaps (RA)

6581-1.gif 6581 Dig 'N' Dump by Zarkan (RA)

6598-1.gif 6598 Metro PD Station by Lauriator89

6615-1.gif 6615 Eagle Stunt Flyer by Zeahl

6625-1.gif 6625 Speed Trackers by Peppermint_M

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1808-1.gif 1808 Light Aircraft and Ground Support by TheBrickster (RA)

1818-1.gif 1818 Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment and Vehicle (review needed)

1821-1.gif 1821 Rally Racers (review needed)

1854-1.gif 1854 House with Roof-Windows (Velux Promo House) by Jones, WideWiiLover

2140-1.gif 2140 Roadside Recovery Van and Tow Truck (review needed)

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Town Jr.

6320-1.gif 6320 T-Road Plates (review needed)

6321-1.gif 6321 Curved Road Plates (review needed)

6322-1.gif 6322 Straight Road Plates (review needed)

6323-1.gif 6323 Cross Road Plates (review needed)

6407-1.gif 6407 Fire Chief (review needed)

6486-1.gif 6486 Fire Engine (review needed)

6548-1.gif 6548 Octan Gas Station (review needed)

6549-1.gif 6549 Roadblock Runners (review needed)

6554-1.gif 6554 Blaze Brigade (review needed)

6564-1.gif 6564 Recycle Truck (review needed)

6565-1.gif 6565 Construction Crew (review needed)

6566-1.gif 6566 Bank (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1817-1.gif 1817 Sea Plane with Hut and Boat by The Cobra (RA)

2148-1.gif 2148 LEGO Truck (review needed)

2149-1.gif 2149 Color Line Container Lorry (review needed)

2181-1.gif 2181 Infomaniac (review needed)

2554-1.gif 2554 Shell Formula 1 Pit Stop (review needed)

2849-1.gif 2849 Helicopter (review needed)

2880-1.gif 2880 Open Top Jeep (review needed)

2881-1.gif 2881 Parking Gate Attendant (review needed)

2882-1.gif 2882 Speedboat (review needed)

2883-1.gif 2883 Boat (review needed)

2884-1.gif 2884 Microlight (review needed)

2885-1.gif 2885 Ice Cream Seller (review needed)

2886-1.gif 2886 Formula 1 Racing Car (review needed)

6400-1.gif 6400 Go-Cart (review needed)

6406-1.gif 6406 Go-Cart (review needed)

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Town Jr.

4304-1.gif 4304 Chopper Cop (review needed)

6324-1.gif 6324 Chopper Cop (review needed)

6325-1.gif 6325 Package Pick-Up (review needed)

6326-1.gif 6326 Town Folks (review needed)

6327-1.gif 6327 Turbo Champ (review needed)

6328-1.gif 6328 Helicopter Transport (review needed)

6329-1.gif 6329 Truck Stop (review needed)

6330-1.gif 6330 Cargo Center (review needed)

6332-1.gif 6332 Command Post Central (review needed)

6333-1.gif 6333 Race and Chase (review needed)

6422-1.gif 6422 Telephone Repair (review needed)

6424-1.gif 6424 Rig Racers (review needed)

6426-1.gif 6426 Super Cycle Center (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

2147-1.gif 2147 Dragon Fly (review needed)

2234-1.gif 2234 Police Chase (review needed)

2531-1.gif 2531 Rescue Chopper by The Cobra (RA)

2532-1.gif 2532 Aircraft and Ground Crew (review needed)

2535-1.gif 2535 Shell Formula 1 Racing Car by WhiteFang (RA)

2536-1.gif 2536 Shell Divers Jet Ski by WhiteFang (RA)

2537-1.gif 2537 Shell Extreme Team Raft by WhiteFang (RA)

2584-1.gif 2584 Biker Bob (review needed)

2887-1.gif 2887 Petrol Station Attendant and Pump (review needed)

3056-1.gif 3056 Go-Cart (review needed)

3442-1.gif 3442 Legoland California Truck (review needed)

6420-1.gif 6420 Mail Carrier by Daniil K.

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Town Jr.

6425-1.gif 6425 TV Chopper (review needed)

6427-1.gif 6427 Road Signs (review needed)

6429-1.gif 6429 Blaze Responder (review needed)

6432-1.gif 6432 Speedway Transport (review needed)

6433-1.gif 6433 Coast Watch (review needed)

6434-1.gif 6434 Roadside Repair (review needed)

6436-1.gif 6436 Go-Kart (review needed)

6437-1.gif 6437 Beach Buggy (review needed)

6439-1.gif 6439 Mini Dumper (review needed)

6446-1.gif 6446 Crane Truck (review needed)

6447-1.gif 6447 Dumper (review needed)

6464-1.gif 6464 Super Rescue Complex (review needed)

6467-1.gif 6467 Power Pitstop (review needed)

6468-1.gif 6468 Tow and Go Value Pack (review needed)

6498-1.gif 6498 Go-Kart (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1029-1.gif 1029 Milk Delivery truck (review needed)

1246-1.gif 1246 Helicopter (review needed)

1247-1.gif 1247 Patrol Car by WhiteFang (RA)

1248-1.gif 1248 Fire Boat (review needed)

1249-1.gif 1249 Tri-motorbike by WhiteFang (RA)

1250-1.gif 1250 Dragster by WhiteFang (RA)

1251-1.gif 1251 Go-Cart (review needed)

1252-1.gif 1252 Shell Tanker (review needed)

1253-1.gif 1253 Shell Race Car Transporter (review needed)

1254-1.gif 1254 Shell Convenience Store (review needed)

1255-1.gif 1255 Shell Car Wash (review needed)

1256-1.gif 1256 Shell Service Station (review needed)

2769-1.gif 2769 Aircraft and Boat (review needed)

2774-1.gif 2774 Red Tiger (review needed)

3438-1.gif 3438 McDonalds Restaurant (review needed)

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Town Jr.

3350-1.gif 3350 Three Minifig Pack - City #1 (review needed)

3351-1.gif 3351 Three Minifig Pack - City #2 (review needed)

6423-1.gif 6423 Mini Tow Truck (review needed)

6470-1.gif 6470 Mini Dump Truck (review needed)

6471-1.gif 6471 4WD Police Patrol by WhiteFang (RA)

6474-1.gif 6474 4-Wheeled Front Shovel (review needed)

6477-1.gif 6477 Fire Fighter's Lift Truck (review needed)

6478-1.gif 6478 Fire Fighters' HQ (review needed)

6600-2.gif 6600 Highway Construction by Rail Co

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1177-1.gif 1177 Santa's Truck (review needed)

1196-1.gif 1196 Telekom Race Cyclist (review needed)

1197-1.gif 1197 Telekom Race Cyclist and Television Motorbike (review needed)

1198-1.gif 1198 Telekom Race Cyclists and Service Crew (review needed)

1199-1.gif 1199 Telekom Race Cyclists and Winners' Podium (review needed)

1294-1.gif 1294 Fire Copter (review needed)

1295-1.gif 1295 Water Rider (review needed)

1296-1.gif 1296 Land Scooper (review needed)

1297-1.gif 1297 Speed Patroller (review needed)

3439-1.gif 3439 Spy Runner (review needed)

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