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Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1100-1.gif 1100 Sky Pirates (review needed)

2718-1.gif 2718 Aircraft and Ground Crew (review needed)

6472-1.gif 6472 Gas N' Wash Express by TheBrickster (RA)

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Town Jr.

6636-1.gif 6636 Command Post Central (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

1149-1.gif 1149 Air Police (review needed)

10036-1.gif 10036 Pizza-To-Go (review needed)

10037-1.gif 10037 Breezway Café (review needed)

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World City

7030-1.gif 7030 Squad Car by TheBrickster (RA)

7031-1.gif 7031 Helicopter by SAN

7032-1.gif 7032 Police 4WD and Undercover Van by TheBrickster (RA)

7033-1.gif 7033 Armoured Car Action by TheBrickster (RA)

7034-1.gif 7034 Surveillance Truck (review needed)

7035-1.gif 7035 Police HQ (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

3383-1.gif 3383 Chef (review needed)

3384-1.gif 3384 Construction Worker (review needed)

4032-1.gif 4032 Holiday Jet (review needed)

10041-1.gif 10041 Main Street (review needed)

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World City

7042-1.gif 7042 Dune Patrol by TheBrickster (RA)

7043-1.gif 7043 Firefighter (review needed)

7044-1.gif 7044 Rescue Chopper by TheBrickster (RA)

7045-1.gif 7045 Hovercraft Hideout by TheBrickster (RA)

7046-1.gif 7046 Fire Command Craft (review needed)

7047-1.gif 7047 Coast Guard HQ by takuto20

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

7214-1.gif 7214 Plane (review needed)

10156-1.gif 10156 LEGO Truck (review needed)

10159-1.gif 10159 City Airport (review needed)

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7238-1.gif 7238 Fire Helicopter by JoeMI6

7239-1.gif 7239 Fire Truck by Razgriz

7240-1.gif 7240 Fire Station (review needed)

7241-1.gif 7241 Fire Car (review needed)


7235-1.gif 7235 Police Motorcycle (review needed)

7236-1.gif 7236 Police Car by matanui911 (RA), Sisco (RA)

7237-1.gif 7237 Police Station (review needed)

7245-1.gif 7245 Prisoner Transport by The Cobra (RA)


7242-1.gif 7242 Street Sweeper by Macoco (RA), Zarkan (RA)

7243-1.gif 7243 Construction Site (review needed)

7246-1.gif 7246 Mini Digger by The Cobra (RA), Cardinal Brick (RA)

7248-1.gif 7248 Digger (review needed)

7249-1.gif 7249 XXL Mobile Crane by Moose

7344-1.gif 7344 Dump Truck (review needed)


7244-1.gif 7244 Speedboat (review needed)

7280-1.gif 7280 Straight & Crossroad Plates (review needed)

7281-1.gif 7281 T-Junction & Curved Road Plates (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

4778-1.gif 4778 Vintage Aircraft (review needed)

4912-1.gif 4912 Police Jetski (review needed)

4914-1.gif 4914 Fire Jeep (review needed)

5531-1.jpg 5531 Police Motorcycle (review needed)

5532-1.jpg 5532 Fire Car (review needed)

7266-1.gif 7266 Fire Polybag (review needed)

7267-1.gif 7267 Paramedic Polybag by The Cobra (RA)

7324-1.gif 7324 City Advent Calendar 2005 (review needed)

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7891-1.jpg 7891 Airport Truck by Bloody Jay

7893-1.gif 7893 Passenger Plane by Bloody Jay

7894-1.gif 7894 Airport by xwingjoda

7901-1.gif 7901 Airplane Mechanic by WhiteFang (RA), Christian


7890-1.gif 7890 Ambulance by Bloody Jay

7892-1.gif 7892 Hospital by Mr. Lego-builder

7902-1.gif 7902 Doctor's Car by The Cobra (RA), Lasse D

7903-1.gif 7903 Rescue Helicopter by Bloody Jay


7899-1.gif 7899 Police Boat (review needed)

7900-1.gif 7900 Heavy Loader by Hobbes

7905-1.gif 7905 Building Crane by Hobbes

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

2928-1.gif 2928 City In-Flight 2006 by paksu

7904-1.gif 7904 City Advent Calendar 2006 by alex54

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7990-1.gif 7990 Cement Mixer by Macoco (RA), Cabby, cagri

7991-1.gif 7991 Recycle Truck by Macoco (RA), Erdbeereis (RA), xwingjoda

7992-1.jpg 7992 Container Stacker by xwingjoda

7993-1.gif 7993 Service Station by xwingjoda

7994-1.gif 7994 City Harbour by xwingjoda

7998-1.gif 7998 Heavy Hauler (review needed)


7906-1.gif 7906 Fireboat by xwingjoda

7942-1.gif 7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue by xwingjoda

7944-1.gif 7944 Fire Hovercraft by xwingjoda

7945-1.gif 7945 Fire Station by Marc Gagnon

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

2064-1.gif 2064 Rescue Plane by WhiteFang (RA), paksu

4933-1.jpg 4933 Street Sweeper (review needed)

4934-1.gif 4934 Police Swamp Boat (review needed)

4936-1.jpg 4936 Doc & Patient by The Cobra (RA), I Scream Clone

4937-1.jpg 4937 Life Guard (review needed)

4938-1.jpg 4938 Fire 4x4 by The Cobra (RA)

4991-1.jpg 4991 Police Helicopter by The Cobra (RA)

4992-1.jpg 4992 Fire Boat (review needed)

7907-1.gif 7907 City Advent Calendar 2007 by andy_0306uk

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7731-1.gif 7731 Mail Van by Erdbeereis (RA), Zarkan, xwingjoda

7732-1.gif 7732 Air Mail by xwingjoda, Lt. Veers

7733-1.jpg 7733 Truck & Forklift by TheBrickster (RA), VBBN (RA), xwingjoda

7734-1.jpg 7734 Cargo Plane by Doctor Sinister


7723-1.gif 7723 Police Pontoon Plane by Kanal-K1

7741-1.gif 7741 Police Helicopter by Zarkan (RA), PSPGuy

7743-1.gif 7743 Police Command Center by Stealth Hunter

7744-1.gif 7744 Police Headquarters by THE-FORCE

Coast Guard

4210-1.jpg 4210 Coast Guard Platform by metalandi

7726-1.jpg 7726 Coast Guard Truck with Speed Boat by metalandi

7736-1.gif 7736 Coast Guard Quad Bike by WhiteFang (RA), Cardinal Brick

7737-1.gif 7737 Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Scooter by metalandi, Erdbeereis (RA), VBBN (RA)

7738-1.jpg 7738 Coast Guard Helicopter & Life Raft by 5150 Lego

7739-1.jpg 7739 Coast Guard Patrol Boat & Tower (review needed)


5610-1.gif 5610 Builder by paul_delahaye

5611-1.gif 5611 Public Works by paul_delahaye

5612-1.gif 5612 Police Officer by Erdbeereis (RA), Doctor Sinister, lookincool45

5613-1.gif 5613 Firefighter by Cardinal Brick (RA), Tanotrooper

5620-1.gif 5620 Street Cleaner by WhiteFang (RA)

5621-1.jpg 5621 Coast Guard Kayak by WhiteFang (RA)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

2230-1.jpg 2230 Helicopter & Raft by JopieK (RA)

4897-1.gif 4897 Police Trike (review needed)

4898-1.jpg 4898 Coast Guard Boat by CopMike

4900-1.gif 4900 Fire Helicopter (review needed)

4999-1.jpg 4999 Wind Turbine Promotional by WhiteFang (RA), Teddy

5625-1.gif 5625 Police 4x4 (review needed)

5626-1.jpg 5626 Coast Guard Bike (review needed)

5627-1.gif 5627 Dozer by The Cobra (RA)

7724-1.gif 7724 City Advent Calendar 2008 by WhiteFang (RA)

20002-1.gif 20002 4x4 Fire Truck (review needed)

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7638-1.gif 7638 Tow Truck by mikey, tiggerkiddo

7639-1.gif 7639 Camper by Macoco (RA), Luke McAwesome (RA), Kanal-K1

7641-1.gif 7641 City Corner by Macoco (RA), Svelte (RA), Kanal-K1

7642-1.gif 7642 Garage by ImLost

7686-1.gif 7686 Helicopter Transporter by Night City Dream

7747-1.gif 7747 Wind Turbine Transport by Getsome

8402-1.gif 8402 Sports Car by Macoco (RA), Kernow, The Soup Nazi


7634-1.gif 7634 Tractor by liquidcross

7635-1.gif 7635 Horse Trailer by 5150 Lego

7636-1.gif 7636 Combine Harvester by 5150 Lego, Night City Dream

7637-1.gif 7637 Farm by TheBrickster (RA)


7630-1.gif 7630 Front-End Loader by Mariko

7631-1.gif 7631 Dump Truck by Mariko, KimT

7632-1.gif 7632 Crawler Crane by snefroe

7633-1.gif 7633 Construction Site by Svelte

7685-1.gif 7685 Dozer by Svelte

7746-1.gif 7746 Single Drum Roller by pyro-hippo, Kanal-K1


8398-1.gif 8398 BBQ Stand by Svelte

8401-1.gif 8401 Minifigure Collection by Izzy, Mirandir, aayla-secura

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

4899-1.jpg 4899 Tractor by Natman8000 (RA), Kubik-Rubik, SlyOwl

5642-1.gif 5642 Tipper Truck (review needed)

7643-1.jpg 7643 Air Show Plane by WhiteFang (RA), Svelte

7687-1.gif 7687 City Advent Calendar 2009 by WhiteFang (RA), Teddy

30000-1.gif 30000 Medic's Car by SlyOwl

30001-1.gif 30001 Fireman's Car by Matt Dawson

30002-1.gif 30002 Police Boat by Matt Dawson

30003-1.gif 30003 Steam Roller by Rufus

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3177-1.gif 3177 Small Car by Rufus (RA), Matn, daoudbazaar

3179-1.gif 3179 Repair Truck by Rumble Strike (RA), Luke McAwesome (RA), Madi, Legoliner Pilot

3180-1.gif 3180 Tank Truck by Rufus (RA), mikey, quietworkshop

3221-1.jpg 3221 Lego Truck by der seb

7848-1.jpg 7848 TRU Delivery Truck (Toys R Us Exclusive) by Nebsirob

8404-1.jpg 8404 Public Transport by Bachus


3178-1.gif 3178 Seaplane by daoudbazaar, dr_spock

3181-1.jpg 3181 Passenger Plane by d00dz

3182-1.jpg 3182 Airport by d00dz

3222-1.jpg 3222 Helicopter and Limousine by Rufus (RA), d00dz, paul_delahaye

7567-1.gif 7567 Traveler by WhiteFang (RA), Matn, Yakop, valentin, lightningtiger


7206-1.gif 7206 Fire Helicopter by Doctor Sinister

7207-1.gif 7207 Fire Boat by jeffjcc

7208-1.gif 7208 Fire Station by meat1980

7213-1.jpg 7213 Off-Road Fire Truck & Fireboat by DarthPineapple


7566-1.jpg 7566 Farmer by dingmh

7684-1.jpg 7684 Pig Farm and Tractor by Zorbas (RA), Brick Town Talk


8403-1.jpg 8403 Family Home by Rufus (RA), Sisco (RA)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

2824-1.jpg 2824 City Advent Calendar 2010 by Scorpio

7688-1.jpg 7688 Sports Plane by frogstudio, paul_delahaye

30010-1.jpg 30010 Fire Chief (review needed)

30011-1.jpg 30011 Police Dinghy (review needed)

30012-1.jpg 30012 Microlight by Jammiedodger

30013-1.jpg 30013 Police Buggy (review needed)

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3648-1.jpg 3648 Police Chase by mifody, lightningtiger, Phil Slender

3658-1.jpg 3658 Police Helicopter by Brickviller

3661-1.jpg 3661 Bank and Money Transfer by mifody

7279-1.jpg 7279 Police Minifigure Collection by Globemaster

7285-1.jpg 7285 Police Dog Assignment by tin7_creations

7286-1.jpg 7286 Prisoner Transport by Rufus (RA)

7287-1.jpg 7287 Police Boat by lightningtiger

7288-1.jpg 7288 Mobile Police Unit by Brickviller

7498-1.jpg 7498 Police Station by iDave


4641-1.jpg 4641 Speed Boat by buddy

4642-1.jpg 4642 Fishing Boat by TheBrickster (RA), Tamamono (RA)

4643-1.jpg 4643 Power Boat Transporter by mifody, legodac

4644-1.jpg 4644 Marina by Pandora, RubeusHagrid

4645-1.jpg 4645 Harbour by Rufus (RA), RubeusHagrid


3365-1.jpg 3365 Moon Buggy by mikey

3366-1.jpg 3366 Satellite Launch Platform by lightningtiger

3367-1.jpg 3367 Space Shuttle by TheBrickster (RA), dr_spock

3368-1.jpg 3368 Rocket Station (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

7553-1.jpg 7553 City Advent Calendar 2011 by SilentMode

7696-1.jpg 7696 Commuter Jet by pedro, Darthluke824

30014-1.jpg 30014 Police Helicopter (review needed)

30015-1.jpg 30015 Jet Ski by WhiteFang (RA), prateek

30016-1.jpg 30016 Satellite (review needed)

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4206-2.jpg 4206 Recycling Truck by Redhead1982, Night City Dream

4207-1.jpg 4207 Car Park by xtremegoogler

4431-1.jpg 4431 Ambulance by scottwb2010

4432-1.jpg 4432 Garbage Truck by Rufus (RA)

4433-1.jpg 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter by gherkin

4434-1.jpg 4434 Dump Truck by lightningtiger

4435-1.jpg 4435 Car and Camper by Rufus (RA)

Forest Fire

4208-1.jpg 4208 Fire Truck by Brickviller

4209-1.jpg 4209 Fire Plane by AFOLEGODT

4427-1.jpg 4427 Fire ATV by lightningtiger

4430-1.jpg 4430 Fire Transporter by iDave

Forest Police

4205-1.jpg 4205 Off-Road Command Centre by Klaus-Dieter

4436-1.jpg 4436 Patrol Car by AFOLEGODT

4437-1.jpg 4437 Police Pursuit by lightningtiger, lego_legis_legere, tiggerkiddo

4438-1.jpg 4438 Robbers' Hideout by lego_legis_legere, Plissken

4439-1.jpg 4439 Heavy-Duty Helicopter by Brickviller

4440-1.jpg 4440 Forest Police Station by Captain J

4441-1.jpg 4441 Police Dog Van by Klaus-Dieter


4200-1.jpg 4200 Mining 4 x 4 by Wrinkledog

4201-1.jpg 4201 Loader and Tipper by Wrinkledog

4202-1.jpg 4202 Mining Truck by nielsv

4203-1.jpg 4203 Excavator Transporter by AFOLEGODT

4204-1.jpg 4204 The Mine by AFOLEGODT

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

4428-1.jpg 4428 Advent Calendar (review needed)

4429-1.jpg 4429 Helicopter Rescue by Cwetqo

4442-1.jpg 4442 Glider by Yatkuu

4473-1.jpg 4473 Police Helicopter (review needed)

30017-1.jpg 30017 Police Boat by woofmcmoose

30018-1.jpg 30018 Police Microlight (review needed)

30019-1.jpg 30019 Fire Helicopter (review needed)

30150-1.jpg 30150 Racing Car (review needed)

30151-1.jpg 30151 Mining Dozer (review needed)

30152-1.jpg 30152 Mining Quad by Brickington (RA)

853378-1.jpg 853378 Firemen minifigure pack (review needed)

5000281-1.jpg 5000281 Chase McCain by Solscud007

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60000-1.jpg 60000 Fire Motorcycle by Brickington (RA), KielDaMan

60001-1.jpg 60001 Fire Chief Car by KielDaMan

60002-1.jpg 60002 Fire Truck by KielDaMan

60003-1.jpg 60003 Fire Emergency by Plate

60004-1.jpg 60004 Fire Station (review needed)

60005-1.jpg 60005 Fire Boat (review needed)

60010-1.jpg 60010 Fire Helicopter by Darthluke824


60006-1.jpg 60006 Police ATV by Chieffy765

60007-1.jpg 60007 High Speed Chase by mifody, Luke Styer

60008-1.jpg 60008 Museum Break-in (review needed)

60009-1.jpg 60009 Helicopter Arrest (review needed)

Coast Guard

60011-1.jpg 60011 Surfer Rescue by coffeeandcake, Zeahl

60012-1.jpg 60012 4 x 4 & Diving Boat by Zeahl

60013-1.jpg 60013 Coast Guard Helicopter by Zeahl

60014-1.jpg 60014 Coast Guard Patrol by Zeahl

60015-1.jpg 60015 Coast Guard Plane by Zeahl


60016-1.jpg 60016 Tanker Truck by Rufus (RA)

60017-1.jpg 60017 Flatbed Truck by mifody

60018-1.jpg 60018 Cement Mixer by mifody

60025-1.jpg 60025 Grand Prix Truck by LukefromNJ

60027-1.jpg 60027 Monster Truck Transporter by Prezes


60020-1.jpg 60020 Cargo Truck by LukefromNJ

60021-1.jpg 60021 Cargo Heliplane by Mr. Elijah Timms

60022-1.jpg 60022 Cargo Terminal by LukefromNJ


60019-1.jpg 60019 Stunt Plane by LukefromNJ

60023-1.jpg 60023 City Starter Set (review needed)

60026-1.jpg 60026 Town Square by VintageLegoEra

60031-1.jpg 60031 City Corner (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

30220-1.jpg 30220 Fire Speedboat (review needed)

30221-1.jpg 30221 Fire Car (review needed)

30222-1.jpg 30222 Police Helicopter by Jareth

30224-1.jpg 30224 Ride On Lawnmower (review needed)

30225-1.jpg 30225 Coast Guard Sea Plane (review needed)

40054-1.jpg 40054 Summer Scene by ResIpsaLoquitur

40078-1.jpg 40078 Hot Dog Stand by JSN

60024-1.jpg 60024 City Advent Calendar (review needed)

850617-1.jpg 850617 Police Accessory Pack (review needed)

850618-1.jpg 850618 Fire Accessory Pack (review needed)

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60041-1.jpg 60041 Crook Pursuit by WhiteFang (RA)

60042-1.jpg 60042 High Speed Police Chase (review needed)

60043-1.jpg 60043 Prisoner Transporter by mifody

60044-1.jpg 60044 Mobile Police Unit (review needed)

60045-1.jpg 60045 Police Patrol (review needed)

60046-1.jpg 60046 Helicopter Surveillance (review needed)

60047-1.jpg 60047 Police Station (review needed)

60048-1.jpg 60048 Police Dog Unit by GiotarizAFOL

60049-1.jpg 60049 Helicopter Transporter (review needed)


60053-1.jpg 60053 Race Car by mifody

60054-1.jpg 60054 Light Repair Truck by camberry234

60055-1.jpg 60055 Monster Truck (review needed)

60056-1.jpg 60056 Tow Truck by mifody, Prezes, LukefromNJ

60057-1.jpg 60057 Camper Van by Rufus (RA)

60058-1.jpg 60058 SUV with Watercraft by Rufus (RA), mifody

60059-1.jpg 60059 Logging Truck by Prezes, LukefromNJ

60060-1.jpg 60060 Auto Transporter by LukefromNJ

60061-1.jpg 60061 Airport Fire Truck by Prezes

Arctic Scout

60032-1.jpg 60032 Arctic Snowmobile (review needed)

60033-1.jpg 60033 Arctic Ice Crawler by Prezes

60034-1.jpg 60034 Arctic Helicrane (review needed)

60035-1.jpg 60035 Arctic Outpost by Prezes

60036-1.jpg 60036 Arctic Base Camp by woofmcmoose

60062-1.jpg 60062 Arctic Ice Breaker (review needed)

60064-1.jpg 60064 Arctic Supply Plane (review needed)

Seasonal / Promotional / Other

30226-1.jpg 30226 Police Helicopter (review needed)

30227-1.jpg 30227 Police Watercraft (review needed)

30228-1.jpg 30228 Police ATV (review needed)

30229-1.jpg 30229 Repair Lift (review needed)

30310-1.jpg 30310 Arctic Scout (review needed)

40110-1.jpg 40110 LEGO City Coin Bank (review needed)

60063-1.jpg 60063 City Advent Calendar (review needed)

850932-1.jpg 850932 Polar Accessory Set (review needed)

5002136-1.jpg 5002136 Arctic Accessory Set (review needed)

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