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Set Review: 7990 Cement Mixer

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7990 Cement Mixer

Theme: Town

Released: 2007

Price: 15 USD

Pieces: 209 (1 minifigure)


Need a skyscraper built? A mother-in-law buried? A treasure kept? No problem, here I come !

Only one booklet for instructions without any alternative model:

It's divided into two sections for two seperate baggies which the parts come in.


Parts come in two big bags:

A few big pieces and the stickers are loose in the box.


Extra parts and sticker sheet:

Dark bluish gray 1x1 round plates are meant to be used as cement. Sticker sheet is neat.


A standard worker with helmet:

He comes with a shovel.


Colour scheme makes it easy to understand the instructions:

It's easy for younger Lego enthusiasts to build the model.


Building in progress:

Chassis of the truck is really sturdy.


Drivers seat is on the left:

I wish we had a real seat instead of a modified tile.


Working drum mechanism:

You can turn the cement drum from a handle on the front right.


Nice details on the front:

Rearview mirrors are great. I love the SNOT front panel too.


Control panel on the left:

Cement hose hardly fits its place and the hose is too thick.


Don't forget the shovel:

SNOT technique is used on the back panel as well.


Long & wide truck with 8 wheels:

I love the 6-stud-wide design of new town series.


Cement drum actually works:

If you place a couple of 1x1 plates in the drum and turn the handle it pours out the little cement parts!


Man at work:

All this hard work gave me wrinkles on my face :(


Folder when public:



-Figures: 6/10 Nothing special with the figure but what did I expect? At least we have a face expression.

-Parts: 6/10 Standart parts for a truck but the big blue drum is new.

-Price: 8/10 Very nice and detailed truck for 15 USD.

-Design: 9/10 It really does look great, doesn't it?

-Building: 8/10 Easy to build and it's fun with a little use of SNOT.

-Total: 37/50 It's a must for every town. But other players should find it attractive as well.


I occasionally order Town sets but I felt a great urge to build this when I first saw it on Brickshelf. When it was released I ordered it right away. Ten days later I was amazed looking at this beauty by my table. We didn't have a cement mixer for ages and I'm sure every Town builder will have this set. And I have no doubt non-Town enthusiasts, like me, will consider getting this.


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Thanks for the great review! :thumbup:

This is one of my favorite CITY kits from 2007. I think it's a lot better than the cement mixer from the classic town theme - and it has some cool pieces too. :classic:

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I voted outstanding, because i think this is the best cement mixer TLG ever made, also love the 6-stud wide based vehicles, as you mentioned. I both bought and sold it again this year, and i already regret it, but i had to sell some stuff because of a loss of space :sceptic:

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