Review: Set 5615, the Knight

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Set Name: The Knight

Set Number: 5615

Theme: Castle

Pieces: 21

Minifigs: 1

Released: 2008

Price: 1.99 EUR, 3.49 USD, 3.49 CDN Description: A knightly hero!Villains beware, because here comes the Knight! With his shining armor and weapons, he's ready to defend the Castle against any foe. Includes knight minifigure with armor, shield and weapons!

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Now to the review!

The Box


The box is fairly standard and illustrates the set well.

The Back


The back of the box is just an advertisement. :thumbdown:

The Instructions


The instructions are simplistic, basic, and short.

The Back of the Instructions


The back of the instructions show the other impulse sets, as well as a few others.

The Weapon Rack


This nifty little weapon rack holds the sword, the shield, as well as a different style helmet and armour plate.

The Minifigure


The minifigure is of the standard castle variety, with the basic torso and helmet, and a slight scowl on his face.



The set comes with a shield, a spear, and a sword.I particularly like the pattern on the shield

Different configurations

With the extra pieces of equipment I mentioned earlier, itis possible to turn your figure into something totally different...




The Entire Set


This picture shows the weapon rack and the knight, ready to ward off skeleton invaders!


Build: 9/10 The build is simplistic and suitable for all ages.

Design: 7/10 There really isnt much to judge in this category...

playability: 8/10 With another minifig, plenty of exciting battles can be made!

Minifigs: 9/10 With plenty of customisation options, you can turn this one minifig into almost anything.

Price: 10/10 This set is well worth the price tag.



I really enjoy these impulse sets. For a casual lego-builder who doesn`t want to invest top dollar in lego, they are perfect, and for the hardcore fan, you could easily buy 5 or 6 of these to boost your army. This is the best impulse set of the first wave and I highly reccomend that you pick this set up soon, before they are all gone

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Thanks for this fine and elaborate review on the 2nd best impulse set there is.

(Yes the Troll Warrior wins by a zillion miles)

I've added it to the index

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