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Review: 5612 Police Officer

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Today we will be joining Mr. Brickop and his dog Stud on the tough job of being a police officer. Let's join them now!

5612 Police Officer


Set Info

Set Name: 5612 Police Officer

Theme: City

Released: 2008

Price: USD 3.49-GBP 1.99-EUR 2.95

Minifigs: 2

Let's Begin!

The Box

A very nice small square box with the policeman and his dog on the front.


And the back which shows the officer running to the scene of the crime, walkie-talkie in hand.


Instruction Manual

The back of the manual has the 2008 Police sets and impulse sets pictured. It is interesting that the Good Wizard is on here even though I bought this set in the U.S.


On this side you see how to build the model in 8 grueling steps...


The Parts

Not much out of the ordinary here except for the lovely printed road sign. :wub:



Here are the 2 figs, Stud and Mr. Brickop! They make a great team don't they?


Extra Parts

This set comes with a surprisingly large amount of extras for such a small set.


All Built

After it's all built, you get a pretty nice set. The road sign looks nice, but it is a bit strange seeing that arm stick so far out. The little equipment rack is pretty nice.


Brickshelf Folder

The Ratings

Price: 8/10 (Decent price, but could be 50 cents cheaper)

Parts: 8/10 (Nothing special except for the road sign which is a big plus)

Minifigs: 10/10 (You can't wish for more than 2 in an impulse set!)

Overall: 26/30




Mr. Brickop has finally put LEGOland's most notorious criminal behind bars...



This is a great impulse set. Having 2 minifigs really sets it above some of the other ones. The set make a great gift, or a good cheap present to yourself. :tongue: It is great if you need to expand your police force as well. I would definitely recommend it.

Thanks, and happy building! :classic:

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I really love these Impulse sets at a low price point for lots of minifigs :thumbup:

This Police one doesn't appeal too much to me at the moment, but who knows, with your reference I may need it with a future project! Hmm... It's actually a good way of getting those dogs cheaply :devil:

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I also love the impulse sets, but we have already too many policemen (although I actually bought this one). Our bobby isn't looking very nice is he?! We normally but policemen in a pool or sea with sharks at events like LEGOWorld, so maybe that's because of me :laugh:

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I bought this set for 2,14€ yesterday and I have to admit that for that price i'm veerryy satisfied !

I bought it especially for the dog (my first one) and for the road sign.

During the construction (short!) of the set, I was wondering something...

Does the speed limit has a signification in every country or some variant exists?

In my country (France), the speed limit in town is 50 km/h so I understand the road sign in this set. But in other country, and especially the country were the speed limit is not in km/h, does this set had another road sign?

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Tanks for the review erdbeereis1 but I don't really need to buy this set since they're are always loads of police sets and it's not as if I need anymore cops, although Stud makes it tempting...

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