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Review: 7009 The Final Joust

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The King has declared a royal tournament pitting the brave knight in his shining armour, against the feared skeleton warrior and his shadow horse.

The jousting arena is set up so let the joust begin!

7009 The Final Joust


Set Info

Set Name: 7009 The Final Joust

Theme: Castle

Released: 2007

Price: USD 7.99-GBP 5.99-EUR 7.95


Minifigs: 2 figs 2 horses

Price Per Piece: About 13 cents

Let the games begin!

Box Shots

The front has an image of the knight and skeleton jousting with lightning in the background.


The Back show the two now fighting with an ax and ball and chain. I don't really like the box image, as I think the background looks too dark.



The front has the same picture as on the box.


On the back some of the other 2007 castle sets are displayed. This is better than the usual sweepstakes image that we get.


The Pieces

Nothing really special here. But you at least get a good assortment of weapons.



I always like LEGO shields and these are no exception. The patterns are great.



First the horses. These are great, the knight's horse's coverings are really nice.


Now, the minifigs. The knight and skeleton both have nice armor. The torsos are plain black for the skeleton and bley for the knight.


The Finished Product

In the middle is the jousting barrier which is simple, but serves its purpose. On the left we have the weapon rack which is good. It would have been nice if TLG had included a rack for the skeleton as well though.


Extra Parts

Only two extra white parts here. You can use them if your knight's horse wants to retire and look like a normal horse again.


Oh! That has to hurt!

It seems that the skellie has won this round! Poor knight...


Brickshelf Folder

Now, For The Ratings!

Price: 7/10 (Not a very good price per piece ratio, however at least 2 figs and 2 horses are included)

Parts: 7/10 (The shields and log bricks are nice, but most of the others are nothing spectacular)

Design: 8/10 (Relatively well designed, but a bit boring)

Playability: 8/10 (You can joust with it and that's about all)

Build: 8/10 (Short and easy)

Overall: 38/50






It seems that the horses have rebelled against their riders...



This set although not amazing, is still a very solid set. The minifigs are great and so are the horses, but the rest of the set kind of feels like an afterthought.

Even with its negative aspects I still recommend it, especially if you are a Castle fan.

Thanks, and happy building! :classic: P.S. If you want to see how I made this set a bit more fun, check out this Click

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Nice review. I can tell that you put some effort into it. :wink: The MOC is a nice design. Your reviews are getting better and better! :classic:

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This is (as many of the new Castle sets) a super set.

You get loads of great parts, a horse barding, a black skeleton horse and for a fair price.

I just love this set and I've bought quite a few of them to build my army.

A "must have" - and your great review serves it well :thumbup:

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