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Review: 6262 King Kahuka's Throne

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Arrgh me hearties! Let's join the Pirates as they try to steal the sacred treasure from the Islanders' hands. It won't be easy, King Kahuka and his loyal warriors closely guard the treasure 24 hours a day. Will the Pirates with their trusty pistols and cutlasses be able to defeat the Islanders' spears, pet alligator and powerful leafy skirts? We will find out!

6262 King Kahuka's Throne


Set Info

Set Name: 6262 King Kahuka's Throne

Theme: Pirates-Islanders

Released: 1994

Price: ??? (I don't know the original price. I got it from Bricklink with no box for $17. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate the Euro or Pounds price.)

Pieces: 123

Minifigs: 5

Off we go!

Unfortunately, I don't have the box because I didn't like the idea of spending over $50 for a set with under 200 pieces. So sorry, no box pics.


I think the image on the front is very good. It seems less setup somehow than the instructions these days. It looks more like someone snuck up on them while they were going about their duties and snapped away rather than something that was planned.


The Parts

A nice selection here. There is a pretty good amount of printed pieces in this set which is always nice. For example, the zebra print tile, as well as the pirate flag nowadays would almost certainly be stickered. The set also comes with a nice dark grey BURP and a red boat for the Pirates.


The Minifigs

The main buying point of this set for me were the minifigs. This set comes with 5 of them which is quite good for a small set like this, especially when compared to the sets of today.

The set comes with 1 alligator, 2 Pirates, 2 Islander Warriors and King Kahuka himself. I really like the Islanders' torso and leg prints. The leafy skirts are a nice touch and the make-up on the faces is superb.



Some Parts I Liked

These shields have a nice design on them and I always like the treasure chests.


A Picture Inside The Manual

This is a feature that I liked in the manual, it shows an overhead view of the baseplate so it's much easier to find where to put the piece.

I certainly could have used this feature in last year's Aquabase Invasion set.


A Close-Up Of The King

The face print is nice. I wonder who Kahuka's make-up artist is....


The finished set!

First, The Pirates' Boat

The boat is really nice. The sail is made out of a nice cloth, and connects simply to the mast.


And now, the main part of the set, the throne!

This is a really nice model. I think the colors and the design make it really feel like a different part of the LEGO world.

The rock sculpture looks fantastic as well.


The throne, which is sort of a stretcher thing attaches here. It connects on a 1x2 tile with a stud in the middle for easy removal


Here is the treasure that the Pirates seek

The treasure rests on tiles inside of the rock.


The zebra print tribal drum

This is simple but nice. One thing that's great about this which I mentioned earlier, is that this and all of the other pieces with designs on them are printed.

That's right, no stickers to be found here! I have used these zebra-print tiles many times for MOCs, as they make a great exotic detail piece.


The lovely rock head

I think this is wonderful. It really adds a lot to the set. It is well built with grey slopes, curved pieces for the mouth and nose, headlight bricks for the eyes and feathers and horns for detail.


The backside


The complete set!

Overall, this looks great in my opinion with great landscaping and some fun parts.


Well, it looks like the Pirates walked all over the Islanders and stole their treasure... In fact, it looks like it was pretty brutal. :oh3:


Brickshelf Folder

Now, for the the ratings!

Price: 8/10 (for $17 not a great price per piece value. But when you add 5 figs in, it makes it a decent price. Plus this set hasn't been in stores for 14 years so that adds some cost)

Parts: 9/10 (The set has some really nice printed parts, as well as a baseplate, which in my opinion, is great)

Design: 9/10: (No flaws that I can think of right away. The rock face is very well built)

Playability: 8/10 (Not really anything to play with, although you can sail the ship and steal the treasure)

Build: 9/10 (Rock face uses nice techniques and the rest of the set is simple but looks good)

Minifigs: 10/10 (The minifigs are just fantastic. Great prints, and just overall fun.

Overall: 53/60

Bricklink Entry



It looks like the Pirates have picked up a new recruit from the island...



The older LEGO sets have a really different look to them than the new sets, and I think it's nice to have a mix of new and old.

This is definitely a great set with a nice build and great minifigs. Add to this the great printed pieces and that old Pirate charm, and you get a very nice set that I can certainly recommend.

Thanks, and happy building! :classic:

Edited by Erdbeereis

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Erdbeereis1, I've had a quick look your review and I must say it's quite superb!

I'm dead tired so I'm going to take a nap but I'll be back later to read it more thoroughly.

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I had to vote outstanding on this set because it simply is, great minifigs, a cool head sculpture and a nice little boat means unlimited playability, great review though man!

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As I've already said somewhere on this forum, this is the largest Islander set I own and therefore my favourite. Thankyou for your great review. I picked mine up for only 5 pounds along with Crocodile Cage and King Kahuka, but I can't help you with the original price. I would search the web but I'm too tired right now...

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What a great review of an excellent set. I love the Islanders and that drum (outstanding!). I think these Islander sets never got the credit they dserved. I really like this set and it's a great addition to the Pirate collection.

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I feel the same way about the Islanders sets Brickster. They are a nice change from the regular pirate versus soldiers that is the norm.

I think it would be interesting to see some new Islanders sets released in the new pirate line to see how TLC would make them.

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What a wonderful review with smart (showing the right parts) and clear pictures. Fantastic job Erdbeereis1!

This set is interesting for several reasons. First of all it contains a large amount of (very) useful minifigs. Not many sets of this size contain so much figs. Secondly, the throne itself can be easily combined with the other Islander sets or even with other pirate and non-pirate sets. I'm going to see if I can get this one for a reasonable price on eBay.

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Great review, well done for sure!!

I love these reviews of old set, and this one is especially unique. I must agree with you the color scheme is magnificent. Makes me want to go to ebay and buy it now!

To bad for Spongebob though, he got in with a real bad crowd...

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Thanks for the great review. :thumbup:

This set is pretty standard as Islanders go, but it is such a cool subtheme that I don't care a bit. I totally agree with your comment about old and new sets. I don't think I would enjoy Lego as much if I didn't have a decent amount of kits from pre 1999. :pir-wink:

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Another very nice review, and im glad to see it has some nice pieces as well as characters too. Looks to me that no one on BL has it in Australia for sale so I may pass on this beauty.

Though I did pick up King Kahuka recently. He makes an appearance in my Medium entry :pir_laugh2:

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An outstanding set because who doesn't love islanders.

Outstanding review as well.

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Very solid set. 5 minifigs and plenty of weapons to go around, adding up to great playability, what more could you want? (aspecially from a set this size)

Only I would have liked another cutlass, a musket (instead of 1 of the pistols) and for 1 of the pirates to have another head, but those things are no big deal, it is still a lot better than sets nowadays.

Edited by Fluyt

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Those Indians look useful for Indiana Jones in the future {As long as the have the new skin color} :pir_laugh2: I wish I could have picked one of those up when I could. :pir-hmpf_bad:

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Well, for some weird reason I missed this before, so I tell you now: very good review (as we are used of you, Erdbeereis1).

I like all the Islander sets, and own quite a few myself! For people that don't own any of the Islander sets yet, the 6262 King Kahuka's Throne is a great way to start! Lots of minifigs and accessories!

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