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Cues the Indy theme song

Let's follow Indy on his pursuit on the stolen ark. Indy rides full speed ahead on his white horse, but the Nazis are pulling away!

Will Indiana Jones be able to grab on to the truck and reclaim the treasure? Or will the Nazis and their high-powered Mercedes trucks prevail?

Let's find out!

7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure


Set Info

Set Name: 7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure

Theme: Indiana Jones

Released: 2008

Price: 29.99 USD 34.95 Euro 24.99 GBP

Pieces: 272

Minifigs: 4

Price Per Piece: About 11 cents

And now, the main event!

First, the box shots

The front shows a nice image of Indy on his horse, trying to make it on to the truck, and the attack truck taking aim.


The back

This side shows some of the features of the set, in little pictures on the left.


Instruction manual

Not much to say here, as it's the same picture as on the box.


Inside the manual

On one of the last pages we have a nice picture like the one on the back of the box, showing some features of the set.


Random manual pic

Here we have the nice piece call-outs that we have come to expect lately. The bags were numbered as well.


The pieces

A nice selection here, especially if you like black, dark bley and bley.


"Cool" pieces

The golden treasure chest has a really nice sparkle to it. The set also has a good assortment of coins and jewels, and some wonderful silver 1x1 dots.


The canvas covering

This is quite nice. It has a nice dark tan color, and some nice detail on it as well.


The minifigs

First comes Indy's beautiful white horse. I always like LEGO animals and this one is no exception.


Here are the figs

On the left Indiana Jones, and his nice stubble, printed legs, side bag and the best LEGO hat in history. And the Nazis, Peter, Hans, and Klaus. Their torsos are very nice and the hats are amazing. They look really nice with all of their tan.


The extra parts

Here you get two of the nice silver 1x1s, some clear 1x1s, and the usual technic pins and levers.


Now the finished set!

First we have the attack truck

The truck looks very good. It looks very military like with the colors and the design. It is designed wonderfully with really nice mudguards and a well-detailed front. The only fault of this is I think the top part where the gunner stands is a bit bare.


The front

Here you can see the front, which has a nice smooth look with some nice details as well. The front ridged piece works well here.


The gun

This is well made. It is built by attaching a lightsaber hilt in a sort of videocamera piece. The actual area where the guy stands is pretty bare, but not too bad.


Backside of the truck

The spare tire here is a simple, but nice touch.


A side view

The mudguards are smartly built by clipping wing flaps on to handle plates. This part gets a bit tedious, but the end result is worth it.


The big boy cargo truck!

This is another really well built truck. It has a lot of the same design elements as in the smaller truck, such as the mudguards.


Front view

The front of this truck is as nice or better than the other truck. It uses good SNOT building, and everything fits in well.


A close-up view of the tire area

Just behind the tire you can see those silver 1x1s being used as the suspension. This is a really nice addition and it looks great. NOTE: It's only visual suspension. It is not supposed to work.


The canvas cover in action

Now the canvas attaches by putting the holes in the canvas, on some little blue technic pins and then clamping them down with the hinged pieces.

It looks really nice and curves nicely.


The windscreen



My favorite piece in action. I took this picture with the flash on, so you can see how it sparkles. I think we have waited far too long for this great piece.


The complete set!

Everything all together. Indy is chasing fast!


Indy's got it!


Brickshelf Folder

Now, for the ratings!

Price: 9/10 (Not bad, but could have slightly more pieces. At least it has 4 minifigs and that makes up for it.)

Parts: 9/10 (A nice selection of parts, lots of greys and black.)

Design: 10/10 (The trucks are really well-designed, the mudguards are excellent.)

Playability: 8/10 ( I always like rolling the trucks across the floor. :blush: )

Build: 9/10 (Pretty good, but gets a bit repetitive in some parts.)

Overall: 45/50


Bricklink Entry


Lego S@H

Even after intense fighting, everyone always gets along when there's food to be eaten...

"Hey Indy! Vant some mustard?" "How about some Ketchup?"



This, and all of the other Indiana Jones sets are some of my favorites. They all have nice colors, good design, and great minifigs. Although I need Indy in a different outfit pretty soon. His outfit is starting to smell a bit ripe :sick: . This set in particular is very well designed, and I can't wait for some more Indy next year. :thumbup:

Thanks, and happy building! :classic:

Edited by Erdbeereis1

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Great review! :thumbup:

Hmm, I notice that the leg of that old guy is not so perfect.

Perhaps you want to push it?

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Nice review. I really want this set, but I think the €35 here is too much (more like €25 would suit) and haven't found it cheap enough on ebay yet incl. shipping.

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Very good, informative review. I really want this set but I never got around to buying it. I thought all of your photos are great and of good quality. keep it up!

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Great job on this review. I just :wub: that last picture.

I've got a small remark to add.

The first picture is not hosted on in your BS account.

I suggest you download it on your PC and move it to your BS account.

That way you can make sure it isn't going to disappear in the near future.

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I discovered this review a month ago and since that point in time, I could not get the image of the sparkling golden chest out of my mind. I finally just purchased the chest for myself. I suppose this is a testament to how well honed your picture taking skills are.

This set is definitely a nice one. I'm not a LEGO Indy collector, but I was tempted to purchase this set several times. The vehicles are very nicely detailed and have some cool building techniques, such as the wheel guards.

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I keep looking at this set to buy. Since I have 3 10$ cards now maybe I will go pick it up at the lego store next month. So many things I want.

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Great Review, I was debating on whether or not to snag this up before its gone, and I think I will, great review and thanks again!

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Another Great Review Erdbeeries! I have to give it a :thumbup::tongue: I have thought about this set long and hard and your review might just force me to pick it up. The vehicles look nice and the Nazi's are great figs.


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