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Set review: 7886 The Batcycle, Harley Quinn Hammer Truck

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This here was a set that I new I had to get. A beautiful minfig, amazing minfigs, what more could you want? So was this set worth it? I guess you will just have to read the review to find out!

Set name: The Batcycle: Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck

Number: 7886

Pieces: 267

Theme: Batman

Year: 2008

Price: 35.00 USD, 44.96 EURO




The new box art for batman is pretty stunning. It's clean, and really sells the set. For this set, Harley Quinn's truck is pictured attacking Batman, with the set information. The back of the box shows a nice little comic, the other sets, as well as the set functions.


The instructions:


The instructions for the set are, as always, clear and straightforward. They display the colors well, and have what we expect in an instruction book.




The stars of the set! Batman is back with a new torso, much more metalic than before. Harley had all new printed torso, legs, a new head, and that sweet new hat. :wub:





The bottom part is very sturdy thanks to a small bit of Technic. The red throws it off a bit, but it isn't seen once the top part is put on. It has a nice use of the smoke stacks, and looks very nice in the end. The top part is simple, but suits the purpose well. It has handle bars, and a nice motor. The blue is a little strange though.

Hammer Truck:


The hammer truck begins with a very sturdy base. It has lots of detail, and really looks cool.

Rims Added:


Lego did a very nice job at giving it a checker board appearence. The only problem here is that you stick a sticker over two bricks, multiple times.



Inside of the crate are these shining jewels. Look how they illuminate the darkness in Gotham...

More Added:


Then, we add on a spoiler and the crate. Looking very nice now. The detail is again, outstanding, and It has a good amount of smoothness to it.

The infamous Hammer!


Okay, I haven't said this yet, but the square pieces need to stop. First on those SW backta tanks, now on the hammer? It creates a sloppy look for the hammer. Still, this is the ultimate wacking weapon.

Added to the truck:


On the truck it works pretty well. But the handle is to short, and it's near impossible to smash Batman. :sceptic:

The finished truck:



The finished truck is really nice. The big wheels give it the monster truck feel, and the way that Lego alternated the colors works well. The cockpit is a little palin, but that's not a major issue. The "I love Joker" sticker is one of the best stickers I've seen. It's simply a classic. :cry_happy:

The finished set:



Parts: 9/10 (Lot's of good mocing pieces, and red and black are always usefull.)

Minifigs: 10/10 (Awesome!)

Playability: 9/10 (the hammer is a little short)

Price-per-part: 8/10 (It's a liscensed theme, so meh.)

Set 7886 is a very nice set, and has some great details in it. The minifigs are very cool as well. However, their are some flaws. First, the hammer is two short, and is kind of square. The Batcycle has a few awkward colors in it, which throws it off a bit. This set is definatly worth the money. Batman fans will love it. And also wacking fans will like it, for that hammer... :grin:

And if you would like to buy this set, Here are a few useful links:

S@H link

Peeron link

Please let me know your comments. And pic requests and questions are welcome! :sweet:

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I saw two stickers next to the window. One said "Whack him" but I can't make out the other one. Can you post a picture of it?

Good review, by the way! :thumbup:

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I saw two stickers next to the window. One said "Whack him" but I can't make out the other one. Can you post a picture of it?

Good review, by the way! :thumbup:

Thanks! And that would be a joker card.

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