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The Cobra

Review: 3055 Adventurers car

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He hasn't been around for a while, still people (and tv networks) talk about him. He carries the name of the thunder, he is... Johnny Thunder!

Set data

3055: Adventurers car

Year: 1998

Theme: Adventurers

Subtheme: Desert / Egypt

Pieces: 21 (no extra)

Price: Euro 4 circa, MISB, including S/H, on eBay

Notes: Kellogs promotional

Building time: less than 5 minutes

More info: Brickset - Peeron

This is my second JT set (the first one being 1355 Temple of gloom), not a surprise because there was plenty of him out there in those days. I had the chance to buy it along with the 6013 Samurai Swordsman. 1998 was in the middle of my dark years, so I can't tell if these promo was available in Italy.

Box front: not a word about it being a promo.


Box back: desperate try to build an alternate model.


Box side: Unidentified alternate model.


Another box side: alternate car model (this one makes sense!)


Box content: instructions, 1 bag and a loose 2x6 plate.


Instructions: to ensure that the builder puts the 2x2 plates with wheel holders ON the 2x6 plate, NOT UNDER it!

Loose pieces: all 21 of them!


JT himself: "don't look now, but Johnny's back again..." (Riot - Johnny's back)


Sorted pieces: we're almost ready to start building.


M.I.P. (Most Interesting Piece): It's a car grille, but it looks like a 50's radio with speakers on the side.


Building - part 1: Let's put the wheel holders ON the 2x6 plate...


Building - part 2: We've done!


Final model: off we go!


Review and rating.

It's a promo set, and that's both a pro and a con. "Pro" if you live in one the lucky countries (and that hardly happens if the country you live in is Italy), "Con" if you don't. Who wouldn't want a set for (almost) free? Otherwise, search on the net and wait until you find a good bargain.

The set is a bit more of an impulse (i can hardly imagine a 2008+ impulse with four wheels), with a few pieces and only one (the grille) being unusual / odd / rare (according to the available data, it only was available in 23 sets). If you can own it for free, that's ok. If you have to pay for it, you might want to think about it. The figure is... the same Johnny Thunder you can find in some other 10 sets, and there are no minifig accessories.

Still, with such a few pieces it's not a bad car, and a good addition to your Adventurers / Lego collection.

Final rating: 3/5.

On a side note, I've always through he looked like an idiot with his hat turned flap forward. It's just me, pay it no mind.

That's just me; I turned the hat that way because I didn't want Johnny to have a shadow on his face.

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nice review!

and btw:

Box side: Unidentified alternate model.


everyone should be able to recognize this as a time-machine...! :tongue:

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I'm happy seeing these mythical sets getting renewed attention through reviews!

Thanks for your work!

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Thanks for the review! I love Johnny Thunder, but that car sure is weird :laugh:

Love the grill piece though, and it has a cool mario kart feel.

Batbrick Away! :devil:

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Indexed and poll added.

How could I miss this review.

Thanks for taking the time to review such a small set as this.

Good ol' Johnny :grin:

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