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Set review: 8113 Assault Tiger

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Finaly we get a new Mech for takeshi. And yes, it's yellow. It brings back some flashbacks of Supernova. Good times. Anyways, I recieved this set at christmas last year, with 3 other EF sets.

Set name: Assault Tiger

Number: 8113

Pieces: 163

Theme: Exo-force

Year Released: 2008

Price: 15.00 USD, 18.95 EUR



The boxes this year are much different than those from previous years. It has some gaps in it, and has a cardboard backround inside of it. The box itself shows Assault tiger and the set information. The back shows a combiner.

The cardboard backdrop:


A very nice jungle look to it. It has lots of fog as well, creating a pale effect.


The instructions:


The instructions are clear, and straight-forward. Also included is a lego "blooper."

The remains of the sticker sheet:


The stickers aren't too bad. I didn't apply the saw sticker as I wanted it to be left plain.

The buzzsaw:


A VERY cool piece. Mocists will love this.


The figures:


The figures included are Takeshi, who features a nice new torso. Also included is the mini robot. His is a very neat little guy, but sadly, he doesn't really become a weapon. More of a block of red and black bricks.

The torso:




Now the torso design for Assault tiger is very different from the past years. It now uses a castle-like piece as the main structure. Also of note is that he has a mini throne. No controls, sadly. And with the orange cockpit piece, it's impossible to see takeshi when looking at the AT close on. See the third pic.

The legs:



The legs are slightly similar to the MT-201 Ultra drill walker's, but have been modified to fit the AT. They are quite large, and suit their purpose.

The arms:



The arms follow a new design, but the only problem is, they have no elbow or hand articulation. Nice weapons though.

The finished product:



Parts: 10/10 (lots of useful pieces, great colors, and some very cool new pieces.)

Minifigs: 8/10 (A robot would have been nice, and a better weapon mode for the mini-robot would have been good.)

Price per part: 7/10 (A stretch...)

Playability: 8/10 (The lack of elbow and wrist articulation isn't the greatest.

Overall: 33/40 82.5% B-

Assault tiger is a nice set, but some of those small little things can truly take a toll on the final rating. I think that I would only recommend this set to anyone who wants the yellow, and hardcore Exo-force fans.

S@H link

Peeron link

I hope you enjoyed the review, and if you have any pic requests or questions, please ask. :classic:

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Thanks for the review, ~VBBN~. I have to say, EF has never really caught my attention, but this set seems alright. To be honest, when I saw the topic title, I was expecting a tiger- looking mech. The mech itself is cool, except for the huge leg pieces. I think the minifigs are great in EF sets, with the dark colored outfits, like dark red or dark green. :thumbup:

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Thanks for that good review, ~VBBN~.

That´s really a fine and pretty solid looking mecha. :classic:

I think that the designers did a good job on this last wave of EF sets,

and the inclusion of these mini robots was also a pretty smart idea!

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Nice to see a well done review.

This set is one of the few Exo-Force sets I haven't built myself yet, but I will get it on sale, guess soon.

I'm do not like the use of Slizer-style ball-joints in Exo-Force, even though they are modified to 2x2 bricks.

In this particular set I think the arms look weak, and they lack elbow joint like the "green 2008 mech" set. (forgot name of this years green mech). Quite a shame, I find it really hurts the functionality of that "green" set and could imagine the same with the "Tiger".

I guess with the new pyramide brick as cockpit, the cockpit is still open from the sides and the back. I modified my "green 2008 mech", which use the same cockpit design, with a few green bricks, and it is now completely closed from all sides.

I rate the Tiger at average, but I may change my mind when I get to build it myself.


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This was my first Exo Force set and I was quite skeptical towards the mecha theme, so I got it because it seemed to have nice parts. It turned out however that the mechas are quite nice :) I really like the poseability of it and since then I got another EF set.

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Since my last post I've had the chance to build the Tiger, and I was surprised in a good way.

A much better set than I actually thougth.


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I voted "average". I think this is the least attractive among the 2008 Exo-Force sets. I saved my money to buy some of the 2006 Mechas.

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