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REVIEW: 7246 Mini Digger

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Do we really need more construction works? Legoland is just one huge building site.

Theme: City

Set Name: Mini Digger

Set Number: 7246

Number of Pieces: 36


Released: 2005

List Price: $3.50 (USD)

7426 7246 Bricklink Catalog

Diving right in let get some photos of the box


The digger at work.


The back just has more of the same not to inspiring.

Once we open the box we find two poly bags and some instructions


The total contents of the box, well minus the air


Instruction booklet short and simple.

Now the single minfig of the set, nothing new of special that I can see.


…got a job working construction for the Johnstown Company.

Moving onto the digger itself, it’s one of those builds where all you really need is a quick glance at the instructions and off you go.


Side view of the finished product.


Alternative view, it doesn’t look to bad.

Now lets add our construction worker.


Looks rather good, though the lifting action isn’t smooth.

It’s nothing special, it’s not the greatest construction set that Lego have ever produced but I think it is worth the money. The arm action really does bug me though.

The Rating System

Figures: 5/10 (Just another construction peon.)

Parts 4/10 (Nothing novel and I dislike the new digger arm system.)

Fun Fun Fun 7/10 (I think the playability is high and you can get a good load of bricks in the bucket.)

Design 6/10 (Not the best designed digger but not the worst.)

Price 7/10 (A reasonable price for what you get)

Grand Total 29/50 Still halfway decent but nothing to write home about


This set is yet another in a long line of Lego digger and to be honest it’s not the best in my opinion. I still hold nostalgic memories for 6504 which I still think is a great digger. From my point of view the set sits to high off the ground and make me wonder how the worker gets in. I really don’t like the digging arm action it will never be smooth and while it poses better I just think it’s inferior. Despite this I still think it’s not a bad set, I’d just like it to be so much more.


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Another fine review!

I love the last (action) picture.

Thanks for sharing!

Btw, I am so looking forward to that 384 London Bus review.

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…got a job working construction for the Johnstown Company.

One of the greatest songs ever written.

But now onto the review, i really like your pictures the quality and lighting is amazing. I never gave this set much attention, but now it looks pretty good to me, Also can't wait for your next review, i have never seen this bus before! :classic:

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