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EB News Presents : Kaminoan & Co. Special Edition 3 Parter.

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Hello, and welcome to EB News Presents, I am your host, Stauder, this is my heckler ImperialShadows, That guy in the third row of the audiance, 2nd from the left is Uubergeek, the guy here next to me is Kaminoan, and that over there is my teddy-Hey get that thing off stage! Be gentle!

Q. Welcome to EB News Kaminoan, mind telling us abit about yourself? Explaining your name and, showing us your sigfig?

Name is Jared Burks. Go by Kaminoan online. I actually a a PhD in Molecular Biology, at the time I chose the online nickname I was working on my PhD and was doing a ton of cloning and creating recombinant viruses so it seemed fitting. On top of that I start "cloning" scifi characters in LEGO forum, so it was a double. Sigfig is tough for me. I have created so many figures it is really hard to point to just one and call it my sigfig. Because of my nickname I suppose many would identify this figure: Here as my sigfig, but I don't think of it that way. Currently I would suppose my Legacy figures are more sigfigs: Click! or Clickitey! or likely this little project: Here Also really proud of these: Click me!

Personally I like these Click!

Q. How long have you loved lego? Does it interfier with your other activities?

I have been into LEGO since I was a kid. I of course had some dark ages. I started collecting LEGO as an adult in college with the Skulls Eye Schooner and much of the rest of the pirates and islander's sets. Then hit a second dark age till the Star Wars line hit. My customizing can get consuming, especially if you ask my wife, but I try and put it down from time to time. I use to build furniture and do quite a bit of wood carving, but when I started graduate school having a shop wasn't really possible. When the Star Wars LEGO line came out I found a new/old building outlet and even though I now have a shop I find myself building more figures than furniture.

Wood? Furniture? Lego? Who are you? Ole Kirk Christiansen?

Q. What is your favourite offical theme?

Lol, that is easy, Star Wars

No Seriously...

No, I'm sure he is serious...

Who is this guy? Is he dressed like a ghostbuster? Call security!

That would be Uubergeek...

Wasn't I due here today?

I smell a time zone issue here...

Hurry! Do the Time Warp to put space and time back in geo-sicnienous orbit!

What did he just say?


Q. And your 3 all time favourite sets would be?

In order: UCS Falcon, RGS (Original), and Skull's Eye Schooner

Q. You are known for your decals, and custom parts, can you tell us what got you into the customizing buisness?

Well back in 1998, I wanted more aliens and supplemental characters in the Star Wars Universe and LEGO just wasn't making them. I grew up working in my Father's screen printing company business. So working with graphic art is something I started doing when I was 5 years old when I did my first 3 color separation of Mighty Mouse. With this art background and my enjoyment of carving, it was a natural transition into making decals and custom figures. Once I figured out the best way to make the custom figures I figured I could off set my expenses by offering the decals to others and this would allow more to enjoy the hobby. At the time there was only one customizer on eBay and I thought their figures were vastly over priced. I figured it was more beneficial to offer the decals and let the end user apply the decal saving the "labor" and parts cost so that more people could enjoy the customizing hobby at a much more affordable price. From there I have met many people and we have all helped develop minifigure customization into a more mainstream part of the LEGO hobby.

I also do decals, but mine are no where near cool as yours, teach me oh lord of the decal!

Where'd Hinckley get a sock puppet?

The sock drawer?

O noez! Iv beeen disbouled i ded now

That sock puppet is strangely fimiliar...

It's you mutton head...

Q. How long does it take to make a decal, and a new part?

That is a tough question. For decals it really depends on the level of detail in a design. The average design could be drawn as quickly at 2 hours, however I have worked on some designs for weeks or even as long as a month. As for sculpting a custom part, this typically takes me about a month. I sculpt it 2-3 times before deciding on which one I really like. Once I have the final sculpted part it is all about clean up and polish and then mold making and casting. This can take as long as sculpting the part. The mold is really a second sculpting project when you think about part lines and fill and drain areas. So it is a relatively slow process.

Q. Does TLC approve of customizing? Have you ever received a praise or a complaint from them?

I have spoken to TLC several time about customizing. They like what the customizing community is doing as it promotes their product and transitions their product into some amazing new things. The only condition that TLC has ever asked for is that I never claim any of my creations as "official" LEGO items, which of course I never would. I have received requests for custom figures from some of the LEGO employees and have made them for them, which I consider to be the highest form of praise to me. I have never received a complaint.

Neither have we... :devil: Not more than one from the same person anyway...

Q. What is the greatest lego related moment that has happend in your life?

The best moment I have had was when I showed Orli Shoshan a custom Shaak Ti figure and she gave me her home address to send her a custom figure. As she is the actress behind the character that was entirely flattering. Since then I have made figures for several of the actors behind the SW characters and all have been overwhelmingly grateful. I think a VERY close second is going to a show (LUG, Brickfest, Brickworld) and seeing all the kids' reactions as they start shouting out the names of the figures. Their excitement over the figures is amazing and most of the time they wonder where I got them as they don't recall the LEGO set they came in, when they find out I made them it is like seeing a door be unlocked when they realize that you can make custom figures.

How nice of you to mention Staudie..


Kid's reactions...

Oh shush, I know when you go off stage you will go giggle like a little girl that you met Kaminoan...


What was that?

A newspaper hitting a hollow surface...

Q. What would you say are the best customs you have created?

I am really partial to my turtles, Legacy, Resident Evil, and historical figures.

I love my turtles... They bite tough...

He meant...

I know... I know...

Q. How do you think TLC is going this year?

TLC has clearly been watching the community as they have started making sets all about the minifigure. If you have noticed we are getting more new figure accessories and figure parts than ever before. The agents line is FILLED with these items and I think it is great. This has even transitioned into the battlepacks which are one of the best concepts that LEGO has ever made. The one thing I wish they would do with a battlepack is make something other than a tiny ship. LEGO has a concept (and I am sure they have marketing to back it up) that LEGO sets with buildings don't sell, but LEGO sets with ships will. I wish they would make a battlepack with a command center, trench, or some vignette like concept. With this vignette concept they could have a few alternate models that really used the parts to show case the figures and allow more play and they could encourage more building design.

Q. Anything specific you would want TLC to produce (Not like you can't make it yourself but...)?

A TRUE minifigure parts pack. Actually, I would just like for them to add all the current (non-licensed, I am realistic and know they will never release the licensed parts) parts to pick-a-brick, both online and in stores. This means hair, helmets, weapons, and other accessories. I can guarantee that they would see HUGE sales of all of these items.

Is this guy great or what?

Most definatley a great idea.

Q. Am I annoying?

Actually yes!!! Just kidding, these questions all seem to be quite on point.

A brave man this Kaminoan...

Q. Anything you would like to tell EB?

I have lots in the cooker. If they turn out tasting ok, I think the community will be pleasantly surprised. As for any insider info, the only thing I will give up is my next major figure is going to be Thor.

Q. Who whould you reccomend for the hot-seat? (A way to contact them would be good, Morgan19, SirNadoj and NannanZ have been victims alredy, those 3 I have done from Builders lounge, not many others tough.)

Humm, well Mark Parker (MMCB), Arealight, Victor Sobolev (Unknown Artist), Chris Campbell (Uubergeek), and Rob Hendrix (Brickmodder), is that enough? I can come up with a few more if you really want them.

Thanks for that Kaminoan... Now what to do with you?

I dunno.. My flight is due to leave on friday...

A Interview it is! Splendid idea!


Take a seat, put on your seat belt, and ready a barf bag...

Here come's a comercial Brake, await part 2!

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Yet again a great interview, can't wait for part 2!

Your work is amazing Kaminoan! :thumbup:

Do you sell stuff only on Ebay, or do you have a shop somewhere? (Yes, you may advertise here :grin: )

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Yes, Kaminoan has a store here.


A word from our sponsors.

Pop a Poppler in your mouth,

When you come to Fishy Joe's,

What they're made of is a mystery,

Where they come from, no one knows.

You can pick 'em, you can lick 'em,

You can chew 'em, you can stick 'em,

And if you promise not to sue us,

You can shove one up your nose.

What? You see the same TV commercials on all the time...

Yes, but we can change the channel...

Not like we for-yup, you are trapped here. No exits here. Yup Stuck in EB-TV.

I can't take this anymore! *BANG*

:oh: Did he just shoot himself with a banana?

Welcome to showbusiness?

No buisness like show buisness...

How would you know? Your the janitor!

Wanna preform on a dirty stage?

Witty... Speaking of, we need a new script writer...

Yes we-HEY I am the script-writer!

A lazy one at that... :thumbup: Or do I forget to send you the interviews?

Q. Why the name Uubergeek? I know that there are two "u" because you can't write

Edited by Stauder

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Super as usual.

Now that hint on Santa :hmpf_bad:

WILL YOU DROP IT! :tongue:

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Super as usual.

Now that hint on Santa :hmpf_bad:

WILL YOU DROP IT! :tongue:

NO! :tongue:

Anyway, ladies and gents, await part 3, which is to be posted today...


EDIT - Jared is withholding most important information from us, and our bothans have failed, so we must delay part 3!

Edited by Stauder

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Most enjoyable guys :wub:!

I had to oppertunity to meet and see Jared´s stuff IRL on BrickWorld and it´s so great :thumbup:!


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I've started reading these since a few ones ago. Do you plan to interview everyone on eurobricks someday, or just the main posters ( The ones that seem to be doing MOCs of Decals every 5 seconds :tongue: )?

I await the next part.

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I've started reading these since a few ones ago. Do you plan to interview everyone on eurobricks someday, or just the main posters ( The ones that seem to be doing MOCs of Decals every 5 seconds :tongue: )?

I await the next part.

Don't expect me to interview everyone. You may think it is a easy job, but is is quite hard, from the standpoint of the Guest as well as from the view of the EB News team, nowadays I do most of the work. A chat interview itself takes about 2 to 3 hours. Also, the guest has alot of writing to do. Not to mention I editing, reading everything, making sure it makes sense, checking if the jokes are funny, all in all it takes a long time. After school starts again for me, EB News will go back to a weekly preformance, if not a bi-montly preformance.


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Staudie, this is a very good interview. I enjoyed reading it, and you had indeed put in lots of effort for the EB News interviews. Certainly enough, it's never easy and required high amount of time and energy to do up these kind of stuff that you have been doing for almost a year. :sweet:

Keep these interviews coming. Great job as usual. :thumbup:

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Ok ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for part 3, where Stauder has a chat with our 2 previous guests. And yes, he did drool alot.

Stauder: Woo! I get to chat with you two! I am not worthy! I am not worthy!

uubergeek: lol

Stauder: All right, lets get to work.

Kaminoan: yeah

Kaminoan: k

Kaminoan: lol

Stauder: Kaminoan, you say you have a Phd in Molecular Biology, why the hell are you making decals for figs

Stauder: instead of destroying the planet with neutron ray firing laser prototypes?

Kaminoan: lol, well I use to make furniture and carve things in wood. When I started grad school I didn't

Kaminoan: have room for the larger tools

Kaminoan: luckily LEGO came out with the Star Wars sets about that time and I wanted more aliens

Kaminoan: so I started making figures and had fun with it

Kaminoan: still got to "build" something

Stauder: wait, decals and customs are your full time job?

Kaminoan: Oh no

Kaminoan: I work for the #1 cancer center hospital in the world doing research

Kaminoan: decals, parts, and figures are merely my brain break from the "real" world

Stauder: Ah, so you do put that molecular biology to good use.

Kaminoan: yes, I still use that degree

Kaminoan: I am just another example of an overeducated AFOL. There seems to be tons of us and my degree while

Kaminoan: in biology is actually more like engineering

Stauder: Uubergeek you there?

uubergeek: i am indeed

Stauder: Why is Uubergeek spelled with two "u"s?

uubergeek: well... it's because i can never remember how to type a U with the two dots over it...

Kaminoan: lol

uubergeek: so the 2 u's made for an easy fix, and i found that i dont have many problems registering the name

Stauder: Übergeek?

uubergeek: yea, i cant do that... lol

Stauder: Actually, I looked up "u" on wikipedia and found it :P

uubergeek: yea, but as kaminoan can attest, i'm lazy about stuff like that

Stauder: I wonder, why is it that we all love lego?

Stauder: Lazy? And yet you have a ghostbusters costume... You sir I now my idol.

uubergeek: well for me it because of all of the wonderful things you can create with your imagination

Stauder: So, what do you guys think is the reason that we all love lego?

uubergeek: yea, i do have a ghost busters costume, and anumber of others i'm also in the 501st legion

Stauder: Can i get a signed photo of you?

Kaminoan: lol, I think he compares himself to me, however I feel lazy alot when I look at friends of mine so .

Kaminoan: I think it is all relative

Kaminoan: For me it takes me back to my childhood. There is just something about the brick and the figures th

uubergeek: from a minifig aspect, lego lets us remember childhood and action figures, and not be bound to just

Kaminoan: that inspire the imagination

uubergeek: what is produced by the company... we can make anything for them we want!

Kaminoan: I assume you want one of Chris

Stauder: That reminds me... Does anyone here like the smell of lego fresh out of the box? That reminds me, where are my lead based paint chips?

Stauder: Yes. You are no stormtrooper.

uubergeek: lol... i don't think i've honestly ever tried to smell it out of the box

uubergeek: i have my own 501st trading card... i'll send ya one

Kaminoan: No, no I am not

Kaminoan: The smell of LEGO, I don't think I have honestly noticed the smell

Kaminoan: I like the color and shine

uubergeek: agreed, lego definatly has a better shine right out of the box...

Stauder: But wait... Kaminoans make clones...

Stauder: EB News has reached a new level of geeky awsomeness.

uubergeek: lol.. he has you there Kaminoan, time to get some armor

Kaminoan: well I make pretty much anything these days

Kaminoan: lol, I think my wife would kill me

Kaminoan: if I started another hobby

Stauder: Ever consider model trains?

uubergeek: i actually used build train layouts

Kaminoan: well I have looked at the train stuff, and actually my wife kinda liked it for a bit, so I have a

Stauder: Speaking of armor, can you tell us abit about it? Hey, no one limits EB News to lego do they :P

uubergeek: but that was during my "dark ages" lol... got back to lego after that when the starwars line started

Kaminoan: a couple of the Santa Fe Express engines, but just don't have the space for the layouts. Plus LEGO

Kaminoan: can't keep a foundation for them

uubergeek: Sure thing, if you are familiar with the 501st Legion, we are a worldwide starwars costuming and

Stauder: Let me get this straight. You, Uubergeek, love lego, built train layouts, you are a member of the

Stauder: 501st. Where can i buy one of you?

uubergeek: charity organization, we all have movie accurate costumes (or from EU)

uubergeek: lol.. well... Hasbro has made our figures now

uubergeek: the armor itself is usually made from abs or styrene... pretty good stuff, and looks awesome!

Kaminoan: You should get his boots in progress pictures. Quite creative

Stauder: No, i meant where can I buy a Uubergeek?

uubergeek: it was great, we were put into the books, then Episode 3, now even George Lucas isan honoray membee

uubergeek: lol! still working on that one, we did have one member that was actually drawn into the comics

uubergeek: and now has an action figure coming out... Kaminoan did a wonderful design of it for minifig as well

Kaminoan: Where in Europe are you?

Stauder: I have a question, can you see out of the helmets? And do each of you make your own armor?

uubergeek: you can't see a thing in those helmets! lol.. actually it's not too bad depending on the helmets

Stauder: Currently? I am in Central europe.

uubergeek: on the armor, it's generally scuplted by a few people, then we indiviually put it together and such

uubergeek: ahh, we have a holiday here in the states coming up next week ... and i leave for vacation tomorrow

uubergeek: i want to get to Europe to visit Billund sometime! definatlly want to see Lego HQ

Stauder: Enjoy.

Kaminoan: Nice, I have been to Krakow and Prague, but it was ages ago. Back before it split into two conutrie

Stauder: Before 93?

Kaminoan: yeah it was 90 I believe, even before the wall came down in Germany.

Kaminoan: beautiful countryies

Kaminoan: Prague is one of my favorite European cities

Stauder: Uubergeek you still there?

uubergeek: yes i am

uubergeek: people at work keep wanting me to do stuff... you'd think they would know i'm trying to not work!

Stauder: Ahh yes... A Wally moment...

Kaminoan: you just need to turn off the work computer and phone

Stauder: What are your tougths on The Clone Wars, as you seem to be huge SW fans.

uubergeek: I really like it, gives kids a chance to grow up with Star Wars, and gives us new goodies from lego!

Kaminoan: Well I still haven't seen the film yet

Kaminoan: My daughter was born on the Friday it was released here in the states. I do like the concept though

uubergeek: lol... yea, we're working on getting him out more... :p

Kaminoan: I just wish that LEGO would have done a better job on translating the faces into LEGO form. The eye

Kaminoan: s are just too large

Kaminoan: They scaled the rest of the design and in the cartoon they are long and thin, they didn't think of

Kaminoan: this with the faces

uubergeek: agreed wholeheartedly! they went way too anime'ish to me

uubergeek: i'm not a big fan of the change in clone helmets either... i kinda like to stick to one style

Kaminoan: It was nice to see them tackle the helmet accessories, pauldrons, waist capes, and even more cloth

Stauder: Hmmm...

Kaminoan: accessories, just wish they had done a bit better job on some of it

Kaminoan: They have steadily been giving the minifig community a larger parts palette

uubergeek: yep, i mean you look out there at some of the customizer that have made helmets and accesories,

uubergeek: yoou'll find a lot of more accrute things out there but at least we are getting some new stuff

uubergeek: accrute as in accurate, which obviously my spelling and typing skills are not

Stauder: What THEME would you like to see TLC produce?

Kaminoan: humm, tough call there

uubergeek: Well, for me, i'd love to see more superheroes... Batman was a nice start, though not perfect...

Stauder: *Insert witty comment here*

uubergeek: but i'd love to see an entire DC lineup, or Justice League theme

Kaminoan: I am a huge scifi fan, the problem with most themes is I think they would be a bit too violent

Stauder: Star Trek movie is coming out next year I belive...

Kaminoan: They seem to like vehicle based themes, which means to me, I would like to see something along the

Kaminoan: lines of more historical

uubergeek: Yea, i've heard good stuff about it as well... i think star trek could go over to Lego well, though

uubergeek: i believe another block company has the rights

Stauder: The bastards... can we get the 501st to raid their HQ?

Kaminoan: brb

uubergeek: i think a good vehicle theme could be Mask (old 80's cartoon)which would go along nicely with AGENTS

Stauder: take your time

uubergeek: i'll put in a call to that garrison for ya!

Stauder: Mask? We talking about the wooden face sucking mask right?

uubergeek: but overall, either a GOOD marvel or dc lineup of heroes, not just Batman would make me happy

Kaminoan: no, it was kinda like Knight Rider if I recall

uubergeek: lol.. no, not that one, the cartoon from the early 80s with the cars that transform into other stuff

uubergeek: exactly, similar to night rider

Stauder: Wrong mask?



Stauder: Don't ask me why I remember that from somwhere.

uubergeek: hmmm... maybe we should do those Kaminon... lol

Kaminoan: thougth that a video would jar your memory. It was puesdo transformers

Kaminoan: meets Knight Rider

Stauder: I see no real reason why I would remember a cartoon 8 years older than me.


uubergeek: not much but someone did some mask stuff in lego

Stauder: I am going to drag you guys back to the topic of the 501st, how did you become a member?

Kaminoan: k, I am going to need to wrap this up shortly

Kaminoan: Chris, that is all you

Stauder: The above question was a last ditch attempt...

Stauder: One last question on you Kaminoan! Am I annoying?

uubergeek: Well, i went to a scifi con and met a bunch of stormtroopers, after getting back i knew i wanted to

uubergeek: After joining the 501st and getting involved in charity work, you find it's very fulfilling and fun!

Kaminoan: no, I suppose not, you just have a youthful exuberance

Stauder: Aw come on, if you where 15, and you where talking to a great customizer and a stormie wouldnt you

Stauder: have a youthful exuberance?

uubergeek: lol..

Stauder: Same goes for you.

Kaminoan: yup, that is what I said, an enthusiasm for a subject with a youthful vigor

uubergeek: i'm always exuberant about lego and star wars..

uubergeek: which reminds me... i haven't finished the new designs to send to kaminoan yet... oops

Stauder: What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

uubergeek: lol... good point... though he got on me pretty hard for not finishing Ironman on time :p

Stauder: You have strom-trooper armor don't you?

Kaminoan: lol, I thought I was pretty easy going on that point

uubergeek: but i've got about 10 new superhero designs i'm working on that i hope to get finished next week

uubergeek: yea, you weren't too bad i suppose... could have been worse

Stauder: This is getting interesting...

Kaminoan: I think I have 4 or 5 of them already that I just need to add to the site, the ones where you morphe

Kaminoan: some of my work

uubergeek: true enough... then the other new projects we've been talking about ...

uubergeek: i like to do that a lot... he makes such nice designs to reshape here and there for new characters!

Stauder: You know all this is going to get published? I demand more leaked info!

uubergeek: lol... well... unlike everyone else out there that steals his images, i have permission

Hinckley: I am Hinckley! Hear me babble! Babble! Babble! Babble!

uubergeek: there are a number of new designs in the works from me though... i've already put photos out of one

Stauder: Shoe! Shoe!

uubergeek: the new warmachine

Stauder: Yes, I have seen it. It smells of awsome.

Kaminoan: Hello Hinckley

Kaminoan: Well it isn't really theft. I kinda taught Uubergeek to draw and he and I collaborate a lot. Plus

Kaminoan: I don't have time to draw everything out there

uubergeek: thanks basically ripped off my own ironman design on that one... and tweaked it

uubergeek: so true... it all started when i was bothering him everyday about new stuff he needed to make...

Stauder: It has no chaingun.

uubergeek: he finally told me to just make it myself... and showed me

uubergeek: yea, i havent added the accessories to warmachine yet... hard when you have no parts to work with

uubergeek: but i have an idea of what i want, and will be on bricklink when i get back from vacation

Kaminoan: I believe Chris is still working on that one

uubergeek: would love to see some good community suggestions for him though!

Stauder: By the way, is the stormie's torso here your design?


Kaminoan: I am trying to wrap up some custom work for Nannan and then get back to the drawing board for Thor.

Kaminoan: I also have some other new designs in the work, but those are still under wraps

Kaminoan: It looks like it, if it isn't it is likely one someone downloaded and altered of mine

Stauder: In that case sorry for stealing it Found it on BS.

uubergeek: lol.. that's what they all say :p

Kaminoan: lol, no worries. I don't really mind people using my work, I just don't like it when they ...

Kaminoan: claim it as their own, or try and sell it to make big proffits

Stauder: NannanZ? Ahh yes... That nut...

uubergeek: it's fun sometimes going through ebay to see who all took his designs and are trying to sell them

Kaminoan: This is why you can download all my art from my site for free, as long as it is for personal use

uubergeek: Nannan has some AWESOME work, we got to see it first hand at brickworld...

uubergeek: here we are all together

Stauder: Read the interview for a giggle or two.

26 Aug 08, 22:14

Stauder: Yes, I saw that pic.

Kaminoan: well we actually got to play with it and with Adam's huge buildings

uubergeek: one of my favorite shots from that

uubergeek: and here

Stauder: That IronMan pic reminds me, your IronMan was featured on Gizmodo a while ago

uubergeek: it was, i was pretty excited about that too! they got some of the details wrong, but cool anyways

uubergeek: Ironman was a 3 way collaborative effort really! i did all of the design, but Kaminoan

uubergeek: and brickmodder have to have 1/2 the credit for it to make it waht is is now!

Stauder: Nice work guys.

Kaminoan: Well I had the easy job. I got to critize and print it out.

uubergeek: well... you also were the one that made brickmodder stick 7 lights in it rather than 2... lol

Kaminoan: oh and poke fun at Rob, you are right

uubergeek: err... 5 not 7...

Stauder: Be modest again and all your text will be published in pink.

uubergeek: yea, and that you did... lol...

Kaminoan: lol

Stauder: I was talking to you Kaminoan. Do not underestamate the power of the EB News side.

uubergeek: recently i got to present one of Kamioan's designs to oen of the artist's on the comic, that was fun

Kaminoan: we need to do more of these joint projects

uubergeek: and then i presented my design to the artist from Green Lantern... i was so excited! and he loved it

uubergeek: yes we do, most definatly

Stauder: Didin't you say you had to leave about a hour ago?

Kaminoan: lol, I really did have the easy job in that joint. The fig turned out great, but it was really

Kaminoan: Chris' design and Rob's lighting that had the wow factor

Stauder: I smell some MODESTY!

Kaminoan: yeah

Stauder: Pink text from here on for kaminoan.

Kaminoan: I have been in and out since then

uubergeek: lol.. pink text of doom come forth!!!

Kaminoan: I am not afraid of pink, just wait till I release my next clone trooper

Stauder: You will see the pink text one I publish this on thursday.

uubergeek: good point.... it's a beauty for those that haven't seen it... well.. i guess that's most everyone

Stauder: Ooohhh... can we get a sneak peek?

Stauder: I threathen you with pink text and "Ni!"

uubergeek: not the nights of ni! run for your lives!!!

Kaminoan: well it is only partially finished, but I have it on my schedule to finish tomorrow

Kaminoan: it features some speciality parts from Arealight

Kaminoan: I have a shrubery

Kaminoan: I am not afraid of the knights who say Ni!!!

Stauder: But did you cut down the mightest tree in the forest... with a HERRING?

Kaminoan: No, I did not, but I do know my favorite color

Kaminoan: and I have the holy hand gernade

Stauder: The holy hand ganade of Akatosh? Woe is I!

Kaminoan: well, I think this has degenerated a bit and I really should go. I have errands calling

Stauder: What is the air speed velocity of a unladen swallow?

Kaminoan: glad you knew how to spell it

Kaminoan: 3 knots

Stauder: ... Well bye, but can we get a sneek peek?

Stauder: Actaully it's the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

uubergeek: 3 knots... is that an african or european?

Stauder: I don't know!

uubergeek: i actually have a meeting in a bit that i need to be at, so i'd better hit the road as well

Stauder: I just remember'd a skech from Flying Circus, the one with the joke being used as a weapon.

uubergeek: didn't realize how long we'd been here

Stauder: Ok guys, thanks for your time. So no sneek peek? *Puppy eyes*

Kaminoan: yup, thanks for the chat, but I need to bolt

Kaminoan: I might be able to email you one

Kaminoan: this isn't hitting the board till Thursday right

Kaminoan: it should be in time

uubergeek: it's been fun having this interview/conversation/geek awareness meetings

Kaminoan: great title

Stauder: Woo! A EB News exclusive!

Kaminoan: lol, sure

uubergeek: exclusives are always fun!!!

Stauder: Yes, fun indeed.

uubergeek: drop me an e-mail if you need any more from me i really need to head out. Take care all

Kaminoan: Well I am signing off, thanks again

Stauder: Yeah, I will mail you your questions. thanks for your time guys!

And as was promised, here is a look at Kaminan's latest project!





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Nice one guys! :thumbup:

Those turtles definitly are one of my favourites, i might need to buy some when they are in the shop. :sweet:

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And as was promised, here is a look at Kaminan's latest project!


Hello ladies!

Good job, kid. You scored on this one. :thumbup:

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