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Set Review: 8290 Mini Forklift

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Today I shall be reviewing 8290 Mini Forklift, which I recieved when I went to TRU to get a technic set. So Enjoy!

Set Name: Mini Forklift

Number: 8290

Theme: Technic

Parts: 89

Price: $10.99


The box for this set is suprisingly small.


It's about the size of a $3.99 set. It shows the Main Forklift, and the set information.

The back of the box features the Dragster.


A very cool model, and the suspension works perfectly.


We have two instruction booklets; One for the Forklift and one for the Dragster.


The bags:


Here are a few interesting pieces:


The long double pin in blue, a bionicle connecter joint, and a yellow L joint.


We start off build nice and solid, with your average technic build:


The following steps build up the detail of the bottom part.


Next comes the cab. It's pretty simple yet effective. :thumbup:


After that comes the Forks. They work very well, but If you have the palatte on them, and you let go, it might topple off. Hint: Put the edge of the palatte on the small lip on the pieces that connect to the forks. This will hold it on better.


The finished Product and palatte:


Extra Pieces(keep them, as they are used to build the alternate model):


Here is something that I found- how to put a minifigure into the cab. First, remove the side doors.


Then, set the fig into the cab, with his arm sticking slightly out the gap.


And finaly, seal off the cab. A nice way to put system into technic for your towns.



Parts: 9/10(Loving them all.)

Price per part ratio: 8/10(Somewhat Pleaseing)

Playability: 9/10: Works in any system town, and has a great dragster alternate model.

Overall: 26/30 86% B+

Overall I would definatly recommend this set to anyone, whether you are a system or technic fan, this is perfect. It has great parts, and is pretty cheap. The alternate model is also very good.

I hope you all enjoyed my Review! I have made the pictures the requested size on my camera. I look forward to hearing your comments. :thumbup:

Edited by ~VBBN~

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Nice work VBBN

I'm not really into technic myself, but you've definately done a fine review on this set :classic:

Funny that it actually fits a minifig.

Perhaps we'll see fans design forklifts with technic and having it minifig sized

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That´s really a sweet and charming little Technic set, thanks for that fine review! :classic:

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Nice review.

The figure fitting inside is great.

I think the price might be a little high but you did get it from TRU so what else is to be expected.

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